My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 261 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 261 Part 2 – Deadly Porcelain Doll

Ling Mo’s face was in agony as he walked towards Ye Lian and the other two girls, Ye Lian had just put on the night vision goggles.

She held the night vision goggles as she came over to meet Ling Mo and gave him a smile then asked curiously, “Brother Ling, You…Are you okay?”

The bullet-proof vest was also worn by her, and she looked very attractive.

“Nothing….” Ling Mo rubbed her head and said, “Ye Lian’s spiritual light is fluctuating…It seems to be on the verge of breaking through to the next level maybe?”

“Yes…maybe Shana should be…first..” Ye Lian looked back at Shana.

Shana looked up and smiled slightly, and pulled the zipper up from the backpack.

However, she didn’t control her strength, and the zipper was almost completely ruined.

Seeing that she had lowered her head and was seriously trying to fix the zipper, it was obvious that Silly Shana had come out..

“I am also trying to figure out a way to make both her personalities merge, but I am not a psychologist and honestly don’t know if what I am doing is correct…But I already have some ideas on where to start. Once I leave here, I will try and find a safe place to try it.”

Thinking of this, Ling Mo nodded to himself, and then helped Ye Lian take off the infrared night vision goggles.

“Are you also going to wear this now?” Li Ya Ling asked curiously.

Ling Mo has revealed a creepy smile, “Of course not, but who knows, maybe later.”

“For peeping?”

“…Do I even need to!?”

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“The military has finally begun to move and there should be some major changes in the situation of X City. ¬†What I am most worried about here…is you guys…”

Ling Mo shook his and then left with Ye Lian and the other two girls.

Hei Si was sent to scout and explore ahead of them…

Tom, Sun Zeya, and the others stood by the door and bid farewell to them. They had just finished a fierce battle and needed to take a break to recuperate in order for them to continue searching.

“So far the situation over here seems to be very good, however I don’t know how the other two teams are doing.” Tom looked at the shadows of the four people disappearing around the corner and whispered.

Sun Zeya also nodded, “Yes..Didn’t one of the teams head over to the High Tech District? Their mission was to search for some necessary mechanical components right?”

“Yes, their mission isn’t really that difficult, it shouldn’t be a problem for them.” said Tom. At the same time, he looked towards the direction of the High Tech District.

Just as Sun Zeya and others were talking, a burst of gunfire started from the direction of the High Tech district.

On the roof of a factory building, several team members were aiming in front of them with their guns.

Although they seemed to maintain their shooting position, they had sweat coming down their foreheads and their faces had already turned green. All of them were on a verge of a mental breakdown.

Below them, a large group of zombies were madly trying to climb up.

Some of the zombies were crouching on the ground, and blood kept splashing out from time to time.

Those were their companions that were being bitten and ripped to pieces down there…

A zombie had climbed up a pillar, his hands were like suction cups, and it’s climbing speed was extremely fast.


A team member aimed between the zombies eyebrows and knocked him off.

When the zombie’s corpse landed, its body had turned into a pad of meat.

The moment it landed, it was quickly overwhelmed by the crowd of zombies, and these zombies seemed to have turned even more violent because of this.

But the main targets of the team members weren’t the zombies below them. but at the targets on the opposite roof.

“We will die here today right?” A man suddenly said, his voice was trembling. “I…I am mentally prepared for this, but….”

“It’s normal to fear death.” Another person smiled and said, “We have no reinforcements, there is no retreat either, we might as kill as many as we can…”

“I thought we were the team with the easiest mission, so we carried the least amount of weapons and ammunition. I didn’t expect…I didn’t expect for all these monsters to be here! What kind of zombies are these!”

A man screamed wildly, “Vice Captain. Is there any signal? If were going to die, at least send the information back! I don’t want die a useless death!


Behind them, a man was trying to search for a signal with a phone.

This phone was exactly the same as the one that Ling Mo received….

“Got It!” The vice captain screamed in surprise. Then he put the phone to his ear, “Hey! Hey! Can you hear me! WE are the seventh search team, we met trouble…There’s….There’s no point in trying to save us….It’s too late….You listen to me, in the X-city high tech district, there were a number of abnormal zombies, and among them was one that was the strongest. She has….”

He hadn’t finished talking when he saw a figure climb up slowly onto the opposite side of the roof.

The figure was wearing a ragged skirt, had long black hair that fell to the waist, with a very attractive face, and looked as if she was only fifteen or sixteen years old.

However the figures body was surprisingly fulfilling(TL: Means she got big boobs and a nice ass), but even so, she still looked very slim, like a porcelain doll that could break at any time.

The bloody red eyes shrank from time to time as if she was trying to look at something, making it look very strange.

As she stood up, countless blood spread out like spider webs.

It wasn’t disgusting, nor did it feel awkward looking at it, it was as if she was naturally born with these things.

In fact, at the moment when she had appeared, she even gave out an attractive feeling.

However, all of the team members had widened their eyes one by one, and their expressions have all become extremely frightened.

At the moment when the blood spread out, gunshots were immediately fired, and the rest of the vice captain’s words were completely drowned out by the gunshots…

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