My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 256 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 256 Part 2 – Connecting Both Ways

Previously, when Ling Mo had taken control of her, he had imagined that she was part of his tentacles so he didn’t notice anything about her. But after putting all his concentration into her, he discovered that he had inadvertently took control of a zombie that was previously a business woman.

Unfortunately, the clothes on the zombie had long been ragged, the one step skirt had also been torn open, revealing a white thigh covered with bloodstains.

“Why am I always controlling female zombies recently? It can’t be that my spiritual tentacles inherited my consciousness and started to be picky?”

Ling Mo suddenly felt a chill.

He quickly shook his head and pulled his attention back to his body. He took out the medicine list from his pocket.

Originally, Ling Mo had wanted to immediately call back Ye Lian and the other two women to give them the list. But then his mind suddenly thought of something.

Since this situation has never occurred before, he never considered trying it out.

Could it be possible to let Ye Lian and the others switch their vision to his?

Obviously if it was just a regular puppet that Ling Mo controlled, there was absolutely no need for this.

Because all the information is fed back to him personally, and all the instructions were sent by him alone.

However, the situation with Ye Lian and the other two women was a bit different. Ling Mo never really forcibly took control of them.

There was only a spiritual connection between them, and Ling Mo at most only switched his vision to theirs.

But it was until now that he suddenly thought, “Could this ability be used in reverse?”

It would be best if this could be done! In theory, as long as his mental strength was strong enough, this was entirely possible!

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“We could definitely give this a try! In this way, complex instructions that can’t be delivered normally can be completed by reversing the point of view!”

Ling Mo suddenly got excited.

His first test subject was of course the one-step skirt zombie, but because the puppet was completely under his control, Ling Mo couldn’t feel anything at all.

No matter if it worked or not….in the end he was the one still receiving all the images!

“It seems that I can only rely on Ye Lian and the other two….”

Ling Mo hesitated a bit, but then still decided to try it once.

If it can’t be done, he could stop switching immediately and won’t cause any mental damage to them.

And the best partner for this test was obviously Shana, who had recovered the most out of the three women of their spiritual perspective.

After making up his mind, Ling Mo immediately took a deep breath and concentrated.

At this time, Shana was holding her huge scythe and walking inside a company as if she was going for a stroll.

A few zombies noticed her, but with her overpowered pseudo leader-level pressure that she emitted, these zombies did not dare try and approach her.

From time to time, Shana would curiously pick up some things from the table and look at it, but she would soon show a disappointed look.

“This isn’t fun…I also want to go out and fight with those zombies…But Stupid Shana isn’t willing, and says that we should help Brother Ling complete his mission.”

Shana whispered, “Why do zombies need to help the humans complete their mission?…Fine, I guess you’re right. I used to be a human, Ling Mo is also a human….two against one, so you win.”

She seemed to have reached some sort of an agreement. She stopped smiling, carried her scythe and turned around.

“Let’s go search the next floor.”

But just as she was about to leave, the scene in front of her started to blur.

She immediately shook her head, then opened her shut eyes, and became a bit confused.

“What? Isn’t this the corner of the stairs? Why is Hei Si here?”

She felt as if her whole body had suddenly crossed space and arrived at a whole different place. Not only could she see Hei Si in front of her, but she could also see a pair of hands…

“What?! I suddenly became Brother Ling!”

Although Shana didn’t understand what was going on, it didn’t stop her from getting excited.

But soon she was very disappointed because she could only “see” and not “move”.

Shana shook her head in disappointment, and the blinked her eyes.

The scene in front her returned back inside the company and the zombies that stood in the distance were staring at her.

But soon, Shana discovered that the scene that had Hei Si in it had not disappeared, but instead coexisted with the scene that she saw in front her.

This strange scene made her stunned for a few seconds.

Soon, in the scene that had Hei Si in it, appeared a book.

“It’s unfortunate that my mental strength isn’t strong enough. It’s impossible for me communicate with my voice right now so I can only use this backward approach.”

Ling Mo quickly wrote a row of words inside the book, “I am Ling Mo. Go find Ye Lian and Senior Sister and take them to the 21st floor.”


Shana blankly stared at the row of words. After a few seconds, she suddenly turned her eyes to the desk.

“Eh…This girl sure is smart, she already knows that she could pass me a message using the same method.”

Ling Mo stared at Shana’s hand as she grasped the pen to write, and then read each word one at a time, “Sure, but first you need to take your pants off.”


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