My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 244 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 244 Part 1 – Women Can Be Rogues Too

“They are also survivors, we found them these past few days while searching.

Sun Zeya said, “There weren’t a lot survivors around these parts. We had begun to give up hope for this street, but then we found you guys which surprised us.

“I also didn’t expect to meet you guys too, it’s fate I guess…” Ling Mo replied casually.

The survivors sitting on the simple makeshift beds consisted of both males and females. From their gray eyes you could tell that they were very tired and were subjected to great mental stress for a long time.

This expression was very common after the disaster broke out. Even Ling Mo himself had that expression before.

So he only glanced at them casually before turning his eyes to look elsewhere.

There were a lot of beer bottles in the corner of the room, and there was also a barrel of gasoline next to it.

Some of the returning survivors went over and started to make some new simple incendiaries.

Ling Mo was quite interested in this simple technique, if he ever encountered a large group of zombies, this could be used to attract their attention at least.

But just when he was about to ask Sun Zeya about it, a tall skinny young woman stood up from the bed.

Ling Mo vaguely felt that she seems familiar, but for the moment, he could not remember who she was at the moment.

It shouldn’t be an acquaintance of his…She does have a nice body though, an hour glass figure, especially her chest which was abnormally huge.

She walked past Tom who she seemed to be a bit fearful of, and then walked to Sun Zeya.

The face that look pretty was covered with a hint of restlessness, “Captain Sun, when will you be bringing us back?”

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“Huh? Didn’t I tell you this before? Please wait until our mission is over and we can discuss this matter.” Sun Zeya frowned and said.

Ling Mo noticed that Sun Zeya even took a half step back to create a bit of distance between the woman and her.

It turns out that she isn’t too friendly with everyone….

However, even Ling Mo had a little urge to move back as well, this woman’s body was giving off a strong smell…

It wasn’t the sour smell that came from sweat, but the smell that came when someone sprayed perfume to try and cover the smell of sour sweat.

Ever since being tricked by the “perfume” that turned out to be an aphrodisiac, Ling Mo had begun to hate perfumes since then.
But he still pretended like nothing was wrong, however Ye Lian and the other two woman all frowned at the same time and stepped back a few steps.

“But….but I don’t want to stay at X City any longer! This place is a like a meat grinder and smells like a septic tank.

The woman’s voice suddenly began to get excited, probably because she was finally saved recently and the her tensed nerves could finally relax which allowed her accumulated fear to explode.

She was near the breaking point, “You should at least tell us a specific time….or, are you guys not planning to take us back at all?”

“You should calm down, I never said that.”

Sun Zeya frowned and said, “Our mission is to thoroughly search this entire area and bring together all the survivors that can be found. While doing that we also need to collect all the medicine supplies that we find. So far we have only found you guys and your asking us to stop now? As of right now there isn’t any specific time. In short, before we accomplish our task, you guys can only come with us. We haven’t let any of you guys take any risks while following us and everytime we kill zombies, we made sure to take you guys far away from the action…”

“What’s the point of telling us this. You guys are soldiers! It’s your duty to ensure our safety!” The woman shouted.


Sun Zeya sneered a little and took two steps forward.

Sun Zeya height was very short, but when she looked up at the woman, she gave her a great sense of pressure.

Even Ling Mo could feel the coldness that was spreading out from her.

It seems that Sun Zeya is very powerful…

“Duty?” You mean I must save you?” Sun Zeya seems to be very disgusted with this statement.

The woman took a step back with a hint of fear, but then she looked back at the direction of the bed, it seemed to have strengthened her resolve, “Of course! You guys were all fed and clothed by the country. Now that the disaster has happened, you guys are responsible for saving people. Even if there is no government, this is still your duty!”

To be continued…

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