My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 248 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 248 Part 2 – Plan B for Cooperation

Opening the backpack and looking inside, Ling Mo found a bulletproof vest and a waterproof jacket.

“What is this?” Shana grabbed the bulletproof vest and asked.

Ye Lian who was beside them sniffed the bulletproof vest and said with surprise, “This is from the short woman…”

“Yep, I robbed it from her.”

Ling Mo, who was satisfied upon receiving the bulletproof vest, reached out with his hand, and knocked on it.


Sure enough, there was a steel plate added…

However, the rest of the bulletproof vest was soft, and it didn’t give an uncomfortable feeling when worn on the body.

Ling Mo deliberately let Ye Lian poke him while he was wearing the vest. It left only a white spot on it and didn’t completely penetrate the bulletproof vest.

“This is good stuff, with this vest, fighting against a zombie in melee will increase my chances of survivability…This jacket isn’t bad either.”

Ling Mo was very satisfied with Sun Zeya’s efficiency in doing things. He also knew that this wasn’t only to thank him for saving her life, but to also take the opportunity to make Ling Mo more favorable towards them.

Early the next morning, the soldiers in the building began to get busy.

It may have been because of the incident with Sun Zeya, but the relatively relaxed atmosphere from last night had immediately disappeared.

“Good morning!”

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Early in the morning, Sun Zeya came over to find Ling Mo, her face was full of smiles, as if nothing happened last night.

“I think you should of made a decision by now right?” She asked with some expectation.

Ling Mo lifted the backpack to his body and said, “I’m sorry, I just don’t like being restrained…”

Sun Zeya was stunned and then she played with her hair, “It seems that even if I ask you to think about it longer, it would be completely useless. Judging from your behavior last night, saving other people doesn’t work for you. But I still have a Plan B.”

“What that?” asked Ling Mo.

“Tom says that if you don’t wish to join us, you could stil barter with us like how we do it at camp. With your ability, if you are willing to help us collect some specific materials in the city, this would save us a lot of manpower, weapons, and ammunition. In return, we can come up with some of the materials that you need in exchange. For example…How about equipping a bulletproof vest for each of your girlfriends?”

Sun Zeya smiled and said.

That last sentence immediately convinced Ling Mo. As the army enters the city, Ling Mo had to consider the girls as zombies, since if they were ever caught, they would probably be shot at. Under the fire of a gun, the three girls would definitely be in great danger…

“You can rest assured that the materials we bring out for trade are definitely not items that can be casually found, nor will we ask you to do something that is not equivalent for an exchange.” Sun Zeya said with confidence.

Ling Mo stared at Sun Zeya and looked at her for a while, “Are you allowed to make this decision for your camp?”

“No, before we left, the camp had already come up with several pre-decided responses for different types of situations. Your situation was also considered in this. After all, psychics aren’t ordinary people and not only that, some people might want to depend on their own strength to build their forces or what not. But to be honest, I didn’t expect that there would actually be someone unwilling to join us…In short, this type of exchange would also benefit you, don’t you agree? Whether it is weapons or ammunition, or other items…”

After Sun Zeya finished speaked, she looked at Ling Mo with high expectations.

Ling Mo pondered for a while and then asked, “ will we contact each other?”

Sun Zeya took out something and threw it at Ling Mo, “Take this…However, the signal is very bad. Also, our outpost will probably be built in about a month, and the location will be from the direction of X City to A City. You can also do your exchanges with us at the outposts.”

“A phone? No, it shouldn’t be…” Ling Mo curiously glanced at the thing in his hand, which looked more like a brick.

It seems that Sun Zeya’s team is actually quite strong. It actually made a lot of sense since they would try and ask every capable person to join their team, and if not they would at least make some sort of connection with them in order to work with them.

There aren’t many human survivors left, so every survivor was considered a valuable resource. Even if it was Yang Ying, at least she could cook or help clean…

“When you feel that there is something you want to trade, you can contact us, but it is best to use that thing when the weather is fine, and try to stand in a high place when you try to contact us…” Sun Zeya scratched her head and said, “But, now I have something to ask of you for help. The rewards could be a choice of a gun with three magazines or two grenades. What do you think?”

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