My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 254 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 254 Part 2 – Going Crazy

The high-level zombie sprinted behind another zombie while leaning its body slightly forward, and then moved towards Sun Zeya as if it was gliding.

With two zombies simultaneously attacking her, Sun Zeya was quickly forced to the edge.

As she cut down one ordinary zombie, she sent the bayonet into the chest of another regular zombie, the high-level zombie increased its speed and rushed over.

“Is this the end of the road for me? I haven’t even been in love yet!”

Seeing the high-level zombie directly rushing towards her, Sun Zeya couldn’t help but let out a scream.

But right before the high-level zombie could reach her, she saw a black shadow suddenly come up from behind her.

The next second, Sun Zeya suddenly widened her eyes in shock.


The newly-emerged female zombie jumped directly over her head and knocked away the high-level zombie, while simultaneously shoving her fingers into the heart of the ordinary zombie.

Blood started to spray out as she pulled out her blood-soaked fingers. She didn’t even bother to pay any attention towards Sun Zeya.

Sun Zeya pulled herself together soon after.

Rumour has it, that when high-level zombies were close to evolving, they sometimes may attack their own kind to help them evolve. The current situation…seems like it may be true!

“Haha, so this actually was the peak of my luck!”

Sun Zeya clenched the bayonet, she then pulled herself to the other side of the railing at the edge of the rooftop. She grabbed onto the railing with one hand, while most of her body was completely suspended from the roof. She only used her toes to step on the edges of the roof.

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The newly emerged female zombie had obviously climbed up using the drain pipe, and her target was n’t Sun Zeya.

“This is actually my first time watching high-level zombies fight each other, and looking at the current situation, this new zombie is obviously ignoring me…”

Her heart was filled with excitement to see the confrontation between two female zombies, “Sisters, come on, you can do it, work harder and hopefully you both die together…”

The female zombie that appeared was naturally the zombie that was being controlled by Ling Mo.

Initially, he had controlled this zombie to confirm whether everything was going well. He didn’t expect this scene.

This woman sure is unique, she could even say such words of encouragement.

And at such a critical moment, she could still say it in a joking manner.

However, Ling Mo realized that Sun Zeya had an escape rope in her hand, and one end of rope was already buckled at the edge of the railing.

“What the fuck….Did I, just work extra?”

Ling Mo screamed in his mind, who told this woman to shout that she was going to die, when she clearly had a way to escape, making him jump out instead!

Ling Mo secretly rolled his eyes, and at the same time, with the help of the zombie’s vision, he inspected the high-level zombie with vigilance.

It probably just broke through to the advanced level, the zombie’s features, strangely enough, were actually pretty.

After being hit by Ling Mo’s puppet, the high-level zombie immediately turned her attention towards the new intruder.

But looking at her eyes, it was evident that she was confused.

Ling Mo’s puppet was actually only just a mutated zombie…


This advanced female zombie roared and rushed over.

The speed of this female zombie was much faster than Ling Mo, but he at least had his spiritual tentacles to cover for his disadvantage.

Although using the puppet as a medium would significantly reduce the effects of his spiritual tentacles, but at least it could still play some part in harassment.

Sun Zeya was excited to watch the fierce fight between the two female zombies.

The skirt was lifted in the fray, the top was torn apart, revealing a snow-white body…

Ling Mo’s puppet was not only petite, but she was also a lot weaker in strength.

So, he could only use a certain way to fight.

Right at this moment, Ling Mo finally seized an opportunity to push the advanced level zombie to the ground and then used his spiritual tentacles to immediately distract her.


The blood sprayed out and splashed all over the face of the zombie.

Sun Zeya had let out a gasp of surprise at this time. When Ling Mo turned back, she had already blown a kiss to the zombie and slid down the rope.

“Lady, nice breasts!”

Ling Mo looked down and saw that the collar of the zombie had been torn open, revealing two lumps of snow.

“She even dares to flirt with zombies, this woman is simply crazy, she should just go to hell!”

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