My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 250 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 250 Part 2 – One Bullet for Each Zombie

“I have a portable charger on me, try using it… really charges.” Sun Zeya revealed an excited smile, then raised her hand and patted Ling Mo’s shoulder. “I owe you another favor again, thanks.”

The number of zombies in this street was quite a large amount. Tom brought a few of his members to hide behind a few cars in order to get ready to strike.

Yang Ying and the other survivors hid behind Tom and his squad. Tom’s only requirement for them was quite simple. If the situation ever got out of control, all they needed to do was concentrate on trying to stay alive.

But before that, the team members would do their best to try and protect them.

The soldiers in the team that were shooting were all using submachine guns with silencers, while the other members without guns pulled out bayonets and stood beside them, guarding them from any close zombies.

Dozens of zombies rushed from the front, and the team that was shooting waited quietly for the zombies to reach a minimum of a hundred meters before they started to fire their weapons.

According to the speed of the zombies, with a hundred meter distance, the soldiers were able to shoot about three times before the zombies reached them.

However, the shooting skills of these soldiers were extremely good, and every bullet fired would kill at least one zombie.

When confronting zombies in a battle with guns, the most important thing is kill with one shot, otherwise if you missed, they would rush you with unimaginable speeds.

Unfortunately, the amount of firepower was not enough, and soon there were more than a dozen zombies that were able to breakthrough.

The survivors who were hiding behind them immediately stepped back nervously, and some survivors even took out their weapons.

Sun Zeya blew a whistle and took out a bayonet, then rushed over to the zombies with great speed.

This was also the first time Ling Mo was able to see how Tom and Sun Zeya fought against zombies in close combat, giving a very deep impression to him!

Not only was Tom a tall man, he was also full of strength, and his attacks were all very fierce. You could tell that he was very proficient in fighting.

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As a zombie tried to reach out and grab him, he tilted to the side to avoid the grab, then grabbed the zombie’s arm directly with one hand, while his other hand slammed the bayonet directly into the zombie’s mouth.

“Tom sure is fearless….he actually had the balls to directly grab the zombie…” Ling Mo praised.

Li Ya Ling snorted and said, “What’s so great about that? I could rip apart zombies with my bare hands…”

“Since when did you start comparing yourself to humans?” Ling Mo rolled his eyes.

“Don’t humans have a word called ‘jealousy’? I remember that human males love to see their spouses jealous.” Li Ya Ling explained.

“You actually didn’t confuse the meaning of jealousy with something else. I’m impressed, this is already worthy of praise. But you still made a mistake on when it’s used. For example, the way Sun Zeya acts towards me, that’s when you should be jealous.” Ling Mo said.

“So it’s like that? Then we will work harder next time…” Li Ya Ling silently retreated to Ye Lian’s side and whispered, “It’s all that female survivor’s fault for not explaining things more clearly to us.”

Ye Lian nodded heavily and agreed, “Yes..”

At this time, Sun Zeya had also jumped up using the support of an automobile and directly caught the head of a female zombie with both her knees.

The female zombie didn’t seem to have any intentions of trying to get Sun Zeya off her. She had opened her mouth and tried to take a bite at Sun Zeya’s special part.

It was probably because the zombie could smell blood in that particular area… Ling Mo guessed evilly.

However, Sun Zeya calmly raised her arm and slammed her weapon into the neck of the female zombie and gently twisted it.

The female zombie was like a sack of potatoes, and it fell down almost instantly.

And Sun Zeya leapt up over the zombie’s head and rushed towards another zombie.

Actually in a fight against zombies, martial arts doesn’t really play a major role. It depended on how the skills were being applied in order to have a good outcome.

Ling Mo was watching by the sidelines, but he was also trying to observe the way they fought. After all, these people were all professionals.

However, it was at this time that a mishap occurred.

A zombie suddenly jumped down from the second floor of a building and landed heavily on the roof of a car. It then immediately reached out and pulled a soldier upwards by the helmet.

This soldier was already resisting another zombie who had rushed to attack one of the survivors, he was too late to react to this sudden attack from above.

After being caught, he immediately pulled out a dagger that was on his waist and tried to strike back, but with his feet off the ground, he couldn’t strike with his full strength.

Although there was a dagger sticking inside the arm of the zombie, the zombie wouldn’t let go. Once a zombie caught a person, as long as the arm wasn’t broken or ripped off, they would never let go of the grip they had on that person.

The zombies had a larger output when it came to strength compared to ordinary people. After mutating, their physical strength was improved and they could increase their output to nearly another 100%.

Therefore, this zombie easily lifted the soldier up like a chicken, while the other zombie who was being blocked by the soldier previously, directly rushed to the survivors.

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