My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 247 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 247 Part 2 – The Blood Stain in the Bathtub

It let out a low roar, then turned around and leapt in front of Ling Mo, shaking its head and rubbing it against Ling Mo’s thigh.

“The body size seems to have gotten even smaller…first time seeing something get smaller after getting an upgrade.”

Ling Mo immediately noticed that Hei Si’s body shape was becoming similar to a german shepherd, but it’s appearance was turning closer to a wolf’s.

Ling Mo also felt that this female dog seemed to be more elegant in appearance, not stupid like before….

“Is it because it had become smarter? This is wonderful news….It’s rare that you didn’t cause any troubles this time, I will reward you later….FUCK!”

Ling Mo had only finished complimenting half way before he noticed a white tender arm behind Hei Si.

He hurried and flashed his flashlight, and found that there were pieces of clothes everywhere on the ground, even on Hei Si’s mouth hung a piece of cloth!

“God damn it! How many times have I told you not to eat living human beings!”

Ling Mo’s heartbeat immediately accelerated, he frowned and slowly approached the bathtub.

A woman was lying in the bathtub, there was even some water in the tub, and it seems that the woman had taken off her pants, but the clothes that were on the upper part of her body was obviously torn off by Hei Si.

Half of the bra was still handing on her body, but at least the horrible bloody scene that Ling Mo thought he would see wasn’t there.

Her long hair scattered all over her body, and the flashlight shone light on the wonderful curves this woman had.

However her posture was a bit strange, one of her legs was on the edge of the bathtube while the other one was slightly curled up, resulting the private area being fully exposed.

Originally Ling Mo didn’t intend on looking, but the large amount of blood that was there made him take another closer look, “Hei Si, you didn’t bite the….Oh no wait…that’s…”

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It turns out that this woman was on her period….

Seeing the current situation, Ling Mo could basically guess what had happened. This woman had sneaked into this bathroom to wash her private area, but the smell of blood caught Hei Si’s attention.

Fortunately, Ling Mo arrived just in time…

But just when Ling Mo was able to feel relieved, he was once again surprised.

This woman’s face seems a bit familiar…Ling Mo quickly took a closer look…

“OH FUCK! Isn’t this Sun Zeya?!”

Ling Mo quickly reached out and felt Sun Zeya’s carotid artery. Fortunately, she was still alive.

But looking at her closed lips and her pale face, apparently she had gotten scared and fainted.

There was a large black-green lump on her forehead, as if her blood was congested in that area.

“Like seriously don’t you have any self control? It’s not like I starved you or anything. Just a little bit of blood made you go crazy….”

Ling Mo looked back and glared at Hei Si, but unfortunately she wasn’t able to speak, she could only let out low “Wu” sounds.

“Wu your sister! Quickly get the hell out of here from the window. Go to the other building and hide over there. If it wasn’t because you actually listened and didn’t eat any living human beings, I would have definitely….we will talk about this later, hurry and get lost.”


After sending away Hei Si, Ling Mo frowned and squatted down before grabbing one of Sun Zeya’s arms.

He hesitated for a moment, then lifted Sun Zeya up from the bathtub and carried her all the way to the bed and threw her on it with a “Bang”.

Ling Mo didn’t know that there wasn’t a mattress on the bed, and only the bed board was there, so when Ling Mo threw her on it, it made a loud noise.


Ling Mo had just wanted to pull the sheets over to cover Sun Zeya when she suddenly moaned and slowly opened her eyes.

At the moment when she opened her eyes, Ling Mo had just stood up.

The eyes of both of them made contact with each other at this moment.

After a period of awkwardness, Ling Mo threw over the bed sheets that were in his hands and smiled, “ need to thank me. I’ll be leaving first then…”

Sun Zeya fiercely pushed herself up and asked, “Where’s that dog?! The zombie dog!”

“What dog?” Ling Mo asked.

“You didn’t see a dog?” Sun Zeya stared at Ling Mo and said, “How come you are over here?”


Ling Mo was now regretting that he didn’t put her down lightly. If he just put her down lightly, maybe she wouldn’t have woken up!

“Unless it’s your special ability?” Sun Zeya shook her head, reached out to touch her forehead, and then took a deep breath, “That damn dead dog caused me to get hurt a bit, if it wasn’t because I passed out right after hitting my head, I would have killed it!”

“So what you are telling me now is that you almost got eaten…”

Ling Mo somewhat admired Sun Zeya’s nerves, usually people would be scared if they were in her position….

“Didn’t you already save me? What’s the use of crying over spilled milk? But I really was too careless. I didn’t expect for a zombie dog to be in this place, and I wasn’t able to hear any sort of movements from it. In addition, I was in position that wasn’t favorable for fighting…It seems that being in a safe place for too long has made me careless. There aren’t many zombie beasts in A City, and I have never encountered any of them before either, I’m ashamed of letting you see how I made a fool of myself.

“Don’t blame yourself…” Ling Mo said awkwardly.

She really couldn’t be blamed for this. There were guards posted in this place. There were many human beings inside this building, and all the surrounding zombies were killed…

If you think about, no one could imagine that they would be attacked by mutated beast while washing their ass.

Sun Zeya sighed and extended her hand towards Ling Mo, “I guess this could be considered as an experience, thank you very much, I would have been eaten without your help. Sure enough, today is my lucky day.”

Just when Ling Mo took hold of Sun Zeya’s hand, he suddenly felt himself being pulled over by her.

“Four words.” Sun Zeya looked at Ling Mo, who was less than ten centimeters away from her, and said very seriously, “Keep it a Secret.”

Ling Mo widened his eyes and stared at her before nodding, “I understand, I didn’t see anything.”

Sun Zeya smiled slightly, and was just about to let go of Ling Mo, but then suddenly her head shook due to dizziness.

Losing her balance, Ling Mo and Sun Zeya’s foreheads bumped into each other, and then the two of them rolled into the bed at the same time.

The hard bed board made Ling Mo feel a sharp pain, in addition to the excessive use of his mental power, he felt dizzy for a while and slowly climbed up.

“Hey, are you okay? Who told you to suddenly pull me over like that….Hey!”

Ling Mo had just complained two sentences before he realized that Sun Zeya wasn’t responding..

He quickly looked at her face. The eyes were closed shut, the mouth was slightly opened, and it seems that she has passed out once again…

“It has only passed a small amount of time…and she was knocked out again?”

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