My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 260 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 260 Part 1 – We Can’t Use This As Payment!

“Bring the bullets.”

Watching as Sun Zeya smugly pick up 150 rounds of bullets, and the painful expressions on the faces of Tom and the other two members, Ling Mo couldn’t help but ask, “What are you guys doing?”

“We made a bet, I bet that you guys could finish the mission unscathed, while they bet you either got hurt or wouldn’t be able to complete the mission.”

Sun Zeya smiled and said.

Both Xiao Wang and Old  Tie showed awkward expressions. After laughing at Ling Mo, they quickly snuck away.

“Even until now, I still don’t get it.” Tom asked, “Since you don’t know what kind of ability Ling Mo has, how were you so sure they could finish it?”

Ling Mo also looked at Sun Zeya curiously, but what they didn’t expect was that Sun Zeya would reveal an ignorant expression and say, “Do you even need to ask? I guessed!”

“…Hurry up and hand over the rewards for this mission.”

Sun Zeya really didn’t lie to Ling Mo when she said he squeezed her dry.

Watching as Tom took off his bulletproof vest, and then handed it over with great pain, Ling Mo couldn’t help but feel a trace of embarrassment.

It turns out that this was the second one she was talking about…

“Tom, thanks, when we head back to base, they can reimburse you for another one.”

Sun Zeya smiled and her eyes narrowed slightly, she reached out and grabbed the bulletproof vest.

Tom seemed to be reluctant, he hesitated for two seconds before he finally let go.

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However, his gaze remained on the vest, then he walked over and patted Ling Mo’s shoulder and whispered, “Use it well, this is some good stuff, try not to break it. It would be a pity if it did.”

After saying that, he sighed and slowly walked back towards the crowd.

“Is he going to be okay?” Ling Mo took the bulletproof vest and examined it a bit more carefully.

This style wasn’t the same as the one that was worn by Sun Zeya.

There were quite a lot of pockets on this one, although the flexibility of this vest was a little bit worse, but the level of lightness was still similar. It would not affect his movements at all.

“Tom…he cherishes his things. He would give everything that has been with him for a long time a name. For example, this vest is called Mary. Disgusting right? Would you give it back to me after I told you all this?”

Sun Zeya sat in front of Ling Mo and asked.

Ling Mo didn’t bother raising his head and said, “No, I think Mary likes me. This size is more suitable for me. The one you gave is just too small for me, but luckily it fits Ye Lian perfectly.”

For this additional reward, Ling Mo was quite satisfied.

“Where’s the standard military supplies I asked for?” said Ling Mo after he finished inspecting the bulletproof vest.

Sun Zeya licked the corner of her mouth, then raised a backpack up and threw it directly to Ling Mo.

“What does it have?” Ye Lian and the other two women immediately came over curiously.

“This is the Falcon Survival Camp standard supply package. This is the search and rescue team’s standard supplies, which includes an infrared night vision goggle, a handheld tactical flashlight, some batteries, a climbing rope, a bayonet, a emergency kit, a set of waterproof clothing, and lots of gadgets, such as compressed dry food.” Sun Zeya said. “All these things were taken from the camp. Although these items are not all military materials, but they do play a very good role in surviving in a city full of zombies.”

“Actually, out of all of these items, I’m only interested in this.”

Ling Mo took out the infrared night vision goggles and shook it. These goggles could be worn on the head blocking the eyes, sort of like an eye mask.

“No wonder, so it was actually because of this…your correct in a sense for wanting this. When humans are up against zombies, the gap between hearing and smelling could still be compensated by human caution, but the moment it turns night time, there is nothing that can be compensated with poor eyesight. Wait, since you only wanted this, why not just ask me directly for it? Sun Zeya suddenly widened her eyes and asked.

Ling Mo gave her a look and said, “The other things are better than nothing. For example, this tactical flashlight would be very useful.”

After hanging the flashlight on his wrist, Ling Mo gently pressed at the tail end of the flashlight, and a glare immediately shot out.

To be continued…

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