My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 255 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 255 Part 1 – Squeeze Until It Pops

“Why do I get the feeling, that female zombie, was somehow very strange….a kind high-level zombie?”

Sun Zeya curiously thought about the female zombie’s eyes, while sliding down the rope rapidly.

When compared to the other high-level zombies, she seemed to feel that there were some differences.

“In Ling Mo’s notes on the last page, he recorded the types of zombies that are currently present as well as gives them a name for each one of them. Ordinary zombies, mutated zombies, advanced zombies. Then that zombie, should be … an advanced zombie, right?”

Unfortunately, no information was given on how to accurately determine the type of zombie. He only recorded the difference between the eyes and their relative strength.

But when ordinary people faced zombies, it was tough for them to calmly pay attention to the specific differences of the zombie’s eyes.

In any case, to them, ordinary zombies and high-level zombies were both the same since they both were deadly threats to them.

However, if you had to say a difference, an example would be, if you were facing a small number of ordinary zombies, there would still be a chance to survive.

But for the high-level zombies…It didn’t matter which level of high-level zombies you met, the chances of survival were close to none, the only difference was how fast you would die.

But as a soldier, the information must, of course, be as detailed as possible.

“That one page was obviously added by Ling Mo, not only is his handwriting horrible, but it’s also not very specific. I have every reason to believe that this kid did this on purpose in hopes to blackmail me again.”

Sun Zeya grimaced at the thought of the messy rows of writing.

“But this at least is much better than our general classification of high-level zombies. From the notes, the strength of the advanced zombies have undergone qualitative changes. But we can only roughly judge the type of zombie, and not the whole strength since each zombie at that level begins to have their own individual differences…”

Sun Zeya landed lightly on the ground and immediately let go of the rope.

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She glanced at the worn-out leather gloves and thought, “This Ling Mo is actually able to record so much information. It seems that he had probably taken the time to observe and understand the zombies quite carefully. Although he refused to join us, his value as an individual should be enough to make the base pay close attention to him and want to maintain a good relationship with him. However, why do I get the feeling he has concealed a lot of information. The moment he reached the advanced zombies, his notes started to become vague. And is the advanced zombie the evolutionary end of zombies? It seems that once this mission is over, I have to find that kid and ask him. At worst, I’ll just be blackmailed again.”

“But it’s still too early to think about these things. Whether or not he can complete the mission is still a problem.”

During the decent, the fire spread quickly, and several zombies that had been rushing towards the building from a distance had noticed Sun Zeya.

Seeing these zombies rushing themselves towards her, Sun Zeya raised her arm and waved at gleefully at them, “Hello!”

Seeing that the zombies were less than fifty meters away from her, Sun Zeya showed a smile, clenched the bayonet, turned around and rushed into the woods.

These zombies increased their speed at the same time and also rushed into the woods.

“Why do I always get this feeling she’s going to get herself killed every time I watch her fight….”

Ling mo watched Sun Zeya and a group of zombies chasing after her into the woods, the zombie that Ling Mo took control of stood at the edge of the roof continuing to relay the events.

After losing the option to use her firearm, choosing the woods as the environment for battle was actually a reasonable idea.

She could find ways to conceal herself there and avoid having to fight with multiple zombies. She could even use the terrain to her advantage and find a way to kill most of them.

Ling Mo shook his head helplessly, but couldn’t help himself to look down and stare at the chest of his puppet.

“These boobs do seem really nice…”

He glanced to his left and then to his right, quickly raised his hand and squeezed it.

“Shit…I popped the silicone…”

After cutting off the spiritual connection, Ling Mo’s vision instantly returned to the small office.

He walked behind Li Ya-Ling and took the chance to pat her curved butt, “Do you sense any leader levels?… Then let’s get ready to start on our end.”

“Oh yeah, Brother Ling.” Shana grabbed the scythe and suddenly turned and asked, “Why were you smiling like an idiot before?”

“Oh, that was nothing…” Ling Mo quickly shook his head.

There were two zombies downstairs in the store eating the leftover bodies that were scattered on the floor. As soon as the door was opened, the zombies immediately twisted their heads towards the noise and rushed upstairs.

Ye Lian raised her hand and quickly got rid of one them, and the other zombie had its windpipe snapped by Hei Si, who was hidden in the corner.

From Ling Mo’s perspective, Hei Si was like a silver light, her movements were fast and fierce, and also very graceful.

“The way it fights seems to have become more and more graceful, but where is the fierce giant dog I wanted!” Ling Mo thought unhappily.

To be continued…

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