My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 25


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 25 – Dark Plot

“Hu…”with the sigh of relief at the same time, Wang Cheng’s eyes also flashed with a hint of vicious color.

Looking at that belly with an extra big hole, eyes wide open but not the slightest alive boy, Wang Cheng felt a deep pleasure of revenge. But at the same time, he suddenly felt tingling against his scalp.

As he looked up, Shana is looking at him indifferently. And with the contact of Shana’s eyes, Wang Cheng’s heart immediately jumped..”I….”

“Shut up.” Shana waved, interrupted him. Although she was driven back from the moment before,  she had seen clearly that this boy would not have rushed forward voluntarily, but if it wasn’t for him,  it was most likely the rest of the three of them would die here.

Although Wang Cheng’s move is selfish and vicious, she just does not want to say anything about it. Perhaps in some ways, he has done nothing wrong. If Ling Mo is here, maybe he will even appreciate this move, right? But even if he is really here, he would have likely finished off these two mutated zombies without using the boy.

Shana felt chaotic thoughts stirring in her mind as she joined Liu Yu Hao and Wang Cheng and walked slowly downstairs, but in the absence of awareness, she did not notice a human figure staring at her intently from the dark corner.

“That Ling is not here, where did he go!”

“But oh well, first I will get rid of you guys then it will not be late to…”

The instant when Shana stepped down the stairs, that dark shadow rushed out, Shana only felt an enormous force came from the back, her whole body was blown flying in an instant from the corner, and collapsed  at the bottom of the stairs.

She felt as if her body is breaking apart, but only her hardened combat endurance was enough to stop her from blacking out. As she struggled to get up, a bloody silhouette appeared in front of her.

“Shana, you did not expect to see me this soon right?”

Lu Xin sneered wickedly as he grit his teeth in attack, landing a devastating blow on the back of Shana’s head, knocking her out for good. Triumphant, he hauled  the unconscious Shana over his shoulder.

“Lu….Lu Xin….”

Liu Yu Hao who was still standing above the stairs was horrified  by the scene before him, but the moment when Shana was hit, he jumped to action and frantically rushed over to help.

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But even though Lu Xin is carrying a person, he is still far more agile than an exhausted Liu Yu Hao. After escaping from Liu Yu Hao, he pointed his middle finger at him with disdain, and taunted “I am at the boys’ dormitory, call Ling Mo for me or else I will kill Shana!”

“Lu Xin you son of a b***!”

Liu Yu Hao loudly cursed at Lu Xin who was nonchalantly hauling Shana’s unconscious body away, but with his speed, he could only watch him exit. But just as he got up to chase after him, Wang Cheng rushed over and grabbed his arm “don’t go over there, you are looking for certain death, didn’t you see Lu Xin’s appearance? He must have mutated, no longer a human being!”

“mother******…” Liu Yu Hao cursed under his breath, but reluctantly stopped chasing. He knew in his heart that Wang Cheng is right, from Lu Xin’s demonstration of strength and speed, he is absolutely no longer a human being, even if he is not yet a zombie, he is rapidly mutating towards becoming one. Even if Lu Xin will not kill Shana before Ling Mo shows up, when he loses his sanity after  the mutation completes, Shana will be dead for sure.

But with only him and Wang Cheng, how could they beat the current Lu Xin?

“Big brother Ling, where is Ling Mo?”

Liu Yu Hao anxiously looked around the surroundings, inside the empty campus, in addition to the zombie corpses beheaded by Shana, there are no other people! Instead a few zombies appeared not far away as they were attracted over by the noise and smell of blood. The moment when the zombies saw him and Wang Cheng, they immediately rushed towards the survivors.


In this situation the only option is to run, and while running Liu Yu Hao is also yelling Ling Mo’s name in his heart. After separating, Ling Mo did say that he still had some business to take care of at this school, but Liu Yu Hao does not know if he has already left. If Ling Mo really has left, most likely he could only risk his life to go save Shana….

Right now in Liu Yu Hao’s heart there are one million thoughts rushing past, should have just killed Lu Xin earlier, how could he let Shana be in danger! That treacherous worm!

But no matter how much he cursed will not bring back Shana, Liu Yu Hao brought Wang Cheng and dived into the educational building, and finally escaped from those few zombies.

These two hid inside one of the classrooms, not even daring to breathe, whole body is thoroughly soaked by sweat.

Finally after the surroundings quieted down, Liu Yu Hao carefully extended his head to look out, and seeing that the corridor is empty, waved at Wang Cheng to come out from the classroom.

“What to do now?” Even though Wang Cheng desperately kept up with Liu Yu Hao, he is still in shock, voices trembling.

Liu Yu Hao bit his tongue and answered: “What else to do! Find Ling Mo! Must save Shana at all cost!”

“This….”Wang Cheng clearly does not want to continue to follow with Liu Yu Hao on this hopeless quest, but right now Liu Yu Hao is his only teammate, therefore he began to wonder how to convince Liu Yu Hao out of it.

But unexpected of both him and Liu Yu Hao is that, when they carefully  climbed the staircase, they unexpectedly encountered Ling Mo and Ye Lian walking downstairs.


The sudden appearance of two people, Ling Mo at first was surprised, then relaxed,  then surprised again and barked: “why are you guys here?”

There are nobody else besides zombies in this building, and is not a suitable house as a safe place, the people which Shana are looking for are definitely not here. Therefore, how could he encounter Liu Yu Hao and Wang Cheng?

But not waiting for Liu Yu Hao to answer, Ling Mo immediately noticed something is amiss. From these two’s expression, they have clearly emerged from fierce fighting, and appear to be removed from the others, or else should have seen Shana with the two.

“Where is Shana?” Ling Mo said with a sinking feeling of dread in his heart.

Liu Yu Hao was still stunned at meeting Ling Mo so quickly, but hearing his question, he reacted immediately, anxiously replying “please save Shana, she was taken by Lu Xin!”, he rushed up three steps before Ling Mo grabbed his arm, eyes filled with panic and fear, staring intensely at him.

“Taken? By Lu Xin?’

The news came too sudden; Ling Mo is having a hard time digesting the information.

“Yes! Lu Xin mutated, but not completely turned into a zombie, but far too powerful for me to fight against him. Shana has been caught and kidnapped! He said to ask you to find him, or else he will kill Shana! Big brother Ling, I beg you….” Liu Yu Hao was at the verge of tears at this point, his words incoherent, but still managing to express the meaning. During the process, he has been clinging tightly to Ling Mo’s arm, in fear that Ling Mo would refuse.

And as Ling Mo heard it, his face also suddenly became gloomy.  This Lu Xin, besides of a brain thinking nothing good, was also not expected to be this ruthless.

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