My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 252 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 252 Part 2 – Being A Zombie Is Also Difficult

“There no need, just help me secure the surroundings.” Ling Mo said calmly.

Tom grabbed the back of his head and look at Ling Mo with surprise.

Does this person really have to skills to complete this mission, or does he not understand how difficult this mission is…

After a few minutes, the team immediately bypassed the street and entered another area.

After using the same method to clear out a relatively large amount of zombies, the group finally saw a few buildings from afar.

Sun Zeya pointed to one of them and said to Ling Mo, “It’s that one over there. The transit warehouse of the pharmaceutical sales company is on one of those floors. If you’re lucky, maybe it might be on the first floor. However, if your luck is horrible, you may have to go to the top floor.”

After she finished speaking, she gave a smile to Ling Mo and said, “I wish you good luck.”

Ling Mo looked up at the building with eagerness , “Let’s get started then.”

Sun Zeya nodded and took out the phone that was fully charged.

“There’s only a few songs on this phone…but at least the volume of this phone should be pretty loud.”

Sun Zeya selected a song, put the settings on a repeat loop, adjusted the volume to the maximum, and then personally entered into a building.

Everyone looked at the building curiously and wanted to see just how Sun Zeya planned to set up everything.

Soon, Sun Zeya appeared in one of the windows on the second floor.

She jumped directly onto the window sill and then leaned out in an extremely dangerous way, clasping the window with one hand while using the other hand to place the phone on a corner of the third floor air conditioning cabinet.

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This way, even if it was a zombie, it would be difficult to grab the phone directly, and they also wouldn’t be able to jump from the ground to get it. As long as the power isn’t used up, the sounds will keep continuing.

However, in order not to attract too much zombies, Sun Zeya deliberately set the phone up so that as long as someone had a gun, they could shoot the phone at any time to turn it off.

After setting the phone, Sun Zeya turned her head and made a gesture.

Two soldiers immediately came over with petrol cans and began to smear gasoline along the building.

It seems that using fire was indeed their area of expertise….

What surprised Ling Mo even more was that they even placed a row of simple incendiary bombs on the window sill of the second floor.

“Those…won’t those be easily knocked over? Also, I don’t think it will be easy to shoot them at the right time.” Ling Mo said curiously.

A soldier named Wang Heng was wiping his gun when he heard those words, he smiled and said, “Don’t worry, those bombs will be taken care of by me and the phone also.”

“Wang Heng is an amazing sharpshooter. Although we can’t say that he would hit a hundred out of a hundred targets, but his accuracy is still amazingly high.” Tom introduced.

“Sure enough, another hidden individual that has talent…” Ling Mo sincerely praised.

There was another nearby building that was about a hundred meters away, and it was clear that Tom and his party intended to use it as a bunker for them. Two team members have already headed over there with the survivors.

There was a hundred meter distance, a few small beer bottles, and a cell phone that was completely invisible to the naked eye. This was the setup they intended to use in case numerous zombies decided to swarm in…

Anyways, shooting those bombs and phone wasn’t his job. He wouldn’t have been able to even if he tried.

“Shooting also requires talent…” Ling Mo sighed helplessly.

“You guys should first find a place to hide. It would be best if you could find a place that is closest to the building. When the zombies are all lured away, you can take the opportunity to enter the building.” Tom turned to speak to Ling Mo.

Ling Mo nodded and looked up at Sun Zeya, “Is she responsible for playing the music?”

“Yeah.” Tom replied heavily.

Everyone knows that this job was the most dangerous. When that play button is pressed, hundreds of zombies will appear there in just one or two seconds.

However, Sun Zeya’s expression was seemed to be quite calm, which allowed Ling Mo to have confidence in her.

This woman even grabbed the window with one hand, turned around towards Ling Mo’s direction, and used her mouth and blew a whistle as if she was trying to make a cat call towards Ling Mo.

At this time, she still had the time to fool around, how could it be possible for such a crazy woman die?

“Hurry back so you can play with me!”

Ling Mo glared at her, however, Sun Zeya burst into laughter and even made a face at him.

“I hope everything goes well with you all.”

Ling Mo picked up his backpack and then signaled at Ye Lian and the two woman to hide first.

“Wait a second.” Tom suddenly reached out and grabbed Ling Mo and said sincerely, “Um…Life is important, missions can be tried again.”

“Thanks, big man.”

Ling Mo punched Tom’s chest and said.

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