My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 245 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 245 Part 1 – It Depends On Your Opinion

Watching Sun Zeya pull Ling Mo and others to leave, the woman was still standing in place, her whole body trembling.

“Hey, Yang Ying, come here…..”

Seeing Tom also leaving, the gangster-like bald man suddenly sat up and shouted in a low voice.

Yang Ying was stunned a little, the baldy frowned and roar in a very quiet voice, “Are you ears fucking deaf?!”

“Ah…” Yang Ying’s body shook and she quickly ran to the bald guy and sat on a bunch of old clothes, “Liu Qiang, what are we going to do now? We just offended that woman, how could she possibly give us a good time after all this? Didn’t you say she was easier to deal with?”

“Why are you still whining?” Liu Qiang glanced at her with a sullen look and said, “How the hell should I know that this woman was actually so fierce?”

Yang Ying seems to be afraid of Liu Qiang, she lowered her voice and asked, “What can we do now? Do we really need to go with them and take risks? Yesterday, I heard that they had plans to go to areas with even more zombies…If we knew in the beginning that this was their plan, we shouldn’t have joined them…”

“Don’t join them?” Liu Qiang coldly snorted, “This is why your a foolish woman.”

Liu Qiang looked around and lowered his voice, “You can’t expect for me to keep hiding with you forever do you? These past few months, even if your not bothered by the situation, I am. I’m tired of hiding in this kind of life. If there are military camps, and if there are people, we will be able to have an opportunity for a better life.

“Either way, I have already realized that when there are a lot of people, people with higher standings and privileges will come out. I used to be a nobody where no one thought highly of me, but God has eyes, I actually became a superman….but I’m smarter than those idiots who display their abilities and go to the front lines. Rushing so fast to prove yourself to others will just bring death. The most important thing now, is to find a way to go to their camp, to a safe place, with no worries, and then show them my capabilities…I could get a high status, without taking any risks.”

Speaking up to here, Liu Qiang showed a smug smile, but when placed on his face, this smile seemed to have a taste of evilness.

Yang Ying said with a bitter face, “I know this…but…”

“We definitely can’t take risks with them, who knows how long they will stay to search here? At least let them split up and have one group take us back. The sooner we get there the better it is.”

“Didn’t that woman just say that they couldn’t stop their mission just for you?” Lui Qiang whispered, “I just heard from a few soldiers over there that the guy we just saw also has super powers. You look for an opportunity to ask him and then pull him over to our side. If you can do this then we can just hide behind him while we are on the road, and there wouldn’t be any risk involved for us. If he dies halfway, then I will be even more valued when I arrive at the camp. This is called playing the pig to eat the tiger. Do you understand?”

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“Okay, fine….” Yang Ying nodded and said.

The voices of these two were so quiet that none of the people around them heard them talk.

Yang Ying glanced towards Ling Mo’s direction and her expression looked a little uneasy.

At this time, Sun Zeya had already brought Ling Mo to a small warehouse. Inside there were several backpacks and a sleeping bag. It seems that this should be Sun Zeya’s room.

“Have a seat. Do you smoke? Do you drink?”

As she was saying this, she took out a pack of cigarettes and a can of beer from her backpack and threw it to Ling Mo.

Ling Mo would never actively collect such things, he also would never put it inside his bag since its wastes space, but when someone offers him it, he certainly won’t refuse.

“This is good stuff..Just thinking how one pack of cigarettes used to help support me overnight…”

“I haven’t smoked for a long time, I kind of forgot how to hold it.”

Ling Mo smiled and laughed at himself, “Unexpectedly, you guys actually collect these things…”

“The camp uses a distribution method. Things like these are not easy to come by. There are always people who are willing to exchange extra food or daily necessities for these items, but the best currency is still the bullet, and unfortunately nobody would want to use that to exchange for these items. One more bullet means you could kill one more zombie.”

Sun Zeya smiled in disapproval.

“Distribution method?…Based on accomplishments?” Ling Mo was curious.

“That’s right. Most survivors participate in reconstruction, so the basic distributions are the same. Difference between them and us soldiers are that we have a way to generate extra income. For every zombie we kill, we get bullets or other things, there are also incentives for completing tasks. You can use the extra items to exchange for items that you need with other survivors.

Sun Zeya raised her eyebrows and seemed to be very proud of herself.

To be continued…

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