My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 243 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 243 Part 1 – Self Promoting

On the way upstairs, Ling Mo finally had the opportunity to ask them some questions.

“So, who are you guys…..”

As soon as Ling Mo opened his mouth to ask, Sun Zeya smiled and said, “We are a search and rescue team consisting of twenty people, our main mission is to collect medicine and find survivors. We just entered X City about ten days ago. The captain of our team is Tom, I am their vice captain.”

She explained everything in one go, and then looked at Ling Mo with extremely bright eyes, “What you really wanted to ask is where we came from, and whether or not we have a military base, right?”

Ling Mo nodded. In fact, there were tons of questions in his mind, but he needed to be patient if he wanted get answers for all of them.

At this time, Tom who was in front of Ling Mo, suddenly stopped walking. He turned his head towards Ling Mo and said, “Every survivor we met so far has asked this question. But this isn’t actually a big secret. Do you know that there is a hydropower station between X City and A City?”

Ling Mo thought for a while and said, “Yes, I do.”

This province had a basin landscape. Although X City was located in a plains area, the A City in the north is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and if you went further north, it would have endless mountains.

The largest river in X City comes from the city of A. The hydropower station built between the two cities is also the largest hydropower station in the province.

As a native of X City, Ling Mo had never went to A City, nor has he ever seen the hydropower station, but he at least heard about it before.

Of course, never visiting the neighboring city was not something to be proud of….

Tom asked again, “Did you know that there is a military camp near the hydropower station?”

“No, I did not know….”

“That’s normal, most of the general public wouldn’t know.” Tom smiled and said.

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Although his smile looked genuine, but Ling Mo felt like punching him in throat and thought to himself, “Are you fucking with me?”

“I can tell you that he’s definitely not kidding, it’s just that he has grown a lot of muscles and it squeezed his brain to the side.”

Sun Zeya laughed quietly and whispered into Ling Mo’s ear.

Her mouth had a minty taste, and when she spoke to Ling Mo, she also blew gently into Ling Mo’s ear making his whole body immediately feel numb and a bit erotic.

This woman finally let go of his shoulder, but she was still very close to Ling Mo. If it wasn’t for the fact that the stairway was too narrow, Ling Mo would definitely move away.

“So then your headquarters is in that military compound?” Ling Mo continued asking.

Tom nodded, “Yes, I was originally from that compound. There are also several soldiers here that are from the compound as well. But unlike us, Sun Zeya used to be a policewoman from A City. Everyone else is either a veteran or part of the police from A City. There are also a couple of forest rangers…. Anyways they are all people with skills. At this time, it doesn’t really matter who they were before as long as they are willing to listen to commands, we are willing to accept them.”

When he said this, he looked a little deeper in Ling Mo’s eyes as if he was trying to tell him something.

However, Ling Mo wanted to roll his eyes, and he thought to himself, with Ye Lian and the other two in his group there was no way he would join them.

He had only followed them back was because he wanted some more information about the current situation.

Fortunately, judging from their current behavior, they don’t seem like they would force him to join. Naturally they probably never thought that someone would actually refuse.

Through Tom’s explanation, Ling Mo understood a little bit of the current situation.

This Tom’s background isn’t small. He joined some kind of international special forces training, and he had just returned to China shortly before the disaster(TL: So I’m gonna revert back to the previous tl wording since apocalypse sounds a bit too much. Disaster sounds better in this case) broke out.

Speaking of the situation at the time of the disaster, Tom seems to have some lingering fears about it…

In fact, Tom had actually thought they were doing pretty well in the initial stage of the outbreak.

They had acted fast, responded quickly and effectively, and they also eliminated all potential threats of being bitten..

But no one expected that some people would mutate. After a few times, the spirit of the survivors completely collapsed.

People started to panic and began to use their guns to point at each other. The trust between people completely disappeared, so with that being said, there was no way they could fight together any longer.

Having said that, Tom’s eyes flashed with sorrow, “At that time everyone was having a bad time…”

“The time of this panic had lasted a long time, and it was not until half a month later, did they decide to finally walk out from hiding and start clearing the zombies within the military camp.”

“By the time all the zombies were cleared, the food supply had also nearly been depleted.”

“In order to survive, our only choice was to head over to A City.”

“In process of searching for food in City A, we also found some survivors, but we mainly tried to recruit people like Sun Zeya who were capable or skilled.”

“It’s not that we didn’t want to save people, but during that time… we couldn’t even help ourselves.” Tom said with some helplessness.

“So doesn’t that mean….your rescue team was spontaneously created?”

Ling Mo was really disappointed, he had thought that they were part of some kind of military organization, but they were actually just some “random team” with no real connections to the military.

“Haha, there’s no need to be unhappy. Most of the facilities in the military camp aren’t destroyed, and the geographical position is also good, there is also a water source nearby…plus we have been sending out radio signals continuously, and recently we received a response from some air force group, which means….”

Sun Zeya’s expression suddenly became serious and her eyes looked brighter, “The human race isn’t finished yet.”

To be continued…

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