My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 258 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 258 Part 2 – The Cold Light From The Girl’s Hand

Then Sun Zeya, who had just turned her head, suddenly widened her eyes.

Tall muscle man Tom, was completely suppressed by a long-haired girl, and it was in an instant…

His gun had been stripped away, and he was being stepped on by the long-haired girl’s foot, and a crescent-shaped blade was against his neck.

Shana showed a faint smile, “If your speed isn’t as fast as mine, don’t try pointing these things at me.”

“You…aren’t you Ling Mo’s….girlfriend?”

Without waiting for Shana’s response, Sun Zeya had already put down the gun and stood up excitedly.

Hearing what Sun Zeya had said, and in addition to Shana’s scythe still being aimed at Tom’s neck, Xiao Wang and Old Tie also slowly put down their guns.

But even so, they still stared at Shana in complete shock.

If it wasn’t because they had personally seen it, they would have never believed that a girl who looked very weak could completely suppress Tom in strength…

“HaHa, I knew it, that Ling Mo didn’t tell me the truth! You also are a psychic, right?”

Sun Zeya tried to take the chance to get closer to Shana by walking up to her very excitedly, but she quietly avoided by her.

At the same time, the scythe that was pointed at Tom’s neck was also removed, but her eyes stayed on Tom’s carotid artery for a while, which made Tom suddenly feel very uncomfortable.

Tom finally returned to his senses at this time. He used his hand to press on the area that was in pain while staring at Shana in disbelief.

After a while, he spoke with a shocked voice, “ just…”

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“Martial Arts.” Shana said briefly.

Tom suddenly closed his mouth, he had an expression on his face as if he had just swallowed a fly.

He had worked so hard to get into the special forces abroad. He had thought he had finally practiced enough to reach a level of some skill. He didn’t expect that such a girl, who seemed weak and fresh, could actually use martial arts from within the country and beat him!

Only needed one move! In less than a second!

He could even feel that if it wasn’t for Shana showing mercy, his head would have been gone from his shoulders already.

Although Shana made him feel as if his old face had been hit by a bulldozer, from Shana’s perspective, this was just an ordinary defensive move.

Tom had almost just pulled the trigger…

“Mistakes were made from both sides. Although Shana had quietly snuck up behind us, I still shouldn’t have raised my gun at her without seeing her clearly first…But the most important thing is that I didn’t expect them to come out so soon! It can’t be that she was the only one that was able to escape?”

Tom thought quickly in his mind, “Looking at her expression, it is not likely…”

Shana secretly thought in her mind, “Although she had indeed used some of the moves she had learned before, however she was using the speed and power of a zombie to execute it…”

“I’m very sorry.” Tom said earnestly.

Shana smiled indifferently, then after frowning and thinking about it, she said, “It’s nothing, plus I wouldn’t have really cut you.”

“It doesn’t matter if the mission wasn’t a success. They aren’t injured are they?” Tom asked again.

She glanced at him and was about to speak, but then suddenly turned her head and looked behind her, “Here they come.”

Several figures came from an alley on the side of the building.

“No wonder. You guys came out from the back door.” Sun Zeya smiled and said.

“Yes, the stairs near the front had a small problem…”

Shana nodded and said.

She did not specify what the issue was. The stairwell was actually filled with more zombies. Obviously Shana and the girls could pass through them safely, but Ling Mo and Hei Si could only go pass them by using the back door.

In fact, if it wasn’t for Ling Mo controlling the white-collar zombie to scout the street and check the situation, what would have shown coming through the backdoor wouldn’t be Ling Mo and the girls but instead Hei Si…

“I knew they couldn’t stop themselves from trying to check out the situation…”

Ling Mo was holding a big box at this time and was quite satisfied with his decision.

However, the consumption of his spiritual energy made his face look a little pale.

It was mainly due to the white-collar zombie being shot dead suddenly. Although he broke the spiritual connection in time, he still felt a sting in his temple.

But what he didn’t expect was that after he rested for a while, Shana had ran out in advance.

So when he saw Shana, Ling Mo narrowed his eyes.

But before he could do anything, this girl ran to him and quickly whispered, “I only just wanted to see if these humans really cared about their own kind.”

“Well, what was your results?” Ling Mo had some doubts and whispered.

“So So, but it seems that our lives are much more important than the mission.” Shana showed a strange look. “If it was the previous me, would I also have directly rushed in?”

“Probably.” Ling Mo thought about it and then used a positive tone, “Yes, you would.”

“They really aren’t injured…”

Xiao Wang stared at Ling Mo’s group and carefully looked at them one by one, then widened his eyes and said.

Old Tie nodded with a darkened expression, then grabbed Xiao Wang’s arm, “…Five boxes! They took five boxes out!”

Xiao Wang looked at the boxes, then counted it with his eyes and suddenly took a deep breath, “Oh My God!”

He didn’t notice before that in addition to the big box being held by Ling Mo, Li Ya Ling and Ye Lian were also carrying two boxes.

These boxes all seemed as if they were full and very heavy, especially the one that was being held by Ling Mo.

“How much medicine is in here?”

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