My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 255 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 255 Part 2 – Squeeze Until It Pops

Her stealth ability was actually very strong. If it wasn’t because they were spiritually connected, Ling Mo would have actually thought Hei Si was a dog statue…

There weren’t many zombies left in the streets in front of the store. The constant loud sounds brought practically all the zombies in this area out.

And in a very short time, they all gathered around that building.

However, Ling Mo soon found out that there were still a zombie near the building where Tom was hiding.

“It should probably be a mutated zombie. With that big guy over there, they shouldn’t have a problem handling it.”

Sounds would definitely attract zombies, but only ordinary zombies would actually go and find the source of the sound.

And even if it was an ordinary zombie, once a human was discovered, it would immediately give up looking for the source of the sound and turn around to attack the human.

So even though this mission seemed simple, but there were actually a lot of factors that needed to be considered.

The speed at which the fire spreads, the volume and the length of the sounds from the phone, and the speed of the nearby zombies running towards the building…

So far, everything has gone smoothly. Most of the zombies nearby have been attracted and lured into the circle of fire.

At the same time, the fire hasn’t been able to burn the mobile phone yet, and the continuous playback of the music has attracted even more zombies into the circle of fire.

“Let’s go.”

Ling Mo pulled out the Tang sword, and quickly ran along the street towards the building.

As most of the zombies have been lured away, Ling Mo entered the building without much difficulty.

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Before he entered the building, he took control of a zombie who had tried to bite him outside.

Although there were no visible shadows of the zombies in the hall, but that did not mean it was safe.

In fact, this building is actually the most dangerous. After being here for more than six months, the zombies that survived here were probably all elites…

Ling Mo waved at Hei Si, and she quickly sniffed a way to find a safe stairway.

The iron gate was smashed open on one side, and the other side was covered with old blood.

At the same time, an extremely unpleasant smell came out from inside the stairway.

“Are you guys able to smell how many zombies are in there?” Ling Mo turned to ask Ye Lian and the other two women.

Ye Lian shook her head, and Shana snorted, “We can only smell that there a lot of similar flavors, but it’s impossible to get a specific number.”

“Should I try using my spiritual tentacles to pass through the walls…Oh wait, how many floors are in this building?”

Ling Mo walked passed the door and into the stairwell.

Li Ya Ling pointed towards the fire evacuation map hanging on the wall and said, “It seems to be….30 floors.”

“Yeah, fuck that. Pretend I didn’t say anything. 30 floors….I can barely penetrate through two floors.” Ling Mo said helplessly.

The puppet walked past Ling Mo and then started to climb up the stairs.

Although using a puppet to explore the stairs was much slower, but at least it was very safe.

Hei Si gave a low whine, but was glared by Ling Mo, “What, don’t tell me you want to lead all the zombies in this building to the top of floor, and then jump off together? Mind your own business, just stay here and smell if any zombies are approaching.”


Under Ling Mo control, this puppet quickly entered the corridor on the first floor.

Although this building had 30 floors, it wasn’t really difficult to search with Ling Mo’s method.

All he had to do was make the puppet go through each hallway on every floor and just pay attention to the names of the companies on that floor.

Whenever the puppet encountered other zombies during the search, Ling Mo would immediately take control of them. With the addition of the puppets, Ye Lian, and the other two woman, the search on each floor became very fast, and soon Ling Mo’s tentacles spread throughout the building.

Tom and Sun Zeya would probably never in a million years have thought that Ling Mo didn’t even have to take any risks at all for this mission.

For him, the only reason this mission was difficult was because….

“It’s so tiring climbing up these damn stairs…” Ling Mo said with a depressed voice.

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