My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 256 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 256 Part 1 – Connecting Both Ways

About twenty zombie puppets were scattered all over this building. Under the careful control of Ling Mo, it was basically unnecessary for conflicts to happen with the other zombies, and each floor could be safely searched.

The number of zombies in this area was roughly about one hundred, and most of them were mutated zombies.

Even for the ones that haven’t mutated, they were not far behind.

If this group of mutated zombies were put outside, they would only be a small problem to most survivors.

But if they were placed in every corner of a building, it would be enough to make most survivors discouraged.

Every room would have a chance of having a zombie hiding inside, and they would have the chance to launch an unstoppable sneak attack.

However, Ling Mo wasn’t completely able to search in a relaxed manner because there were always zombies that headed towards the stairs after noticing a smell coming from there.

But before they could reach Ling Mo, they were killed by a silver light.

On the narrow stairs, more than a dozen bodies were on the floor.

These works of art were all Hei Si’s creations. Without Li Ya Ling and the other girls isolating it, Hei Si worked really hard in trying to please Ling Mo.

Every time she bit a zombie to death, she would happily run two laps around Ling Mo.

However, her size was still too big, and there were many times she almost rammed Ling Mo to the wall.


Ling Mo’s glare made Hei Si whine as if she had been wronged.

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Although Ling Mo had scolded Hei Si, he was quite satisfied at her level of killing zombies.

She was killing zombies faster and faster, and the wounds she left on them were getting smaller and smaller.

Her sharp teeth could now accurately bite off the zombie’s trachea, meaning it was strong enough to kill these zombies with little blood flowing out.

As a result, the possibility of attracting other zombies due to the smell of blood was immediately reduced.

“Although your appearance is becoming more and more different from what I had imagined, but your ability to learn is extremely strong…If you can keep it up, you can make up for the shortcomings of not being able to look fierce.”

Ling Mo shook his head and thought.

“18th floor…”

In less than ten minutes, they had searched more than half of this building.

This kind of speed could no longer be described as amazing, it was completely terrifying!

“Wait until my mental strength is increased to the point where I can control hundreds of zombies, searching buildings like this would take less than a minute.”

Ling Mo thought with anticipation.

Even though he took the time to think about this, but his mind was never idle.

The constant switching of viewpoints with the manipulation of twenty puppets at the same time was not a simple thing to do.

Ling Mo could now control up to twenty puppets without causing too much strain.

His foundation of mental power was extremely solid, so Ling Mo didn’t feel mentally broken because of this. On the contrary, he was becoming more and more familiar with this type of control.

“In fact, the key to controlling so many puppets is to not care too much of what you want the puppet to do, but instead to treat them as if they were a spiritual tentacle. It isn’t easy to take full control of a puppet, but is it not easy to control your spiritual tentacles? Either way, it’s just for exploration, there was no need to use them for fights. It’s enough to just pretend to be a tentacle. The duty of a tentacle was to bypass all obstacles, and enter….wait no, find the destination.”

Ling Mo proudly thought.

At this time, one of the puppets finally found something.

There were three companies on the 21st floor, one of which was the transit warehouse of the pharmaceutical sales company.

“Generally, warehouses were usually located in relatively remote places. This place seems as if it was in a trade fair…It shouldn’t be a simple warehouse…”

Ling Mo controlled a puppet and slowly walked in.

Since the place had been found, the other puppets were naturally useless.

After cutting off the spiritual connection with the other puppets, Ling Mo concentrated all his mental power into the puppet he was controlling.

A tall female zombie in high heels, wearing a one step skirt…

To be continued…

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