My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 251 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 251 Part 2 – If You Don’t Court Death, Then You Won’t Die

Yang Ying covered her mouth while she stared with her big eyes at Ling Mo violently beating the shit out of Liu Qiang.

She didn’t dare stop him, instead she was so scared that retreated a few steps backwards, away from them.

This single punch from Ling Mo was very fast, and because he quickly let go of Liu Qiang, no one else saw Ling Mo attack him.

“YOU..FUCK YOUR MOTHER! Don’t think that I will just let this go after hitting me!” Liu Qiang spat out some of his blood and snarled.

But Ling Mo had already opened his hand and let go of him, intending to leave.

Ling Mo’s arrogant attitude angered Liu Qiang, and he blurted out, “YOU MOTHER FUCKER THINK I DON’T KNOW! THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU! KEEP TRYING TO PRETEND!”

Ling Mo’s footsteps stopped immediately. He turned his head and stared at Liu Qiang coldly. He asked, “What?”

This look made Liu Qiang suddenly tremble, but the words had already come out of his mouth, so he could only finish what he started. He sneered and said, “That attack from last night wasn’t no sneak attack, that attack definitely had something to do with you, am I not right?”

These words made Ling Mo’s complexion suddenly change.

Seeing that Ling Mo didn’t speak, Liu Qiang immediately regained his spirit, and his heart had gained back some confidence.

He might as well take advantage of this opportunity to clarify everything with Ling Mo!

He straightened himself and whispered, “I don’t care if you were trying to make yourself closer to that women or trying to do something else, I honestly don’t really care. But you better think twice about the consequences of what would happen if I told them truth.”

The sound of Liu Qiang’s voice was so low that only Ling Mo could hear it now.

“How did you know know?” Ling Mo asked.

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Liu Qiang snorted and said proudly, “I don’t know exactly what your superpower really is, but according to my detection skill, you have some sort of energy that gives you a connection to communicate between all three of your women. But there was also another connection that lead to the outside! You deliberately hid someone else outside, and coincidentally a surprise attack happened last night, do you honestly take me as a fool?!”

“Energy detection?” Ling Mo smiled.

It seems that in the future he needed to be more careful when he faced other psychics. These abilities they had are really hard to guard against.

He could actually use his ability in this way to detect Hei Si, who had been hiding the whole time…

The way Ling Mo looked at Liu Qiang became a bit strange.

“It’s not that simple! But I’m warning you first, don’t even think about trying to go against me. No matter what, I at least am also part of this camp!” Liu Qiang snarled angrily.

Ling Mo’s pupils suddenly shrank, “Fuck You, you actually said that you are part of the camp? When you camp companions were in trouble, why didn’t you bother helping them?”

“Go Fuck your sister and your sense of righteousness! I don’t need you to teach me when I should save people…” Liu Qiang cursed even harder.

“Then what do you plan to do? Threaten me?”

Ling Mo’s attitude was very calm, which made Liu Qiang feel very uncomfortable.

He had just discovered his secret. Shouldn’t he be scared at this time?

Liu Qiang wasn’t worried that Ling Mo would try to kill him. As long as there were people in the camp around him, Ling Mo would definitely not dare to try and kill him.

At this moment, Liu Qiang had sudden feeling of regret about his plan, there were just too many variables in it!

At least for the time being, things have not gone in the direction like he expected it would go, and as for the person named Ling Mo, he had no way of controlling him!

If he knew that this is what would have happened, he would have considered everything more carefully, at least he wouldn’t have been so impulsive…

Looking at Ling Mo’s indifferent attitude, Liu Qiang was burning with rage!

“You should already know what I want to do. Last night, Yang Ying had already told you….” Liu Qiang said.

Ling Mo looked at Liu Qiang and said, “If you honestly think that you could threaten me in this way, then please be my guest. Go ahead and tell them.”

Before he had finished speaking, he had already started to walk towards Ye Lian and the other two girls.

Liu Qiang suddenly revealed a surprise look, then became infuriated as he stared at Ling Mo’s back, “Mother fucker, you sure have guts…”

His whole body trembled as he stared at Ling Mo, then he gritted his teeth and walked towards the direction Sun Zeya was in.

“Just watch this stupid idiot beg for me to stop the moment I reach in front of Sun Zeya….”

But what Liu Qiang did not expect was that a figure suddenly rushed out from the side when he approached near the cars.

There were no signs telling them that a zombie was here, and in the moment that Liu Qiang wanted to avoid it, his head suddenly felt dizzy.

By the time he recovered from the dizziness, he could only feel a sharp pain that had passed through his chest, and in front of him, was a distorted expression from a zombie.


As Liu Qiang fell to the ground, Yang Ying covered her mouth and screamed.

And at this time, Ling Mo had already reached Ye Lian’s side, and the spiritual tentacle that allowed him to control the zombie was quietly cut off.

It was a little bit ruthless, but for those who tried to threaten him or others, he would never show any mercy.

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