My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 247 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 247 Part 1 – The Blood Stain in the Bathtub

Editor: Maher96

Ling Mo probably could still find Hei Si’s location.

“You guys stay here, I’ll go take a look.”

After reminding them, Ling Mo opened the door and went out.

Other than the hall which had candles lighting up the place, the rest of the whole building was completely dark.

In order not to attract attention, Ling Mo deliberately went around the hall and walked along the corridor to the other side.

“A problem deliberately chooses this time to show up, why am is my luck so full of shit?”

Ling Mo looked upset, but he moved very fast. With his agility, although his movements weren’t quiet, it was still very fast.

On the way, he saw a small light being lit up, and Ling Mo quickly pasted himself to a corner of the wall.

A smell of a lit up cigarette approached towards Ling mo, then afterwards the sounds of footsteps drifted away.

After the footsteps disappeared completely, Ling Mo then rushed towards the escape stairway on the other side.

It’s obvious that no one has used this stairway in a long time, and there was a thick moldy smell.

“She should be just below here, hopefully that dumb dog hasn’t gone anywhere else. It’s best if she wasn’t found by the survivors…”

Ling Mo tried to use his spirit tentacles, but the dizziness forced him to give up trying to use his spirit detection.

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He leaned on the wall and slowly followed down the steps, Ling Mo turned on his flashlight, then used the corner of his shirt to cover most of the light, leaving only a tiny bit to light up a path for him.

This way, he won’t be easily noticed. Although Ling Mo doesn’t intend on joining their group, but there was no need to turn them into enemies either.

If he was caught over here in the middle of the night, it would be very hard to explain why he was here. He couldn’t really just say he came over here to take a piss, could he?

A lot of mannequins were piled up at the end of the stairs, Ling Mo even accidentally stepped on an arm, making a “Ka-cha” sound.

“Fortunately, no one heard it….”

Using the dim light, Ling Mo slowly walked all the way down to the first floor.

Several warehouses, a kitchen, and a small bedroom…

Previously when he took control of Hei Si and made her came over here, Ling Mo had already understood the structure surrounding this place.

This area and the front entrance is separated by a large hall. So, as long as you don’t make any noises, or make it brightly lit, the guards at the front entrance won’t notice.

“Where did this thing run off to…”

Ling Mo pushed open the door and peeked inside, but wasn’t able to find any traces of where Hei Si went, reasonably he did find a lot of dog hair on the ground.

When Hei Si upgraded, it seems that Ling Mo hadn’t  received any benefits from it.

After opening the door of the small bedroom and taking a look inside, Ling Mo started to feel anxious.

He could still feel his spirit connection with Hei Si, but he couldn’t pinpoint her location nor could he change his view to her’s.

But as Ling Mo walked towards the bathroom entrance in the small bedroom, he saw a shadow that was lying in the bathtub.

It was covered with a layer of silver from head to toe. As soon as it heard some movements, it immediately turned around and stared at Ling Mo with her blood-red eyes.

“Thank goodness, you’re fine…”

Ling Mo suddenly felt relieved, although he hasn’t seen Hei Si(TL: Black Silk) for a few hours and she seemed to have turned into Ying Si(TL: Silver Silk, it’s a joke) during that time, at least nothing bad happened to her.

Looking at Hei Si’s current situation, it seems that the process of changing her fur has been mostly completed, and not only that, her intelligence seems to have improved as well.

After absorbing a large amount of the virus, she finally achieved a slow qualitative change, but it seems that she still hasn’t reached the level equivalent to a zombie leader.

However, because Ling Mo didn’t connect his feelings with Hei Si(TL: basically if you forgot Ling Mo has the ability to feel what his puppets are feeling, he apparently turned it off for Hei Si), it was not able to deepen the spiritual connection between the two of them in time, which then led to this situation.

If he had taken a little bit longer to notice, maybe Hei Si might have developed a resistance and completely removed the spiritual connection from Ling Mo.

It seems that the risk of raising a mutant beast is much higher than raising a zombie. Fortunately it hasn’t absorbed all of the viruses and broken through to the next level.

Ling Mo quickly deepened his spiritual connection with Hei Si, and soon the reistance in Hei Si’s eyes quickly turned to submissiveness.

The hair that pricked up into steel needles slowly relaxed, and Hei Si’s tail started to wag.

To be continued…

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