My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 249 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 249 Part 1 – The Hidden Peeper

“What is it?” Ling Mo revealed a look of surprise and asked.

“A very important exploration mission.”

Sun Zeya continued, “In this area, there is a transit warehouse for a pharmaceutical sales company. It is located in a densely populated area, on a floor within a building. This information was provided by a survivor from A City. However, he only knows this much about this place. As for more specific details, such as what floor the place was located in, he doesn’t know.”

“Exploring…meaning, you want help finding the specific location of the warehouse?” Ling Mo asked.

“Obviously there are other requirements, if you find any medicine on this list, please take as much as possible with you.”

Sun Zeya took out a list and shook it in front of Ling Mo, “Originally this mission, if it was executed by us, we would definitely have casualties, and our team members are all psychologically prepared for it. But after discussing it with Tom, we decided to use this task as our first cooperation between our two groups. We made this decision based on our feelings, as neither Tom nor I, would want to see any of our team members die.”

“But you can rest assured that we will provide assistance to you. So…” Sun Zeya took a step forward and raised a hand and pressed it on to Ling Mo’s chest, “Would you like to give me your first time right here?”

“Do you really need to use such a bad pun?… There are a few words I have been wanting to say to you for a long time.” Ling Mo pushed away Sun Zeya’s hand and said with a smile, “You really suck at flirting.”

In terms of flirting or being seductive, it was obvious that Li Ya Ling was the best…

Ling Mo felt that the only reason why he was able to control himself after seeing a naked woman’s body last night, was all thanks to the “education” that Ye Lian and the other girls gave him all the time.

He took a look at the list, other than some ordinary medicines, the rest of the list contained anti-inflammatory drugs or medicine for wounds. But most of the names on the list, Ling Mo has never seen before…

“It seems that you guys have a very professional doctor in your group…”

“Of course, that’s a given.” Sun Zeya proudly raised her head. “It’s still not too late to join us if you want.”

“But the difficulty of this mission is obviously very big. How could you just offer me only two grenades as a reward.” Ling Mo calmly put away the list and smiled.

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Sun Zeya’s eyebrows immediately tightened, “Are you trying to blackmail me again?”

“You aren’t butt naked this time.” Ling Mo smiled and said.

Ten minutes later, everyone had gathered together.


As soon as the door opened, a cold wind blew in.

Tom, who was standing at the door immediately frowned, he turned around, waved and shouted, “Hurry up everyone, there are a lot of things to do today!”

There were about 20 members in this squad. Ten of these members who were carrying a light load, were at the front with Tom, clearing the area. They were also the first ones to walk out of the building.

Of the remaining ten, other than the six people who were taking turns carrying the heavy stuff, they had sent four members to go and protect the survivors.

“Didn’t you say we were going to stay here for a day to search for more supplies and other survivors…”

Yang Ying frowned and asked with a dissatisfied tone.

The soldier who was caught by her quickly took a step back and said, “There was a zombie beast last night. If it wasn’t because of Sun who had defeated and made it run away, maybe there would be casualties now! We will search while walking, these are our orders!”

“Why are so rude to me…” Yang Ying muttered before adding, ” It’s not like she died or anything. It was only a sneak attack…”

The soldier’s voice was very loud, even Ling Mo, who was all the way at the back, could hear everything clearly.

He turned his head, looked at Sun Zeya playfully and said, “You defeated the mutated beast? I clearly remember someone fainting and getting knocked out.”

“Mutated beast? That name is very appropriate for it!”

Sun Zeya smiled and laughed. She stretched her hand out and patted Ling Mo’s shoulder and whispered, “No matter what, you still saw my naked body either way. For such a small matter, why don’t you just let it go and we call it even? If I had told them I was knocked out, what do you think my team members would think? And most importantly, you also saw it with your own eyes. These survivors still don’t trust us. We shouldn’t cause panic to them.

“Your thinking is quite thoughtful…”

Ling Mo admired this woman very much.

Not only was her nerves made out of steel, but she was also quick witted, and could be ruthless when needed.

It was no wonder the rest of the soldiers and even Tom, who had trained overseas, respected Sun Zeya.

“However, I didn’t expect that you didn’t want guns or grenades as a reward for the mission, but you actually wanted some of our standard supplies.”

Sun Zeya tipped her toes in order to climb up to Ling Mo’s shoulders. She smiled and whispered in his ear, “You really know how to choose, you successfully blackmailed me twice already. Big sister here will remember you.”

To be continued…

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