My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 258 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 258 Part 1 – The Cold Light From The Girl’s Hand


A shattered crisp sound made Tom, who had just started to walk down, immediately stop and take a step back.

But soon he realized that the sound came from the glass window which couldn’t withstand the high temperature of the fire and had burst into many pieces.

Thanks to this wonderful sound, several zombies who were covered in fire were attracted back into the building.

Looking at these zombies, ignoring the pain of being burned by the flames, waving their pair of hands and rushing into the building that was on fire, Tom and his group of four felt a cold chill at the top of their heads.

Even the woods behind the building seemed like it would also catch on fire.

“Will it turn into a series of fires?”

One of the members of the group, called Xiao Wang, whispered.

Sun Zeya came out from behind him and jumped loudly outside, “Don’t worry about it, there iss a lake in that area, it will probably only reach up to there. Besides, even if it did spread, this location isn’t anywhere near the area we plan to isolate anyways.

Xiao Wang immediately smiled, “Your completely right, those zombies don’t care whether or not their environment is bad anyways.

“How do you know if they won’t care or not? Those high level zombies are smart. Didn’t I just tell you that the two zombies I met on the roof, one of them could speak simple language, while the other one would look down and stare at her boobs, she even rolled her eyes at me…Speaking of this, what kind of female zombies are they!?” Sun Zeya showed a crazed expression.

Tom grabbed his head and nodded, “Yeah, City A has also encountered several high-level zombies with intelligence. Unfortunately, they never captured any, otherwise they would have tried to talk to them already…”

“Why would you even want to communicate with them?” Another team member, nicknamed Old Tie asked. His face suddenly turned ugly, he even interrupted Tom’s words due to his excitement. “For zombies, us humans are just food to them, hunting objects! As long as this situation doesn’t change, what can be exchanged with them? Although they look like us, their nature is completely different! They are the natural enemies of us humans! Enemies you hear! Would you try communicating with a chicken?”

Tom immediately widened his eyes, but just when he was about to open his mouth, his knee suddenly felt a sharp pain, making him almost bite his tongue.

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“Stop talking nonsense. Do more things.” Sun Zeya glared at Tom, then shook her head and walked over the street with a gun.

Old Tie also followed after her with a dark expression on his face while Xiao Wang reached out and patted Tom’s back before whispering, “Captain, don’t take it to heart, Old Tie’s family…seems to have died very horribly. His wife…seems to have turned.. while his son… Aii, I don’t even want to say it.”

“I understand.” Tom sighed heavily and shook his head.

The vast majority of the camp’s population were all like Old Tie, who was extremely disgusted towards zombies, and wouldn’t even allow catching a live specimen for studying purposes.

“But if we just keep fighting with the zombies. When will it ever end?”

Tom looked at the burning building in a confused way, and then sighed.

It’s useless to think about this now, as long as we stick to it, we will one day be able to see it…

“Wow, this smell of burnt meat is strong…..”

Sun Zeya sniffed her nose real hard and looked around.

The zombies were basically all gathered inside that building, and the bodies were mostly on fire, it was only a matter of time now.

“How is it? Can you see Ling Mo’s situation?” Tom followed and then whispered.

Sun Zeya glanced in the direction of the building, then shook her head, “It’s seems to be very quiet. Look.” She suddenly pointed her finger to a zombie in the middle of the road.

The female zombie dressed in a white-collar business suit, walking in high heels, was slowly trying to approach the direction of noises from the burning building.

“This zombie doesn’t have any intention of entering that building at all.”

Xiao Wang asked in confusion, “What’s wrong with not entering the building?”

“There is nearly a hundred zombies inside, even if they only killed about 30 of them, the smell of blood would be strong enough to attract the other zombies…But based on this situation, it shows that either their combat skills are excellent, or they handled the zombie’s bodies very well, or…” Sun Zeya rubbed her chin and said, “Their bodies were cleaned up.”

“Then what should we do?”

Old Tie asked.

“We should first go and take a closer look, but since we don’t know the situation inside, we can’t just rush into it.”

Tom gritted his teeth and said.

Sun Zeya nodded and then slowly raised her gun.


The sound of a bullet entering the flesh came, and the female zombie dropped to the ground.

The four of them quietly walked closely along the building until they reached the end of the street and then quickly crossed it.

But just right after they had crouched on the flowerbed that was on the side of the building, a figure appeared suddenly behind them.

Feeling that the sunshine at the top of his head was suddenly blocked, Tom turned around immediately and aimed the muzzle at the figure.



To be continued…

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