My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 259 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 259 Part 2 – It’s Not As Simple As Choosing One Or Two

Li Ya Ling stared at Ling Mo and suddenly asked, “Ling Mo, you are also human. Will you hate zombies like that human being? Then how do you feel about us? If all the humans hated us, what would you do?”

“Uhh…” Ling Mo’s look slowly became serious.

Ling Mo didn’t expect that Senior Sister would ask this question…

Resentment… Of course, he had this kind of emotion before.

Even when he only had Ye Lian, he had this feeling more than once in his heart. If there wasn’t any virus, Ye Lian wouldn’t have become like this…

But he couldn’t give up on the belief that he could turn Ye Lian back to normal, and continuously seeked ways to restore her memories for her…

In the process of doing this, Ling Mo deep down had actually accepted the fact that they were zombies now.

The possibility of fully turning back into a human being became lower and lower.

But in any case, Ling Mo still hoped that he could restore all their previous memories so that they would at least still be themselves in a way.

As for the question of what he would do if the humans became hostile to them, this question has been thought of many times by Ling Mo.

The answer was very simple. Anyone who tries to hurt them, whether it was a zombie or a human being, would become his enemy.

As long as he remembered this answer, it was enough.

“How I treat you guys now, is how I will treat you guys in the future…”

Ling Mo said after seriously thinking about it for a moment.

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While Ling Mo and Li Ya Ling talked, Shana, who was walking in front of them, had an expression as if she was in deep thought.

She looked down at her palm, “Human…”

When she turned her wrist over, Shana looked at the back of the hand, “Zombie…It’s really hard to choose…”

At this time, Sun Zeya and the others have already crossed the long street while Ling Mo and his party fell behind.


Tom stood at the corner of the street and waved his hand in a hurried motion at Ling Mo.

After returning to their hiding spot, other than the members who were standing guard at the windows, the others quickly swarmed and surrounded them like bees.

“There’s so much medicine…”

“Were all of these brought back by them? That’s amazing…”

Since these people weren’t familiar with Ling Mo and his group, they could only whisper.

Ling Mo saw Yang Ying who was squatting at a distance from him, but when she looked at Ling Mo, her eyes seemed to avoid him.

“With the loss of her backer, and in addition to her also being an ordinary survivor, as long as she no longer provokes Sun Zeya,  with Sun Zeya’s character, she won’t give her a hard time.”

Ling Mo silently shook his head and turned his gaze elsewhere.

Several members of Tom’s group were currently working together with Tom. They were extremely excited trying to count the amount of drugs that they had acquired.

“Here, there were three kinds of medicines that were on the list but wasn’t in the the warehouse. As for the others that were in warehouse, I took three of each back.

Ling Mo handed the list to Sun Zeya.

She excitedly received the list and then reached out and put her arm around Ling Mo’s shoulder pulling him closer to her. She lowered her voice and asked, “Come on, tell me, how much did you keep for yourself?”

“That’s none of your business…” Ling Mo rolled his eyes.

Sun Zeya smiled and said, “But since you gave three of each item, your definitely not giving us a buy one, get two free deal are you?”

“No shit sherlock. I don’t want the grenade anymore, if you have a gun, I want it to have a silencer…” Ling Mo frowned and said.

“No way.” Sun Zeya directly shook her head. “Do you think we are sitting on a arsenal of weapons? It’s because of the scarcity of resources that made us come to X city in the first place. How about this, I’ll give you another bulletproof vest. It’s also personally modified by me as well.”

“Fine then…I want three, two…”

“There is only one vest!” Sun Zeya suddenly jumped up, widened her eyes and stared at Ling Mo. “And with this you would have already squeezed me dry of all my stock!”

“You’re still young, it’s not possible to squeeze you dry….” Ling Mo said while throwing a smirk on his face.

“What does squeezing me dry have to do with me being young…”(TL: Theres two meanings to what Ling Mo said. One is literally sucking dry of all her stock, while the other one is a perverted one. Ling Mo meant that because she was young it was impossible to suck all her energy from doing you know what. Sun Zeya finally gets what he means after thinking about it.)

Sun Zeya had a blank expression at first, and then her face suddenly showed a touch of redness.

Ling Mo immediately revealed a triumphant smile, “What are you standing here for, go get it.”

Ling Mo thought to himself, “I finally got one over her…I have to say that when Sun Zeya blushes, she looks very pleasing to the eyes. Her beauty and temperament has long been completely concealed by that wonderful unique character of hers….”

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