My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 252 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 252 Part 1 – Being A Zombie Is Also Difficult


After two gunshots were fired, that zombie fell to the ground immediately.

As for Liu Qiang’s corpse, they just frowned and stared at it for a few moments.

“He didn’t even have a little bit of strength, what was the point of him suddenly running towards the front lines! Add more chaos to everything?” A survivor muttered.

“Don’t say anymore, his luck was just bad. We must also be careful, these zombies are just like flies, they are everywhere!” Another survivor shook his head and said.

Only Yang Ying was staring at Liu Qiang’s body, with her eyes wide open in complete shock and her hand covering her mouth, “How could be….so sudden…”

She took a glance in Ling Mo’s direction, and in her mind went blank.

Liu Qiang was definitely killed by a zombie, and so easily too….

But why did she suddenly feel a deep chill in the air when she saw Ling Mo’s expression?

“That woman is staring at you.” Li Ya Ling pulled Ling Mo’s sleeves and said.

“Don’t worry about her. There is no evidence that points to me, she also doesn’t have any backer no more, so what could she possibly do to me?” Ling Mo said.

Li Ya Ling shook her head, “What? But this isn’t what I wanted to know. What I wanted to ask is that in this case, should I be jealous right now? Should I go over there and beat shit out of her?”


Ling Mo felt a headache, patted his forehead and asked, “Senior Sister, why don’t we first concentrate on merging your memories together. Don’t worry about such difficult things like jealousy.”

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“Why? It’s rather amusing.” Li Ya Ling asked.

Shana snorted and interrupted, “If it’s amusing, we should definitely do it. We have also worked hard, okay? We have to be kissed by you, allow you to study our bodies, work hard every night to improve our combat power, merge our memories together, and also argue with myself…”


Where did the fantasy scene of a pair of open arms, and a soft whisper of “I want(TL: In Chinese When a girl says that, it means she wants the D :P” )” go!?

What is with this frowning expression and complaints about life being difficult as a zombie….

“You make it sound like I’m a pervert….” Ling Mo sighed.

Ye Lian and the other two woman immediately looked at Ling Mo.

“Hey, I am really not a pervert! Was I not doing all this to help improve and better your evolution? Um yes…the evolution of all aspects…”

While he was speaking, Ling Mo was also paying attention to the situation ahead of him.

Zombies were constantly emerging, bringing some pressure to Tom and Sun Zeya.

But it seems that they are still able to handle it.

“There is just too few people and the firepower isn’t enough.” Ling Mo thought.

After another twenty more minutes passed, the battle was finally coming to an end.

As Sun Zeya circles behind a zombie, a knife cut through its neck, and the last zombie was finally killed.

Two members of the squad spontaneously went to find a curtain to wrap up Liu Qian’s corpse, while the other members were either wiping the bayonets or replacing the magazines from their guns.

It could be said that Liu Qiang’s death did not matter to anyone, even Yang Ying didn’t bother taking another look.

The end of the battle was only temporary, everyone was soon very busy again.

When Ling Mo walked over, these soldiers all stopped what they were doing and looked up at Ling Mo.

Their eyes have become much more friendlier to Ling Mo. The scene of Ling Mo saving one of their members caused them to have some changes in their attitudes towards him.

Tom came over to Ling Mo and patted his shoulder before saying, “Once we go through two more streets, we will arrive at the location of the warehouse.  However, there might be many zombies in that area.”

Ling Mo glanced at Sun Zeya and said, “We have already found a mobile phone. After charging it with power, we can find a suitable place to make it play music. We could definitely use this to lure the zombies away and take the opportunity to sneak inside.”

Tom frowned and thought for a while before saying, “That plan sounds good. However, there is a limit of how loud the sound can be played. If the music was played inside a building, the good thing is that the zombies that are inside will not be led out. However, if the sound is too loud, it will most likely bring zombies from other areas inside the building making it more troublesome.”

“As long as it can lure away the surround zombies, it should be fine. ” Ling Mo shook his head indifferently.

With Ling Mo’s strength, after entering the building, he could just take control of several zombies to help search. Ye Lian and the other two girls can then freely move around as if they were just taking a stroll.

“Okay, we will try and clear the surrounding zombies as much as possible, so you don’t get surrounded. If you need more help from us, you can just say it.” Tom deeply looked at Ling Mo and said.

Tom was obviously a bit skeptical of Ling Mo, even though he did see how he had saved that soldier’s life. However, he still had doubts on whether or not Ling Mo could complete the exploration task alone.

To be continued…

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