My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 251 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 251 Part 1 – If You Don’t Court Death, Then You Won’t Die

Several survivors immediately stepped back, among these survivors only two of them decided to force themselves to summon the courage to face the zombie head on.

Although this was their first time cooperating with each other, but they were able to remain calm, and managed to barely withstand the zombie’s attacks.

But it was at this time that the soldier was in danger, and his other squad members were unable to help rescue him from his predicament.

Although a survivor rushed over to help, but the zombie was standing on the roof of a car, allowing him to only stab into the waist of the zombie.

Yang Ying was scared and screamed, she subconsciously looked back at Liu Qiang.

Just a moment ago, that soldier was still blocking the zombies in front of them…

Liu Qiang hesitated for a moment, but in the end he ended up taking a glance at Ling Mo’s direction and didn’t take any action.

If I exposed myself now, I might become more respected and gain importance…

But Liu Qiang felt that based on the personalities of that crazy woman and big man, they would never let him go to the military camp comfortably.

Maybe they might make him fight in the frontlines, to reduce the casualties of their soldiers!

“Since he is a soldier, he should be willing to sacrifice his life. Right now I finally have a way to go to the military camp now, I can’t take risks! ” Liu Qiang’s eyes flashed with a trace of cruelty.

During this whole time, it had only passed one or two seconds, and with the interference of the survivor, the soldier was able to barely resist the zombie, but getting his head ripped off was only just a matter of time.

At this time, a figure quickly rushed towards them, it was Ling Mo.

Considering the fact that if he allowed Ye Lian and the other two woman to take action, they might actually scare the shit out of everyone, so Ling Mo could only take action by himself.

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His spiritual tentacles moved forward,  and had already hit the zombie with a spirit strangulation attack, making it sluggish for a short time.

And during this time, Ling Mo had finally reached the car in front of him, he immediately jumped directly on the rear hood of the car, and he slashed the Tang sword that was in his hand.

The zombie’s head was immediately cut off and the soldier fell to the ground. “BANG”

The blood splattered, and the survivor immediately ducked by looking downwards in order to prevent the blood from splashing into his eyes or mouth.

At the same time, the other zombie was finally killed by the two survivors.

After jumping off the read hood of the car, Ling Mo coldly stared at Liu Qiang, revealing an undisguised look of contempt.

This soldier risked his life and didn’t take a step back in order to protect them, but when the soldier was in trouble, this psychic was still reluctant to help.


Ling Mo cursed in his head, then helped pull the soldier up on his feet.

But when he had just gotten up, Ling Mo discovered that the soldier was trembling violently, his breathing was also unsmooth, and even tears had come out from his eyes.

“Thank you….”

He coughed for a while before he was able to finally squeeze out those words.

Ling Mo still had an impression of this soldier, he was the X City soldier who said that he would save more people.

“How embarrassing…” He raised his hands to wipe his face and said with a hoarse voice.

“Don’t take it to heart.” Ling Mo reached out and patted his shoulder.

In all fairness, when someone faces death in the face, as long as it was a normal person, they would be scared.

The man showed a grateful look, and then quietly picked up the gun that had fallen to the ground.

Although all the other people were secretly relieved, but they didn’t have time to see if he was okay. They were all still in a battle.

In the distance, a large number of zombies were attracted by the smell of blood. The soldier took a deep breath and turned around and ran towards the direction of the zombies.

Although he was afraid, he still needed to fight since the battle never stopped.

As the attention of the other survivors and soldiers were being drawn elsewhere, Ling Mo started to walk back while holding his sword.

However, when he was passing by Liu Qiang, he vaguely heard him say, “Pretending to be a messenger of justice, how disgusting….”

With his keen spiritual force, Ling Mo’s hearing was much stronger than ordinary people.

Adding to the fact that his spiritual tentacles was also still outside his body…

Ling Mo immediately turned to look at Liu Qiang, then clenched his fist and walked over.

“Hey…What are you doing?”

Liu Qiang lifted his face up and looked at Ling Mo…..


Before Ling Mo had even said a word, he had already punched Liu Qiang’s nose.

The severe pain made Liu Qiang suddenly groan, but before he had the chance to fall to the ground, Ling Mo had already grabbed him by his collar.

“You don’t want other people to know that your a psychic right? Then don’t resist, don’t even call for help! Being selfish isn’t wrong, but the degree of selfishness you have really makes me sick! He had just protected you! Hearing what you just said, do you really think he should just die for you?!”

Originally, Liu Qiang had the chance to resist, but the words said by Ling Mo made his mind go into complete chaos.

How did this person know that he was a psychic?!

To be continued…

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