My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 26


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 26 – The gradually decaying body

Ling Mo was not surprised that Lu Xin appeared to be mutated, but he was unexpectedly still sane, having taken Shana as hostage while taunting the survivors.

Ling Mo suddenly become engrossed at Lu Xin’s consciousness, as his greatest wish is to let Ye Lian be able to regain sanity as soon as possible. But aside from the last evolution, after Ye Lian has showed little signs of self-consciousness, there was no further signs of progression down that line.

Ling Mo was obviously frustrated, as this is not a problem to be solved overnight, but he still immediately embarked on hunting mutated zombies, hoping to accelerate the evolution process in order to enable her to regain sanity sooner.

But the strangeness from Lu Xin’s body let Ling Mo think that, he could probably find some new clues from this Lu Xin!

Even if there is little possibility of success, Ling Mo still wants to find and confront Lu Xin, not to mention that he still has Shana, and to top it all off, this idiot even threatened him by his own name. To Ling Mo, one mutated zombie does not pose great threat, Lu Xin thought that he has turned from a mouse into a sick cat will allow him to take revenge on Ling Mo. He is really naïve.

“Big brother Ling! I beg you, Shana and I accumulated some friendship along fighting side by side, I beg you…” Liu Yu Hao repeatedly pleaded, looking increasingly anxious.

“Where are they?” Ling Mo made up his mind, then asked.

Liu Yu Hao is suddenly overjoyed, and immediately dragged Ling Mo to run downstairs: “they are in the boys’ dormitory! Hurry, I am afraid that Lu Xin will lose his sanity immediately, by that time Shana will really be dead!”

“Indeed! Let’s do it.” Ling Mo felt his scalp tighten at his resolve, picking up his feet to move out. And Ye Lian who is still under his control followed up.

Liu Yu Hao is eager to save these people, despite his exhaustion, he was still keeping up with Ling Mo and Ye Lian who ran just ahead. On the other hand, Wang Cheng is already panting like a dog on a hot summer day, if it wasn’t for trying to save himself, most likely he would already be on the ground. Too bad that the others in front of him have no intention to stop and wait…

Therefore when Wang Cheng looked to the back of those three people’s shadows, his eyes betrayed his frustration, but soon he covered this emotion.

On the road leading to the dorm there also appeared several zombies, all attracted over by the fresh corpses on the floor. Ling Mo observed that while these were indeed ordinary, non-mutant zombies who do not attack their own kind, they still will eat other zombie corpses ….

These few zombies that appeared before the boys’ dormitory are currently having a feast on the few zombie corpses on the floor, whose blood-red eyes all but confirmed that they once belonged to zombies, not humans. Ling Mo could not dare to believe that he is seeing such a scene unfolding in front of him.

This is why…But in this case, won’t there be more mutated zombies?! Even the whole zombie population will slowly evolve and become even stronger as time passes!

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Although their speed of evolution is far slower than mutated zombies who emerged through killing each other, the overall slow evolutionary advantage within the ordinary zombies will gradually be reflected.

“FML!” Ling Mo secretly swore in his heart, at the same time waving his blade and charging against the few zombies that noticed him. Relying on the zombie puppet control ability and his own battle-hardened combat skills, these few zombies stood no match against himself and Ye Lian.

It’s certain that these fresh zombie corpses will also attract even more zombies to be eaten …But as a survivor himself, he does not have the time and energy to cleanly dispose of the corpses, the whole zombie evolutionary process is simply unstoppable.

“Who knew that zombies also eat zombies!” Ling Mo frowned while looking up again at the picked clean corpses.

Liu Yu Hao looked up at Ling Mo with some doubt, and quietly replied “Of course they eat, big brother Ling you didn’t know?”

Ling Mo reluctantly held his mouth shut. Liu Yu Hao and his people had been living closely with ordinary zombies, so they obviously were aware of this, but Ling Mo lived far away from zombies, and controlled zombie puppets while searching for food. Even if they killed zombies, he will not run back to  purposefully check up on the bodies. There was no way Ling Mo could have known.

But this again proved his conjecture is right, the only way to challenge increasingly difficult foes would be to keep training his own strength….

After killing these few zombies, Ling Mo and others finally entered the boys’ dormitory.

The narrow dormitory corridor is nothing short of hellish, with dark brown blood plastered all over the walls and floor. And some of the dormitory doors were held ajar, heightening the anxiety felt by the group, as if a zombie would burst out from the door like in a horror movie.

This dormitory has five floors, a rough estimate by Ling Mo suggests hundreds of suites, presumably trying to find Lu Xin and Shana will not be an easy task.

But Ling Mo is not worried about searching every room, because he immediately turned his head towards a trail of blood on the floor.

He extended his hand and lightly touched the blood and asked: “Lu Xin’s wounds has opened, or is Shana wounded? It was also there on the steps, I saw fresh blood on the road, but because there are zombies’ corpses close by so I am not too sure about where it came from. But there is nothing else that could have recently bled around here; this blood must have been left by one of them.”

“It’s Lu Xin.” Liu Yu Hao hurriedly replied, “When I last saw him he was covered with blood, but I don’t know why.”

“As long as it’s not Shana’s.” Ling Mo nodded thoughtfully, looking down the direction of the bloodstains.

These blood spots were very faint and almost indistinguishable from the brown bloody ground, it would be difficult to discover by ordinary people, if it wasn’t for Ling Mo’s sharp observation, he would have not noticed it neither. But most likely Lu Xin did not intend to hide his traces. Just as Ling Mo brought Liu Yu Hao and others walked on the third floor along the bloodstains, they saw Lu Xin in the corridor.  But they were not expecting to see him like this…

In a timeframe of no less than two hours, Lu Xin’s appearance became utterly unbearable to look at!

Before his appearance was somewhat repulsive, but right now he was downright horrifying! The skin on his body is not only been scratched to a pulpy mush, it has already begun to fester, the turbid pus and blood dripping down his stained trousers. The thought that he just used his hand to touch blood dropping from something like that, Ling Mo immediately wanted to wash his hand.

But that pair of bloodshot eyes reveals the same look as before, arrogant and disgusting.

“Lu Xin! Where is Shana!”

As soon as Liu Yu Hao looked at Lu Xin, he became agitated, if it wasn’t for Ling Mo holding him back, he would have already rushed up to fight this menace.

But Ling Mo felt that Lu Xin’s current appearance is frighteningly abnormal. He does not seem to be turning into zombie, but more like little by little… rotting!

Yes, rotting it is! His eyes, his change of power all seemed like zombie, but his body was somehow not changing like a zombie. Could it be because it was overloaded with mutated zombies’ virus and not be able to take it?

Compared to ordinary zombies, the virus emitted by mutated zombies are much purer, of course the toxicity is much stronger!

Lu Xin’s change all but proves that ordinary people infected by zombie virus, and did not die immediately, will turn into zombies. But if a survivor was directly infected by mutated zombies and suddenly exposed to a high purity virus, the body is literally unable to keep itself together.

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