My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 248 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 248 Part 1 – Plan B for Cooperation

In order to make Sun Zeya conscious, Ling Mo was preparing to pinch her to wake her up, but as he was about to do it, he changed his point of view to Hei Si’s.

She had hidden herself in a corner inside a nearby building and was lying down.

Looking at the front paws, Ling Mo could tell that the fur on the body has been replaced, the roots were still black, but at the tip of the hairs, it had a hint of silver.

In addition, the spiritual fluctuations coming from Hei Si have become more intense, which is a sign of her intelligence improving.

“She’s still slightly worse than Ye Lian, probably after two more breakthroughs, or a big qualitative change, will she be able to reach the leader level. With the current information, I still have no clue about the evolution of mutated beasts.”

Ling Mo started thinking in his mind, “But the body size seems to be getting smaller and smaller. It seems like I made a good decision letting Shana raise it, otherwise it probably would have been crippled by me sooner or later.”

The change of the fur color made Hei Si look somewhat attractive to look at, but Ling Mo instead felt a bit disdained.

As a mutated beast, they should look domineering and fierce. That giant mutated python from before would definitely be a perfect example.

Becoming beautiful? That’s as much useful as a fart!

“This time she almost caused a huge amount of trouble, it seems that I need to push Shana to train it better…”

Ling Mo thought secretly to himself, his vision had turned back to his now, and at the same time he pressed his thumb down hard.


Sun Zeya frowned, as soon as she woke up, she opened her eyes and quickly sat up.

“I can understand that after fainting twice, you still haven’t fully recovered from the dizziness, but could you at least cover yourself with the bed sheets first…”

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Ling Mo lowered his gaze and said with an awkward tone.

Sun Zeya followed his gaze and lowered her head to look down at herself and suddenly closed her mouth.

The area of coverage that her half ripped up bra could cover was basically almost zero….

Watching as Sun Zeya quickly wrapped herself up with bed sheet, Ling Mo was somewhat satisfied for some reason. Unexpectedly under all the clothes, there was actually two hidden tall peaks….

“Can you by any chance lend me your clothes….” Sun Zeya turned her attention to Ling Mo.

“Sure, but what are you going to use in exchange for it?” Ling Mo asked while taking off his clothes.

Sun Zeya’s eyes narrowed slightly, “What do you mean? Are you trying to blackmail a woman who is butt naked?”

“Then do you plan on using the bed sheets to cover yourself? Ling Mo said “And also, I just saved your life.”

“Fine…YOU WIN!” Sun Zeya pinched her chin and asked, “Say it then, what do you want? I’m going to say this in advance, you can ask anything from me except for my body.”

“I didn’t plan on….”

“You also saw it already, I’m on my period….” She added, a pair of bright eyes stared at Ling Mo.

Ling Mo felt as if something got stuck in his throat.

Seeing Ling Mo’s stunned look, Sun Zeya burst into laughter “Pfft” and said, “Haha, you actually believed me? The man who would dare touch me hasn’t been born yet, but…there is one man now that has seen me in my birthday suit.”

Her eyes seemed to look a bit strange. Seeing that look made Ling Mo’s scalp turn numb.

“I know it wasn’t intentional.”

“This topic, let’s not talk about it anymore…I just wanted to know, your bullet proof vest….”

Ling Mo was really interested in this item. If it could completely cover her two huge “peaks”, the protection it gave must be good. This could greatly compensate for his greatest weakness as a human being.

“Bulletproof vest? I modified it myself, dedicated to defend against zombies…Forget it, I’ll give it to you later. After all, you did save me.”

Sun Zeya took the clothes that Ling Mo handed her and put them on her body.

She was too casual, she immediately removed the bed sheets that was covering her, jumped right out the bed, and then found her pants as well as her leather boots.

Due to her petite size, when she wore Ling Mo’s clothes, it was so big that it completely covered her ass…

But those pair of white delicate legs of hers revealed themselves in front of Ling Mo’s eyes…

A few minutes later, Ling Mo and Sun Zeya returned upstairs one after the other.

Ling Mo had only just returned to the warehouse, when a soldier came and delivered him a backpack.

To be continued…

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