My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 257 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 257 Part 1 – Want To Make a Bet With Me?

A moment later, Shana smiled and put down her pen, tore the paper into pieces, and then turned around and ran out.

With the spiritual connection given by Ling Mo, and their weak connection between each other, Shana was able to quickly find Ye Lian and Li Ya Ling.

While the three women rushed towards the 21st floor, Ling Mo tore off the pages where he had written the notes, then crumbled it into a ball, and then threw it to Hei Si.

“Here, destroy the corpse and leave no traces.” Ling Mo rubbed his forehead.

Hei Si let out a “Wuuu” and lowered its head and swallowed the paper ball.

“Hey!…I only just wanted you to bite it into pieces, I didn’t mean for you to eat it….”

Ling Mo looked at Hei Si with amazement and then patted it on the head, “I don’t even know how smart you will turn out…I still remember when I used call you a stupid dog, but now I hope you could continue being stupid…”

As soon as he thought about the negotiation he had with Shana, Ling Mo’s head started to ache.

When the intelligence of a zombie reaches the level of a normal human, but still lacked the constraints of human common sense, this zombie would be very…surprising!

“Well, I at least was able to get past that request…maybe she will forget this agreement? No, Shana said that zombies would never forget any memories…”

Ling Mo patted himself on the forehead to try and comfort himself, “Everything I have given away is being thrown right back at me with double the amount by this girl. In the past, the things I did to try and improve their combat power, all this can only be counted as interest!”

However, it turns out that his two-way point of view method was indeed possible.

But this ability could only work for Shana at the moment. This was because her memories and intelligence have basically all recovered, making her spiritual light ball stable.

As for Ye Lian and Li Ya Ling’s spiritual light ball, they both showed signs of resistance and rejection.

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This kind of situation made Ling Mo feel helpless, but he shouldn’t be greedy. Being able to successfully connect with one of them was better than nothing.

His next step would be to try and get rid of the communication with the pen and try to directly use sound to convey messages.

But this thing would be very difficult to do and required a lot of mental strength to back it up.

Ling Mo’s attention at this time has moved back to the white-collar puppet.

Seeing Ye Lian and the other two women appear on the 21st floor, he immediately manipulated the puppet and waved at them.

This wasn’t the first time for them to see Ling Mo control a zombie, so it wasn’t surprising.

When Li Ya Ling passed by him, she reached out and took the chance to smack the female puppet’s ass.

Although the pain wasn’t transferred to him, Ling Mo was immediately aware of it.

“You…You….What are you doing….”

This puppet hasn’t talked in a long time, the voice was completely hoarse, not only was the voice horrible to hear, but it was also difficult to understand it.

Li Ya Ling smiled and said, “You always smack me there. I just wanted to let you know how it feels like to be smacked there.”

“…cut…” The corpse tried to move the corner of its mouth to express dissatisfaction.


The corpse pulled back the corners of her mouth and threw out one word from her throat.

“How…How am I able to do it too?” Ye Lian asked curiously.

Li Ya Ling rubbed her chin and thought about it and said, “We can knock him down and then do it after pinning him to the ground.”

“Okay, this…we can do.”

The space for the warehouse was relatively large, with half of the space being the warehouse and the other half consisting of an exhibition hall, reception room, and also an office.

There weren’t many zombies in here. Other than the two zombies that were killed by Ling Mo when they tried to attack him, there were also two other zombies that Ling Mo decided to take control of. At this time, they were moving the furniture that had collapsed on the floor.

The ventilation in the drug warehouse was quite decent. Although this place has been left unattended for a really long time, those cardboard boxes were still very dry and didn’t have any moldy smell coming from them.

In addition to the many boxes of medicine that were placed on the ground, there were also many different types of drugs displayed in the display cabinets by the wall. There seemed to be a huge amount of drugs in there and it also seemed like they probably had every kind of drug you could possibly think of.

To be continued…

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