My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 243 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 243 Part 2 – Self Promoting

Ling Mo suddenly felt moved.

Indeed, no matter if it’s an official organization or just a random one, it really didn’t matter now.

In fact, there really is no difference between them anymore.

But in order integrate all the scattered people in the world, there still would need to be a group similar to a government.

What surprised Ling Mo the most was that they had guns and weapons, yet it took them half a year to get up on their feet….

Seeing Ling Mo’s expression, Tom coughed and said, “Although we couldn’t kill all the zombies in City A, we did clear out a district, establish a defensive line, and gathered some survivors. We only have limited weapons so this was as far as we could go. However, City A is just a small city, there aren’t many things there, so we sent out three teams to come to X City. Their task was to first look at the situation of X City, and while doing that collect some urgently needed materials as well as bringing back survivors.

“It turns out that they were just testing the waters here….But it is still quite remarkable that they were able to establish a line of defense in City A and create an area for survivors to take refuge.”

If it wasn’t because Ling Mo couldn’t find out any information previously, he wouldn’t have needed to listen to that radio everyday.

Who would thought that the city next door actually already had an area of refuge?!

“When we pass our information to the Air Force, they would be able to help us, and at that time we could use the same method as what we used in City A and create an isolated area just for survivors. Unfortunately right now, there are too few people and not enough weapons.”

Sun Zeya continued.

“I see….” Ling Mo nodded.

A soldier who walked in front suddenly turned around and said, “Hopefully the amount of survivors isn’t little, otherwise it wouldn’t make much sense to do this. Our main purpose is to save people. No?”

His expression was serious and from his eyes you could tell, they were filled with a bit of pain.

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“His hometown was also in X City…”

After he turned back around, Sun Zeya whispered to Ling Mo, “After seeing what X City has become, he feels upset.”

“I can tell.” Ling Mo sighed.

“That being said, you guys aren’t really on some kind of mission, everything is pretty much spontaneous and unplanned.” Ling Mo said.

Sun Zeya smiled and said, “Of course this is a mission, we had all the work distributed properly between twenty teams. All the decisions like this were voted by the twenty captains of these groups, and all the little things within the groups were discussed by the captain and vice captain, impressive right?”

“Ehh…listening to it, it does sound good…”

Ling Mo thought to himself, “Aren’t you just trying to self promote your group so that I would join…..”

Even Tom kept implying it when he was talking. The general idea he gave was that they were understaffed, but unfortunately they were unable to find more survivors…

“Although I admire your actions, but I really can’t help you guys….” Ling Mo thought to himself.

But after hearing all this, he felt pretty good, at least his long-awaited expectations didn’t completely become hopeless.

Because of Ye Lian and the other two girls, Ling Mo didn’t really hate zombies, but also didn’t wish for the human race to be erased as well.

The only way for humans to continue surviving is to have an organized resistance that had weapons. Otherwise, when the next time the zombies evolved, the survivors in the city will be in a even more worse situation.

At this time, they have finally reached the second floor. The ground was very clean, but there was a moldy smell of clothes that made Ling Mo cough multiple times.

Ye Lian quickly reached out and patted Ling Mo’s back, but probably due to her being anxious and nervous because of people being near her, she might have hit him a bit too hard.

“Brother Ling, are you okay?” Shana quickly reached out and grabbed the corner of Ling Mo’s clothes in order to help stabilize him.

“PA!” Even Li Ya Ling also smacked him as well, but the position she smacked wasn’t his back.

Ling Mo only felt pain on his ass and had accidently jumped up. Fortunately Tom and Sun Zeya were already walking in front of them so they didn’t see anything.

“Stop messing around, Ye Lian was helping me pat my back. For what reason did you smack my ass for?” Ling Mo stared at Li Ya Ling and asked.

Before she could even respond, Shana smiled and said, “You coughed when we patted your back, but what would happen if we patted your ass instead, we were just curious….”

“…” Ling Mo tapped his forehead and then said, “Actually, did you guys know that something interesting will happen when you smack each other’s chest? You guys may want to try it out.”


Ye Lian’s eyes lit up and then turned to look at Shana. After hesitating for a second, she suddenly used one hand and slapped across the chest.


“How does it feel like?” Li Ya Ling curiously asked.

“It hurts a bit, there is a little bit of swelling, and I think it might have shook a bit.

“That last part, you must be seeing things.” Ling Mo said with a smile, “Based on your size, it’s impossible for it to shake…Oh? It really is shaking, it seems that you have been working really hard…”

At this time, Sun Zeya seemed to have heard something. She looked back in confusion and said, “Come here.”

After walking through a narrow corridor, a large hall appeared in front of them.

This place seems like it used to be a store as well, but all the things were pushed to one side of the hall, the other side was piled up with simple beds made out of dirty clothes.

The window was already blocked, and a candle was placed in the corner of the room, giving a very dim light to the hall.

As soon as Ling Mo walked in, he saw that 7 or 8 people were sitting on the beds. Looking at their mental states, it was very obvious that there was a big difference between Sun Zeya’s people and this group.

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