My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 246 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 246 Part 2 – Materialization of tentacles

“As part of the military, they should have already came out to try and save everyone, but they only acted now, which is already quite unacceptable. After finding survivors, they acted irresponsibly and took us to an even more dangerous place, they didn’t even bother to consider our strength and our current mindset…what’s wrong with the things I said! But you also saw that woman, she went too far!

Yang Ying said with anger, “I’m just a normal woman, I don’t have the ability to protect myself.”

Speaking up to this point, she looked at Ling Mo with some grievances, and her eyes seemed to have turned slightly red as if she was on the verge of tears.

“Because of that, she looks down on me and won’t take my words seriously. But you are different, as long as you speak up, they would probably split some people from their group and bring us to camp first to recuperate.”

What the woman said was very rational, but towards Ling Mo, her words could be summarized into one word “Boring…”

“I think you might have made a mistake, I never joined their group, so I can’t help you with this.” said Ling Mo.

Yang Ying stared at Ling Mo and apparently couldn’t believe what she heard from him, “This is also a benefit for you too. Right now we haven’t even seen their base nor have we gotten any benefits for joining their group, are you willing to help them without getting anything in return? The probably only took us in to be used as cannon fodders! They would definitely ask Psychics like you to participate in battles for sure.”

“That’s none of my concern.” Ling Mo impatiently said.

These trivial matters were none of his business, if it wasn’t because Yang Ying had shown her chest earlier, he would never have wanted to let her enter the warehouse.

Now that he had seen her chest and heard all her nonsense, Ling Mo opened the door to send her out, “Go back and rest.”

Yang Ying’s face turned pale. There was a slight sign of anger erupting from inside her.

This young man’s eyes seemed to be able to penetrate through things, constantly sweeping across her chest. Yang Ying even had the feeling as if she was being stripped by his gaze.

But what she didn’t expect was that he had refused her so bluntly!

Didn’t that mean she got her violated for nothing!

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She stared at Ling Mo with anger. She climbed up and ran out the door.

At the moment when the door closed, Ling Mo revealed a smile of satisfaction, “My spiritual tentacles seem to have to gotten much powerful, they seem to have gained the essence of feeling. I wonder if it could really materialize in the future one day?”

Since Yang Ying came and delivered herself in an attempt to flirt with Ling Mo, naturally Ling Mo wouldn’t refuse and followed her wishes. Although he didn’t personally touch her, he still used his spiritual tentacles to search her whole body.

There were no weapons, nor did she bring anything special along with her, but does it count as a discovery if Ling Mo found out that she wasn’t wearing any panties…

Ye Lian curiously asked, “What’s…What’s materialization?”

“It’s like this…” An invisible spiritual tentacle went towards Ye Lian, then slipped inside along her neckline.

“Ahhh!…..It…It tickles…”

Ye Lian immediately covered her neckline and curled her body, then looked at Ling Mo with surprise.

“Cough..Cough…It consumes too much mental energy…”

Ling Mo had wanted to explore deeper, but could only helplessly give up after feeling a sharp pain in his head.

Shana grabbed Ling Mo and asked, “That stinky human just right now, what did she want?”

“It’s nothing more than being afraid of dying. Who cares about them, we already obtained enough information to understand the current situation. We will leave tomorrow, Tom and Sun Zeya are people who aren’t easily pushed around. This woman and that bald guy are just idiots.”

Ling Mo comfortably went and lied on Li Ya Ling’s thigh and said, “Based on their current progress in the city, I don’t know how long it would take them to establish a isolated area within X City.”

“Isolated area…”

Shana suddenly became quiet for a while and then asked in a very serious tone, “Brother Ling, if you are with us, won’t you be isolated from the humans? I remember that humans tend to want to be around with other people…Brother Ling, won’t you be lonely?

“Uh…looks like stupid Shana woke up…”

Ling Mo glanced at Shana then grabbed Ye Lian’s hand and pinched it twice. He smiled and said, “Lonely…I definitely will. So you have to hurry and soothe my lonely and cold body…I mean, spirit!

“Brother Ling, I remember what that means, don’t try changing the subject…”

Ling Mo hugged Shana and Ye Lian in his arms, his eyes flashed with puzzlement.

The question that Shana asked, in addition to the ones he was thinking about, made Ling Mo’s head hurt.

But it didn’t matter which question, he couldn’t rush on any one them.

“I think I regard them as zombies… but I’m hoping for them to become human again, even though the possibility of that is really low…This kind of thing is still far into the future. For the time being, the evolution of Ye Lian and Shana is more important.”

Ling Mo rubbed Shana’s hair and sighed, “That layer of membrane…where the hell is it! I can’t feel it, find it, or even see it!”

Ling Mo had a couple of ideas in his mind, but he would need wait until the right opportunity comes for him to try.

At this time, he wanted to change his point of view to Hei Si’s, the mutated dog was controlled by Ling Mo to hide at a corner and was still probably there.


Ling Mo suddenly frowned.

He couldn’t swap? This was the first time this situation happened…It can’t be that his puppet ability had decided to stop working all of a sudden could it?

Ling Mo stood up.

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