My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 262 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 262 Part 1 – Wow! You Have Queen Potential

At the front of a high-end apartment door in X City, a stray dog was tearing at a piece of clothing that was stuck to the ground by plasma.

It’s eyes were slightly reddish and saliva was hanging from the corner of its mouth.

Above it was a crooked stop sign that seemed as if it could fall off at any time, it would sway back and forth as soon as the wind blew.

The guard post close to it had blood splashed on the glass, the door was smashed inwards. Several green-headed flies were hovering inside, making loud “Weng Weng” sounds.

Suddenly, the stray dog turned it’s head and looked behind it.

A silver giant dog appeared quietly behind it with an elegant posture and hair that shimmered with a faint glow in the setting sun.

In the blood red eyes of the silver dog, there was a coldness within, immediately making the stray dog let out a dreadful whine, it’s tail was trembling, and it didn’t dare move.

“Wow, it’s rare seeing a dog that hasn’t completely changed yet…but it’s even more surprising that Hei Si could look so majestic. Does this count as being scared shitless by leaking aura (TL: Aura and gas sound similar)?”

Ling Mo had just walked out from the corner of the street when he saw this scene, and couldn’t help but feel this way.

Ye Lian asked in confusion, “What kind of gas(TL: Aura and gas sound similar)…What is leaking?”

“Ehh..just think of it as Hei Si releasing a heaven defying fart, and beat that dog into submission!” Ling Mo said.

“Lie…Liar.” Ye Lian shook her head with doubt.

“How was I lying? My explanation was correct. Don’t listen to Shana and Senior Sister’s words.”

Ye Lian smiled and said, “But I remember…I remember that you used to copy my homework.”

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“That was in the past, no? Why are you saying this now? Something’s not right…You never said this before!” Ling Mo frowned.

Ye Lian lowered her head and smiled, “Actually, at the time I always thought that Brother Ling was really stupid…”


“But…But it’s because Brother Ling ¬†was so stupid…” Ye Lian raised her head again, and a pair of black and white eyes stared at Ling Mo, “Which made me worry about you, so I would cook for you…Help wash your clothes for you…”

Ling Mo was suddenly stunned for a moment, but a moment later, he pulled Ye Lian into his arms, “Good girl.”

It seems that Ye Lian has also started to slowly remember a lot of things from the past, and most of these memories were all related to Ling Mo.

However, her ability to express herself wasn’t strong enough, so most likely there were many words still kept inside her heart.

As for Hei Si, it clearly understood human language.

After hearing Ling Mo’s explanation, it immediately lost interest in the stray dog and roared.

The stray dog trembled in fright from head to toe, then immediately moved its legs and ran in fear towards the woods and soon disappeared.

But what surprised Ling Mo was that there was a pool of liquid in the place where the dog had just sat on.

“Holy Shit! It seems I underestimated Hei Si’s majestic spirit, that dog just now was so scared it peed itself!”

Ling Mo stared at the puddle with amazement, then patted Hei Si on the head, “There is a future for you after all, you could definitely become the dog queen of the mutant beasts! Although you would still be a dog…”

“Wuuuu…” Hei Si resisted and avoided Ling Mo’s hand.

“I only said you farted and you’re already not happy….”

Ling Mo was stunned. He didn’t expect that Hei Si would also have emotions too…

Hei Si seemed to feel as if she was wronged, constantly making “Wu..Wu..” sounds, even after running a long distance, she kept looking back at Ling Mo…

“…You’re just a dog! Are you really expecting me to come chase you? Who the fuck taught you this?”

Ling Mo immediately turned his eyes towards Shana.

“I taught her, as a dog, she should at least have some character.”

Shana smiled, then waved at Hei Si. In her other hand she was holding onto a virus gel.

Hei Si didn’t know whether she was afraid of Shana or if she wanted to swallow the gel. In the end when Shana waved her hand, it decided to leap a few times in front of Shana.

However, although Hei Si’s eyes stayed on the gel, she didn’t dare take the initiative to open her mouth and eat it.

“Sit. Rollover. Let me hear you meow now.” Shana moved her hand while she stared at Hei Si and said her commands.

“You do realize you are raising a dog…” Ling Mo couldn’t help but remind her.

“Since it is a mutated beast, shouldn’t it be possible for it to transcend it’s race? If not, then wasn’t it a pointless mutation? Shana said in an obvious tone.

However, under the education of Shana, Hei Si quickly obeyed.

Although Hei Si was so stupid that it couldn’t even meow once, Shana still gave her the gel because she loved her, so it shouldn’t display any dissatisfaction towards her.


To be continued…

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