My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 244 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 244 Part 2 – Women Can Be Rogues Too

“Even if you want to continue to save others, you should still at least send us back first! What your doing now isn’t it making us risk our lives with you? Originally, we had finally escaped a place filled with zombies, yet when we came with you, you actually brought us back…Yesterday I overheard you guys, you guys said there isn’t enough bullets, you guys could only rely on those broken bottles. What if you guys died in a zombie crowded area, wouldn’t we be trapped in here again?”

When she spoke the later part, it seemed as if she really was aggrieved. The survivors started to whisper to each other and looked at Sun Zeya eye’s with doubt.

Ling Mo looked further down following her vision, he saw a man with sinister looking eyes, bald, about 30 years old, and gave Ling Mo the feeling that he was a street gangster.

In the moment he made eye contact with the man, Ling Mo immediately felt that something wasn’t right.

At this moment, Ye Lian got close to his ear and whispered to him, “He…. should be a psychic….I can feel his aura….”

“No wonder.” Ling Mo nodded thoughtfully.

It seems that the woman was persuaded by that man to stand up and question Sun Zeya.

She had someone that supported her, it was no wonder she got the confidence to do this.

Even so, she was frightened and stunned, and even shivered.

In the face of armed soldiers, even though she picked the one that looked the least threatening, it was impossible for her not to feel nervous.

That man didn’t even bother coming out, instead he used a woman who seemed to be missing something in her brain to stand up. It seems that he is no better than a piece of shit.

“It sounds like your kind of right.” Sun Zeya saw the survivors looking at her and her attitude suddenly turned a bit softer.

The woman’s eyes brightened and she straighted her back suddenly and said, “Of course I’m right…”


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Sun Zeya’s face turned ugly faster than you could turn a page from a book. She jerked her hand out and grabbed the woman’s collar and forced her head to come down meeting her face to face, “So what if I want to beat the shit out of you right now, are you going to try and sue me? Do you need to call the police? Duty your sister! Big Sister here was not born into this world just to save you, but to save more people. Do you think that you are the only one that’s worthy for us to risk our lives? Shut the fuck up. If you don’t want to follow us, you can go now. The door is there and there are no zombies around on this street. It is very safe, think of it as your benefit from us.”

The woman’s face immediately turned pale, and the bald man with a sullen look, frowned.

So fierce….Ling Mo was secretly amazed.

No matter how he looked at it, all her movements and tone of voice gave him the feeling of a rogue(TL: basically hooligan,gangster,bully whichever you want to choose)…
Whether it was the woman or the man, it was obvious that both of them did not expect that the smiling Sun Zeya would actually be so sturdy.

In fact, the woman’s words were quite reasonable from her point of view, but unfortunately Sun Zeya didn’t intend to consider them.

To live safely and for a long time, risk was a must.

From Sun Zeya’s perspective, it was obvious that the task was always first while all other general situations were second.

Ling Mo felt that the bald man might have hidden the fact that he was a psychic from the soldiers, probably because he didn’t want to follow these soldiers and take risks with them.

Tom coughed and grabbed Sun Zeya’s arm, making her let go of that annoying woman, “Sun Zeya, why are you speaking like that, let’s speak nicely. We finally met Ling Mo and his group today, don’t give them a bad impression….”

“Did you really think that just because you were a little star, you were above all others? You really thought everyone would just follow your order…”

Sun Zeya muttered and then turned to Ling Mo, her face immediately showed a warm smile, “HaHa, I didn’t scare you guys did I? I don’t think so right?


“That’s good then, if you have any other questions, I can help answer them. Let’s talk about it later tonight. Your girlfriend…s can also join in and we can all discuss together.”

Sun Zeya’s eyes are very excited, but Ling Mo vaguely feels that he has seen this kind of look somewhere before…

Oh yes, 202 had this kind of look when he wanted to know what his super power was….

He finally knew why Sun Zeya was so passionate towards him, her feelings were exactly the same as 202.

While she grabbed Ling Mo away, she suddenly looked back at the little star and whispered, “If you guys cause trouble again, I’ll throw you out. You have three strikes, this is the second time.”

Her eyes narrowed slightly and then added, “You guys can try me if you don’t believe me.”

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