My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 253 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 253 Part 2 – Try Peeing And Let’s See

But it was at this moment that everyone felt as if time had stopped.

Tom and others stood behind some curtains holding on to their guns, nervously watching as Sun Zeya jumped into the room through their scopes.

“Holy Fuck! This song is too explosive! She should have chosen something with a prelude!”

Ling Mo’s scalp had also turned numb due to the music.

Obviously, he understood that Sun Zeya chose this song because it would attract more zombies in an instant, but this is just too risky for her!

All the zombies in their field of vision stopped swaying violently, then they immediately turned to look at the direction of the sound.

The moment Sun Zeya jumped into the room, hundreds of zombies moved all at the same time!

The speed of these zombies were equivalent to the athletes in a 100-meter sprint, the speed was extremely fast!

Especially when they were under the attraction of the sound, they instantly entered an extremely violent state.

The overturned bus was immediately covered by zombies, dozens of zombies jumped on top of each other, then climbed down on the other side, and then quickly approached towards the direction of the music.

At the same time, many zombies that were also hiding in the surrounding buildings rushed out, and even one zombie directly leapt off from the sixth floor of a building, and fell heavily on the ground with a “BANG”.

Hundreds of zombies drowned the street in just one or two seconds. This scene was really shocking!

Almost every team member hiding behind the curtains immediately felt cold sweat being soaked behind their backs.

Wang Heng took aim at the simple incendiary bombs, there was already a dense layer of sweat on his forehead.

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“Sun, you need to survive….”

At this time, a zombie that was at the forefront, had already rushed towards the door of the building, but was shot and killed by Tom and his silenced submachine gun.

They needed to buy as much time as they could for Sun Zeya.

If this plan failed, hundreds of thousands of zombies would be stuck in the streets. Not only could their mission not be carried out, but everyone would be surrounded by zombies.

The survivors stood in the corner and their expressions were quite tense. Among them, Yang Ying’s expression was the worst.

She had no backing no more, she also offended Sun Zeya, and now she had to go through such a terrible thing…

She covered her head with her hands and buried her head deeply in them, as if she couldn’t any sounds.

“There’s already zombies coming.”

Sun Zeya had just rushed out of the room before she heard the sound of zombies hitting the door below.

“Picking them off from a distance isn’t a bad idea, but this method probably won’t keep them off for long.”

Sun Zeya quickly grabbed the side of the door, closed it, and then ran along the corridor to the stairs that led upwards to the next floor.

Just as she disappeared into the stairs, dozens of zombies had madly squeezed into the building, some had even started to climb on top of each other, while other zombies even tried using the drain pipes to climb up.

Tom and others could not keep up with the shooting and were too late to stop them, only a small part of the zombies were killed by them.

“The zombies have almost reached the room….” Wang Heng whispered.

He felt the sweat covering his eyes, and the tingling sensation made him want to squint his eyes.

But at any moment now, the zombies may appear at the window, and he must shoot the molotov before it gets knocked over.

From their point of view, it wasn’t easy igniting the petrol belt below just by shooting it. This was why they placed a simple incendiary bomb(TL: Molotov) in order to ignite it.

“Get ready to shoot.” Tom’s voice came from the side.

“But I haven’t seen Sun yet.” Wang Heng whispered. “If she hasn’t escaped yet, she will be burned to death.”

Tom was silent for a moment, then resolutely said, “We should believe in Sun Zeya, although she looks unreliable, but she won’t die that easily.”

Wang Heng’s pupils shrank slightly and then nodded silently.

The atmosphere became extremely tense in an instant.

Sun Zeya had already ran to the doorway of the rooftop. When she had passed the stairway, she had thrown a firecracker that was burning.

When more than 20 zombies rushed to the door and began slamming into it, the firecrackers started to explode.


This loud noise overshadowed the music and immediately caught the attention of these zombies.

They immediately gave up on the door and rushed in the direction of the explosion.

At this time, Sun Zeya had pushed out the iron gate on top of the roof and went out, and blew a whistle with pleasure.

“This will give me a little more time, and those zombies won’t be able to find me.”

Sun Zeya had just turned around and was prepared to close the iron gate when her eyes suddenly widened.

Five fingers appeared on the edge of iron gate…

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