My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 246 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 246 Part 1 – Materialization of tentacles

“Then enjoy your meal everyone.”

After delivering four portions of food to Ling Mo and his group, Wang Heng withdrew from the room and closed it, and turned towards the hall.

There was a weird smile on his mouth, and he couldn’t help but mutter, “First time seeing people playing with that kind of stuff…being a psychic seems to be so good, must be easier for psychics to enjoy life than other survivors…”

After he entered the hall through the corridor, a figure suddenly appeared at the entrance of the corridor.

Yang Ying glanced nervously around, and after seeing that no one had noticed her, she quickly ran towards the small warehouse.

After approaching the door, her footsteps slowed down and she took a deep breath.

“What am I afraid of? He Is a psychic, but he is also a man… As long as he’s a man, I can definitely do it.”

Yang Ying fixed her hair, patted her cheeks with her palms, sorted her clothes out a bit, and then finally walked in front of the small warehouse door.

Just right before she was about to knock on the door, she hesitated for a moment, then reached out and unbuttoned one button, revealing a deep cleavage.

Just as her knuckles were about to knock on the door, the doorknob suddenly twisted and the door slowly opened a gap.

This sudden scene scared Yang Ying, and the cheeks that had just turned to a ruddy color, immediately changed back to white again.

“Oh, it’s you.”

The one who opened the door is Ling Mo, such a strong smell of perfume coming from the door, how could he not notice it.

“Um…Can I come in?”

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Yang Ying said nervously.

Ling Mo stared at her for a few seconds and frowned, then he turned his head to Ye Lian and the two other girls and said, “Hey, stop playing.”

Ye Lian looked up at Ling Mo with a blank expression, and then reluctantly pulled a white object from Li Ya Ling’s ass.

Shana also quickly stuffed the other two objects from her hands into a black plastic bag.

“Don’t move.” Li Ya Ling suddenly came up from behind and reached out with a hand to pull something.


Looking at the torn off “small wings(TL: As a translator I honestly have no idea what this means in slang lol but please be my guest and take a guess and write your guesses in the comments below)”, Ling Mo felt a strong sense of pain in his temples, “When did you have the time to put this thing on my again…and also, all these things are important supplies!”

“Wasn’t the first person who opened the package, you brother Ling? Hypocrite…”

“That was because I never seen the real thing…”

Yang Ying looked at Ling Mo with surprise, she was very confident with her looks and figure. Yet she didn’t expect that this young man would completely ignore her.

But after clearly thinking about, the three girls he brought with him also had great looks…

But it was also precisely because of this that she deliberately unbuttoned one of her buttons to give herself extra points! Yang Ying was upset just thinking about it.

“Excuse me, can I come in?” She remained patient and asked again.

The way she treated Ling Mo was much better than the way she treated Sun Zeya.

“Yes, come in.” Ling Mo let Yang Ying come in.

She could have just walked beside Ling Mo to get in, but the moment she stepped in, it was unknown whether it was intentional or not, but she turned and directed the front of herself to Ling Mo.

In such a narrow space, her towering peaks immediately pressed against Ling Mo’s chest.

Ling Mo looked down, that huge cleavage was right in front of him.

“Oh Fuck…” Ling Mo quickly looked back up at Yang Ying, and realized that she was staring at him with tenderness in her eyes.

At that moment, Ling Mo felt like flirting back. Although he knew that she was probably just acting, but this pose she had, in addition with that expression….

But very soon, Ling Mo thought about the baldy, and immediately felt alerted.

“Sit down, don’t you feel dizzy standing so close.” Ling Mo said.

Yang Ying revealed an embarrassed look and quickly rushed in, she nodded towards the three girls and found a place to sit.

“So what’s the matter?” Ling Mo asked.

“Let me introduce myself first, my name is Yang Ying, you might have seen me before, I was the champion in a beauty pageant in S province, I was also in some TV shows as well…”

Yang Ying revealed a slight smile, while playing with her hair and said.

This was her greatest weapon. Even if the girls had much better looks than her, when it came to flirting, she had greater confidence in this area.

“Eh… I’m sorry, I don’t really watch TV shows that much.” Ling Mo said.

“What about advertisements? I previously also in an advertisement for a type of nourishing drug…”

“Miss Yang, What the hell do you want?” Ling Mo interrupted her words impatiently.

“I heard that you are a psychic?” Yang Ying looked at Ling Mo with excitement, “You heard the argument I had with that woman right? Don’t you think their method of doing things is wrong?”

Ling Mo looked at her with surprise, “What do you mean by this?”

To be continued…

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