My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 254 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 254 Part 1 – Going Crazy

Wang Heng, who was hiding in the building, pulled the trigger.


A makeshift incendiary bomb, instantly exploded the flammable material wrapped around, leaving countless sparks and burning gasoline on the ground.


A wall of fire immediately rose up and engulfed the horde of zombies in an instant.

“Once all the zombies in the area have been attracted, shoot the phone immediately,” Tom commanded.

At that moment, the other incendiary bombs placed on the doors and window sills, have been knocked down by the zombies, but fortunately, the fire has already been lit, and these things would just become aids once they were broken.

However, it wasn’t enough, to not let the zombies, get the phone, the team members aimed their guns at the window.

As soon as a zombie reached the window, one of them would pull a trigger.

These team members by a simple glance weren’t as good as Wang Heng but shooting at zombies was much easier than shooting at small molotov bombs. Besides, there were many of them shooting in tandem. Eventually, one or two shots would successfully hit their target.

Wang Heng perked up from a prone position, wiped his face and then nodded, “Okay. Ah… was that explosion before caused by Sun? I couldn’t see if she has gotten out safely.”

“Don’t worry, she won’t die that easily, I know she must have a plan.” Tom smiled and replied.

But then his expression became a bit more serious, “Now that we have finished our part, I hope that Ling Mo can also continue the mission. Hopefully, it wasn’t a wasted effort.”

“I don’t think it is wasted, I believe he’s quite impressive.” Wang Heng said.

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“Don’t be so blindly optimistic, wait until he actually succeeds in completing the mission before you say anything. The rewards we are offering him this time aren’t small.”

Tom shook his head and said.

Wang squeezed a smile, “These rewards are just items, they can’t be compared to human life, plus he also saved one of ours.”

“Well, I’m just worried. This is the first time we have worked with a psychic. If the mission is successful, then it would set a good example. We would be able to go back to camp and use this way to interact with the rest of the psychics.”

Tom showed a look of worry, “But if it fails…”

“I heard rumours that some captains don’t wish to cooperate with the psychics. They think that the psychics have all kinds of people with different types of personalities, and they are too strong to control.”

Wang Heng hesitantly whispered.

Tom glanced at him with a strange look and said, “It seems that we just can’t hold back the news from you guys…In any case, those captain’s considerations aren’t unreasonable, but then, Sun Zeya’s suggestion also isn’t wrong. Since they can’t be controlled why not cooperate with them, to exchange equal benefits. They get what they need while we get what we need, and we both can live together in peace. Of course, for those that are willing to join our cause, we obviously have a way in handling them.

“Sun sure is impressive…” Wang Heng nodded pensively.

A series of gunshots suddenly took their attention, these sounds were coming from the roof of the building!

“Second Lieutenant Sun!”

Wang Heng face turned into that of shock, and Tom’s brows stitched themselves close!

“Sun Zeya…what’s going on over there?”

Tom clenched his fist and stared gravely at the roof of the building.

But the building they were currently in was lower than Sun Zeya’s building so they couldn’t see anything…

“Why am I so unlucky…Did I use up, all my luck yesterday?”

Sun Zeya stood on the roof, shaken.

She could see that the whole building was about to be swallowed by the fire, but she was blocked from escaping by several zombies.

Although the zombies that opened the door were immediately shot and killed, she didn’t expect that it would be followed by a high-level zombie.

This high-level zombie clearly knew the threat of firearms, so it used its own kind to push Sun Zeya to consume her bullets.

The gunshots attracted even more zombies, and now Sun Zeya was wholly caught in a rough predicament, being almost surrounded.

She pulled out her bayonet and slowly stepped back, her eyes flickered between the zombies and downstairs.

Although the fire wasn’t that strong now, the problem was that these zombies wouldn’t give her a chance to go downstairs safely….

The high-level zombie continued to observe the prey before itself, as the ordinary zombies had already started to rush over.

Sun Zeya clenched her bayonet and twisted her body to dodge the zombie in front of her. Then in a smooth arc, she plunged the blade deep into the neck of the zombie with her hands.

Tossing her ponytail aside, she dodged the second zombie. The bayonet that had just been pulled out of the other zombie went directly into the eye of the next one.

Having just finished off two ordinary zombies in a row, Sun Zeya couldn’t relax at all.

When the last two ordinary zombies rushed towards Sun Zeya, the high-level zombie finally made its move.

To be continued…

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