My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 261 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 261 Part 1 – Deadly Porcelain Doll

The fire finally faded away in the afternoon.

But the sky was full of black smoke, a very strange taste was in the air and a visible dust could be seen as well.

“The air probably contains ashes in it right?” One of the team members frowned and said.

The other person covered his mouth and said, “If you knew that why are you still opening your mouth?”

“SHIT!” He quickly raised his hand and covered his mouth, but then he turned his eyes towards Ling Mo and his party. “The psychic seems to be leaving.”

“Yeah he is, but I heard that he will be doing some long-term collaborations with the camp…”

The other person nodded.

“Hey, did you notice that when Sun was talking to him, she blushed several times. She wasn’t like this before, you don’t think she would…Ow!”

This man had just only finished half his sentence before he jumped up after feeling a sharp pain in his lower calf.

He looked behind him and saw Sun Zeya standing right behind him with a smile. Her hand was on his shoulder, “Don’t you think she would what?”

“No….Oww! Sun, I was wrong…I don’t know anything!”

One side of his shoulder was immediately pressed down, and his face showed a painful look.

Sun Zeya’s thumb was stuck in his shoulder blade, and it was obvious she had pressed hard.

“If I ever hear you talk bullshit again, you should know what the consequences are.”

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Sun Zeya let go of him and then prepared to turn and walk away.

“Ughhh! How did this happen again…”

“I am not satisfied at all.”

Sun Zeya turned and left while whispering, “I didn’t get any information out of him…So not satisfied!”

Ling Mo was wearing a mask at this time, observing the situation outside on the street.

As the fire became smaller, black smoke could be seen throughout the street, and some zombies were even led over from a distance, but the number of zombies weren’t large.

“This area is too open, the black smoke could be seen from far away…fortunately we are still able to leave from here.

After a few hours of rest, plus the sweet saliva from Ye Lian, the mental power that Ling Mo had consumed was almost restored.

As soon as Ling Mo turned around, he saw a black shadow press against him. He quickly moved to the side.

Tom, who was holding onto empty air, shrugged his shoulders helplessly and reached out his hand again, “Take care.”

“You guys too.”

The rest of the team members from Tom’s group also came up and bid farewell to Ling Mo, even those survivors also came up as well.

However, Yang Ying stayed in the corner and seemed as if she wouldn’t try talking to Ling Mo again.

These team members were very friendly towards Ling Mo and also had some gratitude for him.

This result made Ling Mo very happy.

These elites would inevitable become core members of the Falcon Survival Camp. Being able to become good friends with them was good for Ling Mo in the long run.

“We will definitely create a isolated area. If by that time, you still wish to join us, it wouldn’t be a problem for us to accept you.” Sun Zeya reached out her hand towards Ling Mo and said.

Ling Mo smiled, “Then I wish you success.”

“It will be successful.” Sun Zeya grasped Ling Mo’s hand and suddenly revealed a cunning smile. She suddenly used all her strength to pull him forward.

However, Ling Mo had already been prepared, so instead of Sun Zeya pulling Ling Mo over, she instead fell right into Ling Mo’s arms.

“Carry one! Carry One!”

There was a buzzing sound that happened immediately around them. Ye Lian and the other two women were holding onto the infrared night vision goggles and trying to them on. Since no one was there to stop them from creating such a disturbance, they created a even bigger one.

There were people in front of Ling Mo as well as behind him, making him and Sun Zeya squished together and unable to separate.

The buzzing sound kept going and didn’t stop. Sun Zeya was squished between Ling Mo’s arms and she whispered, “When I was completely naked you tried to get so many benefits from me while hugging me, but now you’re not even trying anything. Does that mean my attractiveness is cut in half while I wear clothes?”

As she said this, she moved her hands against Ling Mo’s waist and hugged him.

Another buzzing sound started, Ling Mo could only accept his fate and hug Sun Zeya.

Ling Mo told himself, “This girl had already made the first move, if I gave her no reaction at all, wouldn’t that just make it awkward for her?”

After a short second later, the two quickly separated, but under the watchful eyes of the crowd’s onlookers, Ling Mo and Sun Zeya both felt a little embarrassed.

“Ummmm….” Ling Mo looked at Sun Zeya, who had a flushed face, and felt that he should say something.

“Actually, when you wear clothes, it’s not that bad…it’s just that you figure isn’t shown…uh….”

Ling Mo thought that since Sun Zeya was very straightforward, he might as well do the same and said, “You should try wearing much more tighter clothing, you have a nice figure.”

Although Ling Mo’s voice was very low, it was still transmitted into Sun Zeya’s ear, after all, the distance between the two was less than 10 centimeters.

Sun Zeya looked up at Ling Mo for two seconds, then reached out with her hand and pinched really hard at Ling Mo’s waist.

“Thank You For Your Compliments.”

“No….no your very welcome….”

To be continued…

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