My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 253 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 253 Part 1 – Try Peeing And Let’s See


Ling Mo took the lead and went into a small store, there were several zombie corpses lying on the ground inside.

Hei Si was sitting inside, and when she saw Ling Mo, she leaped gently, and immediately appeared in front of Ling Mo, then started to rub up against his pants.

“After evolving, not only has the body shape become smaller, but she has also become more reserved. Very good, at least now it’s becoming more feminine in a way.”

Ling Mo rubbed his head and turned to look at the door.

“She’s just a dog, no matter how reserved she becomes, she will always just be a dog!”

Ye Lian and the other two had already followed in as well. As she spoke, Shana went next to the entrance of the store and tried to close the roll-up door(TL: For those who don’t know what a roll-up door is please google it. It’s the metal gate most stores have when they close and have to pull it down), but due to it being completely rusted, it could not move.

“Other than her shape, that still looks similar to a dog, what else can you see that defines her as a dog?”

Ling Mo looked down towards Hei Si, she had just lifted her front leg and started scratching her chin gently.

“Is there no other connection?”

Shana walked in front of Hei Si with a smile and reached out her hand.

Hei Si let out a whine and was just about to lift her front legs up, when she heard Shana say, “Lift your hind legs and try peeing so I can take look.”


Ye Lian tried to push a cabinet to block the store entrance, but the size of the cabinet and the door was obviously not proportional. She had no choice but to give up and turn towards Ling Mo for advice.

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“Head to the second floor. There is a smell of blood here. If there are zombies are coming over in this direction, it would be useless trying to block the door.”

Ling Mo quickly made a decision.

On the second floor, there was an office that was facing the street. After Ling Mo closed the door of the office, he made Hei Si secure the stairs leading to the office.

Ling Mo found himself a place to sit down. He then made Li Ya Ling stand at the window and then switched his viewpoint to hers.

If zombies saw a human standing by a window, they would immediately rush over.

The only zombies that would dare come looking for trouble from a leader level zombie would probably be zombies that were of the same level.

Ling Mo asked Li Ya Ling to stand there for two reasons. One was to observe the situation outside, while the other was to prevent any other leader-level zombies from appearing in this area.

If we counted only on Tom and Sun Zeya’s strength, a leader level zombie could easily exterminate their group by itself.

In fact, the safest way to lure the zombies away would have been Ling Mo’s method where he would control a zombie to lure the other zombies in the area with a phone that played music.

But you didn’t need to think in order to know that it would be impossible for humans to cooperate with zombies, since humans hate zombies with a passion.

Even if this zombie was under human control, it would still create panic and misgivings.

“So no matter how I look at it, I will always have to hide my abilities.”

Thinking about this, Ling Mo reluctantly scratched his head.

The street looked desolate, and at the end of the street was a intersection where a bus had been overturned. Behind that bus, many zombies could be seen.

They were slowly shaking from side to side as if they had no sense of direction, but everyone knows that the moment there was any kind of movement, these zombies would “wake up” and become violent killing monsters.

“Sun Zeya’s group should almost be ready by now…But in order to ensure the success of this plan, it might be safer for me to personally participate in it.”

After Ling Mo made sure he was in a comfortable sitting position, he sent out a spiritual tentacle.

This invisible spiritual tentacle stretched out towards the crowd of zombies, and then plunged itself into a body of a petite female zombie.

This zombie immediately stopped moving, the violent blood red eyes flickered. The gradually calmed down and turned normal.

She slowly walked to the side and the entered into a small room along the corner…

At this point, Tom and others have reached their designation. He moved his hand and twisted his wrist a bit against the window.

On Tom’s wrist was a watch, the sunlight that shone down from the sun was reflected by the dial.

Sun Zeya immediately received the signal. She turned her head, took a deep breath, and then looked at the mobile phone that was on the air conditioner.

She was the only one left here, as long as she pressed her finger, this seemingly silent scene in front of her would instantly be broken.

“I definitely won’t die here.”

Sun Zeya took a deep breath. She smiled with a big grin, then slammed her finger down.

“Love you even when your dead! With no constraints, no sadness!”

The sound of music exploded out suddenly and broke the calmness of this street!

To be continued…

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