My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 249 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 249 Part 2 – The Hidden Peeper

“You guys wanted me to do this mission, I think the price I gave is worth it.” Ling Mo said coolly.

Sun Zeya whistled and said, “You already knew we weren’t keen on letting our people die. But forget it, since we have reached an agreement already, I won’t argue with you any further since human life is worth far more than materials.

“Once you find the place, everyone here will be counting on you then. Big sister has high hopes for you.”

She pinched Ling Mo really hard in the shoulder and left with smile, carrying a gun while walking towards the front of the line.

After watching Sun Zeya leave, Ling Mo frowned and raised his hand to rub his shoulder, “How the fuck can someone so small have such a fucking huge grip!”

Shana looked at Ling Mo curiously and asked, “Brother Ling, do you really intend on helping these humans?”

“What she said was correct, there are a lot of supplies that I can’t find even if I wanted to go find them.” Ling Mo said while rubbing his shoulders. “This is something that has to be done either way if it’s not for my benefit, then it’s for you guys. Plus some tasks that are difficult for them, are actually quite simple for me. At least the mission they required us to do doesn’t sound difficult at all.”

Speaking to this point, Ling Mo revealed a smile.

Hiding his abilities actually brought great benefits to him this time. At least when it came to bargaining, he had the bigger advantage.

Li Ya Ling said, “So this is a type of relationship between you and human society. By exchanging things with each other, both sides gets benefits…Humans are really complicated.”

“Brother Ling….um….where is Hei Si?” Ye Lian asked.

“He was sent ahead of us by me.” Ling Mo said. “That Sun Zeya thought my ability was a type that could sense danger in advance. Since she thinks that I might as well let Hei Si explore the road ahead of us.”

“Ok….” Ye Lian nodded thoughtfully, then looked at Ling Mo innocently. “I only understood the first part…”

“Cough* Cough*, don’t worry, my precious Ye Lian’s intelligence will soon improve again.”

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Ling Mo nipped Ye Lian’s ears and she immediately shrank her neck back like a little rabbit, those pair of eyes that always seemed as if they were daydreaming, gave a comforting feeling.

“I….I would definitely not want to be the one thinking about everything…Ah, no….I want pinch…”

“You want more pinches? Fine, I’ll pinch it for a bit longer.”

Ling Mo changed his mind and rushed over. Ye Lian had wanted to hide behind Shana, but just before she was about to, Shana silently extended a finger and poked her back, pushing Ye Lian into Ling Mo’s arms.


“You mean yes?”

“Brother Ling, stop teasing Sister Ye Lian…”

“Didn’t you just help?”

“That was none of my business, I didn’t do it, Dark Shana did that.”

When Ling Mo was talking to Ye Lian and the other two girls, Yang Ying who was in the line, stared at them, then frowned and turned back around.

Liu Qiang, who walking beside her, had closed his eyes and lowered his head while clenching his fists.

After a while, his eyes burst open and he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“How is it?” Yang Ying whispered.

“Hehe…” Lui Qiang turned his head and looked at Ling Mo’s group of four and revealed a sinister smile.

“Originally I had wanted to see what made him so arrogant…I would never have expected that I would find out something so special!”

“What the hell did you find out?” Yang Ying squinted and said nervously. “I get the feeling that man shouldn’t be irritated. Don’t mess with him…”

“You shut your fucking mouth!” Liu Qiang glared at her dissatisfied look. “I asked you to do something so simple and you fucked it up. Now that I have found his weakness, his only choice is to cooperate with me!”

After Liu Qiang finished speaking, his mouth formed a smile as he turned his head and looked at Ling Mo.

Seeing Ling Mo flirt and laugh with three beautiful women, each with their own unique beautiful looks, Liu Qiang’s eyes flashed with a hint of jealousy.

“In a few moments, you won’t be laughing no more.”

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