My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 257 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 257 Part 2 – Want To Make a Bet With Me?

Through their two-way point of view sharing, Shana could directly see the list in Ling Mo’s hand, so they were able to quickly start searching.

For those complicated names, zombies didn’t seem to be interested in the names so they couldn’t really remember it, but Ling Mo soon figured out a method that would allow them to quickly search for the medicine.

Their method was to recognize the beginning, the middle, and the last three letters which would allow them to fully remember the name.

Ling Mo deliberately manipulated the other puppets to go find several cardboard boxes to carry these medicines.

No one could possibly guess that in this building there were actually several zombies seriously searching for drugs in a drug warehouse…

At least Tom didn’t think of it.

At this time, Tom was anxiously looking towards the direction of the building.

The cellphone had already been destroyed and the zombies on the street have all gathered around the building they set on fire during this time.

Although some high level zombies discovered the existence of Tom’s group, there were special team members that were placed to handle and clean up these zombies, so there wasn’t really any threat.

And for those zombies that had gathered inside the circle of fire, they were either burned to death, or seriously burnt to the point that they lost their lethality.

A few minutes ago, Sun Zeya also regrouped with Tom’s group with blood on her face as she smiled to greet them.

After handling the zombies that had chased after her, she waited for a while in the grass, and once the music completely stopped, she then slowly came out.

Although there were several zombies on the road that decided to chase after her, but Wang Heng saw her and responded by shooting down the zombies, allowing her to successfully cross a distance of more than 100 meters to enter the shelter that Tom’s group was in.

Currently, everything on their end was going quite smoothly, but how about Ling Mo’s end?

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“I keep getting the feeling that there isn’t any movements over there…” Tom said anxiously.

Sun Zeya was wiping her bayonet at this moment. She then lifted her head and looked at Tom with a smile, “Why are you so nervous?”

“How can I not be nervous? We spent so much effort in this mission, what happens if they fail? If this attempt fails, those guys back at base will definitely cancel any plans to cooperate with the psychics after returning.”

Tom sighed and said, “I’m taking a guess right now but there are probably still hundreds of zombies inside that building, and there are also probably several high-level zombies as well! Can they really get it done?”

He was silent for a while and then immediately made a decision, “Forget it, ┬ájust come with me to see what’s going on over there. If some of them are injured already, we can meet up with them and give them support.”

After having said that, he lifted the submachine gun, checked the magazine, and then proceeded to call over two members of the team.

After looking at the direction of the building Ling Mo was in, Sun Zeya inserted the bayonet into tip of the gun, “I will also come with you to take a look. But I’m only going there to make a bet with you.”

“What are you betting?” Tom asked in confusion.

“I bet fifty bullets that they can come back safely and also complete the mission smoothly.” Sun Zeya said.

A member of the team couldn’t help but smile, “Captain Sun, have you really thought clearly about this? Do you know how many things you can exchange for fifty bullets?”

The other team member also nodded, “That person is quite capable and is also a trustworthy person. I also hope in my heart that they are okay…However, although it may be possible for them to retreat safely back, but if they also had to complete the mission smoothly, that might be difficult. We all have experience in searching buildings. There are various dangers and traps inside. The biggest danger would be fighting inside those buildings.”

Having said that, this person immediately showed a trace of fear, as if the memory of what he had experienced was still fresh.

Tom also frowned and nodded. “Yeah, if he is able to collect more than a third of whatever is on that list, he would have already exceeded our expectations.”

“Then why don’t you both also have a bet with me as well?” Sun Zeya smiled indifferently.

The two team members glanced at each other and then nodded, “OKAY! Captain Sun, remember you were the one that set the requirements, they have to be able to safely retreat without any injuries as well as successfully complete the mission…If even one of them is injured, that counts as your loss.”

“Yes, even if it’s just a scratch! As for the mission…as long as they can collect one-third it will count as your win.” The other team member added.

Tom looked at them with some hesitation, and then finally nodded. “Fine, since you both are doing it I might as well take in on the bet! However Sun Zeya, this is a hundred and fifty bullet bet, you are seriously willing to risk it all…Could it be possible that you know what his superpower is?”

“What kind of psychic would tell others what his superpower is?”

Sun Zeya glanced at them and suddenly lowered her voice, “However, I will give you some friendly advice. You should prepare those bullets for me.”

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