My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 250 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 250 Part 1 – One Bullet for Each Zombie

The morning sun gave no warmth, a breeze of cold wind blew by making many survivors shiver.

The soldiers were carrying guns, carefully observing the surrounding situation and also maintaining order for the queue.

Hei Si’s sudden attack had put these people in an unnecessary tension.

They skipped searching most of the surrounding stores, and only stores where food may be found were searched by Tom and his team.

At the same, in order to find survivors and let them know that they were here, Sun Zeya would lift her gun, aim the muzzle upwards before pulling the trigger every few minutes while she was walking.


The crisp sounds of gunshots were enough to catch the attention of the hidden survivors.

When they approached the building they had burnt down last night, Ling Mo looked at it from a distance and found that there was only half of the building left which had been blackened by the fire.

Some of rotten bodies were still hanging on the on the railings, the faces of the bodies were all distorted, and the muscles and other body parts that were not fully burnt were exposed.

Several hundred burnt corpses were scattered all around, making the scene very impressive.

“Sure enough, burning the zombies is really quickest way in getting rid of them, but the method to do this isn’t something normal survivors could accomplish.”

Ling Mo thought.

The sharp rotten smell of burnt flesh made Ling Mo unable to breath properly, other survivors had already covered their noses. Yang Ying even opened her mouth and retched.

If it wasn’t because Tom had already said in advance that he would never stop and wait for anyone, Ling Mo thought she might have already rushed to the side and vomitted everything out from her stomach.

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It seems that the smell didn’t bother Ye Lian and the other two girls, it also didn’t bother Sun Zeya who was still smiling.

The street was quickly searched, but unfortunately not even one survivor appeared.

“This area doesn’t have much food to collect, making it unsurprising for us not to find any survivors around here…”

Sun Zeya said with some disappointment.

After leaving this street, Tom followed the route on the map and took the team to the area where the pharmaceutical company’s warehouse was located.

Originally, Ling Mo was hoping that they could make a quick stop and bring along Bai Yu and her group. But the direction they were headed to was completely opposite of where she was located, so he could only give up on that idea.

“Brother Ling, are you worried about that little girl?”

Shana put her hand on Ling Mo’s shoulder, and her long black hair fell down to one side, revealing her white pale face.

Li Ya Ling who was on the other side, tried to copy Shana’s actions and put her hands onto Ling Mo’s shoulders. However, when she did that, she rammed Ling Mo’s arm in between her two majestic breasts, directly trapping Ling Mo’s arm. “Ah..I remember now, you’re a lolicon?”

“Lolicon your sister…” Ling Mo sighed helplessly. “I am a very decent and normal person. I’m begging you to stop saying that and letting other people hear it. It will affect the image they have of me….”

“Brother Ling…” Ye Lian hesitated and then looked at Ling Mo. Then she whispered, “You should have some self-respect….”

“…What the hell, who the hell taught you that meaning! Quickly forget those words….” Ling Mo felt a headache and yelled.

Ye Lian honestly replied, “Shana taught me…”

“Just you guys wait! Watch how I teach all of you a lesson…”

At this time, the team of survivors have entered the rich part of the area. The narrow streets consisted only of high-rise buildings, and one of these streets was full of mobile phone stores on each side.

Ling Mo went inside the stores to look for few mobile phones. Unfortunately, when he tried to turn it on, he found that none of them were working.

After a half a year of non-use, these phones that were in the store were either destroyed or the battery had died.

“What are you doing?” Sun Zeya asked curiously.

Ling Mo threw a mobile phone to the side and said, “Playing music, it’s very convenient when you need to lure the zombies somewhere.

Sun Zeya’s eyes lit up, “That’s right, how could I not have thought of this. We could hang the phone upstairs somewhere. Then it can play music for a really long time, enough to attract all the zombies in a street! I couldn’t tell that you were actually quite smart.”

“Unfortunately, none of these phones can be used anymore.” Ling Mo sighed helplessly.

However, he was a little bit embarrassed. The method that Sun Zeya thought he had come up with was not the method he had intended to use. Maybe it was because of the angle in his thinking. His original method was to manipulate the zombies to hold the phone while moving around and then turning the music on…

“Sure enough, as long as you spend more time thinking, you are bound to figure out a better way eventually…” Ling Mo thought to himself.

Sun Zeya bent over and picked up the phone, and for that moment, Ling Mo once again saw that perfect rounded buttocks of hers.

To be continued…

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