My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 260 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 260 Part 2 – We Can’t Use This As Payment!

“Unfortunately, the amount of power consumption is huge, but the advantage in this item is that it is strong and durable.” Ling Mo smiled and said.

Sun Zeya stared at Ling Mo for a moment, then shook her head, “I get the feeling that in the future when we cooperate with each other, we won’t get any benefits from you.”

“Thinking about getting benefits from psychics, can that even still be called a cooperation?” Ling Mo said unwillingly.

“Ha…” Sun Zeya looked at Ling Mo with amazement and suddenly put her hand on Ling Mo’s shoulder. She put her mouth closely next to Ling Mo’s ear and said, “Then how are we gonna deal with benefits you got from my body?”

Ling Mo was stunned, by the time he recovered, Sun Zeya straightened herself up and smiled, “Now that things are finished, I’m guessing you will leave soon?”

“Yes.” Ling Mo nodded.

“You really won’t reconsider about joining us?” Sun Zeya’s face became serious. “Although your strength is powerful, it is inevitable that it will be dangerous for you if you stay in the city.”

“So it won’t be dangerous if I join you guys?” Ling Mo asked.

Sun Zeya was stunned, then she squinted her eyes and smiled, “Yeah, I guess it’s not easy for us as well. But at least now you have a way to contact us and since everyone is in X city, maybe we might meet again. Oh right..”

She reached out and took out Luo Heng’s notebook from her pocket and eagerly asked, “Can you tell me a bit more about the specific classifications of the zombies? At least tell me about the situation with the advanced zombies…”

“I just casually wrote that…”

Ling Mo wasn’t lying when he said that, he had just written it down in hopes that this information would bring some convenience to the army.

“Even if I told you, you probably won’t believe me.” Ling Mo smiled and shook his head.

Sun Zeya grabbed onto Ling Mo’s arm and said very seriously, “If you’re the one saying it, I will believe it.”

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For a moment, the two of them were very close to each other, and Ling Mo even felt that if Sun Zeya went any closer to him, she would squeeze her whole body into his arms.

Without the protection of the bulletproof vest, her two giant lumps of soft meat were pressing against Ling Mo’s arm.

Ling Mo quickly stepped back, and then looked at Sun Zeya with a complicated look for a while.

When he thought of how Sun Zeya faced that female zombie he was manipulating, not only did she not seem to be afraid, she even tried to tease it…

Of course, teasing is also a kind of communication.

So after hesitating for a while, Ling Mo faintly said, “If you could consider them similar to an advanced human being, then things would be much easier to understand.”

“Consider??…It can’t be that they can become human?” Sun Zeya first widened her eyes, and then revealed a look as if she was in deep contemplation.

“But you’re not wrong in this sense, from the current situation that I have seen, high-level zombies have restored their intelligence, and since they can remember how to speak, that also means that some of their memories have been restored…but none of these things have affected that hunting nature of theirs…From what your saying, it seems that there isn’t much of a difference between humans and zombies…”

Sun Zeya revealed a hint of excitement, and then looked at Ling Mo, as if she was waiting for his affirmation.

“I did not say anything….”

Ling Mo really didn’t consider any of these issues from this aspect. Their violent nature could be restrained, even now, Sun Zeya stood behind three female zombies, but none of them had the intention of trying to attack her.

Of course this should be considered a special case, since it’s part of Ling Mo’s superpower.

But who could guarantee that by the end of the zombie’s evolution, the zombies wouldn’t be able to gain self-control.

Sun Zeya was still thinking thoughtfully, “It’s impossible to kill all the zombies. Human survivors are not zombies, there is no way everyone can be a soldier. Not to mention humans still needed time to recover and reproduce….If only it was possible to find a much more peaceful way…Ling Mo!”

She suddenly reached out and grabbed Ling Mo’s arm, “What kind of zombie is the strongest right now? Let’s go capture one and take a look at it. This can be considered a mission, A MISSION! I will personally pay from my own pocket!”

Ling Mo thought in his head, “Actually, they are right next to you…but can I really say these words?”

Ling Mo looked at her up and down then asked, “What else can you pay me with now?”

“Oh…right, I have been completely swindled by you already…”

The excitement in Sun Zeya’s eyes faded a little. She hesitated a moment and then quickly grabbed her collars together and stared at Ling Mo with vigilance, “Definitely not that!”

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