My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 262 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 262 Part 2 – Wow! You Have Queen Potential

Hei Si swallowed the gel, shook her tail at Shana, and then gently jumped over the stop sign and ran deeper into the district.

Ling Mo sighed, then took out a crumpled note from his pocket.

“From the point in which we entered, the zombies in the vicinity are concentrated in some areas, but most places are relatively safe. It’s no wonder that Zhang Teng still thought that there was a high chance his son might still be alive.”

Ling Mo took a look at the address on the note and said, “This is the neighborhood where his family is located. The exact location is….Building B17 on the 18th floor, room number 2.”

Zhang Teng was the survivor that Ling Mo had encountered in the biological research institute.

Before he mutated, as a condition for his information, he asked Ling Mo to help confirm whether his son was still alive.

The people that were supposed to receive the medicine that Sun Zeya’s team had collected, was located very close to the address that was recorded on the note.

And since this area was also very suitable for survivors to hide, Ling Mo decided to come here with Ye Lian and the other two girls since it was also on the way.

Otherwise, Ling Mo wouldn’t bother coming here to look for a complete stranger in such a big city like X City.

“Would humans still be inside their homes?” Li Ya Ling asked curiously.

Ling Mo folded the note and put it back in his backpack and said, “Honestly, I’m not sure, my responsibility is only to confirm if his son is still alive. However, the environment over here is very suitable for us. We might as well find a building to stay in for now since the sky is already getting dark. First find a place to stay and then go find this B17 building tomorrow….Your Mother..there is so many fucking buildings here and no map of the area at the entrance. We can only go to each building one by one to look for it.”

He glanced inside the backpack and said, “We already hunted a lot of zombies and mutated beasts for their gels so even if we didn’t hunt, it could still support us for a while. Since the military is about to enter X city, at least during this time we should begin to prepare for them. We could search for his son and at the same time prepare, that’s a good idea isn’t it?”

“What are we preparing for?” Ye Lian asked.

Without waiting for Ling Mo’s response, Shana went ahead and said, “We need to prepare on how to deal with the zombies and humans.”

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Ling Mo glanced at her with amazement and nodded, “Basically. They have a large number of people in their group, and the number of psychics in that group might be quite large. Although I don’t intend to have any direct contact with them, but just in case you guys were discovered…I would at least need to prepare a backup plan on how to deal with it. There are so many problems we have to prepare for.”

For survivors, the military entering X City was a good thing for them, but for Ling Mo he couldn’t tell whether it was beneficial for him or not.

Even so, he still didn’t hesitate to hand over Luo Heng’s notes, and chose to trade with Sun Zeya.

With Hei Si leading the way, some of the zombies at the front were quickly lured away.

Ling Mo and others followed behind and looked for a suitable residential building.

The residential buildings in this district were all crowded together, but it looked very desolate when you saw it for the first time.

Some of the clothes that were still hanging on the balcony had already turned into rags, but they still somehow hung on to the ropes and slowly swayed.

From the outside, it was impossible to see if these buildings were hiding any survivors.

There would definitely be something wrong with this if you could actually see ten or twenty floors clearly.

“If only my spiritual tentacles was strong enough…eh, it could probably cover the entire district. But with the amount of power my brain has, it’s hard to say whether this feat could be accomplished in the future…”

Ling Mo couldn’t help but sigh.

Shana, who was beside him said, “Brother Ling, although you always remember about your mental strength, you should also think about your physical strength as well.”

“Yeah!” Li Ya Ling immediately agreed and nodded.

“My current physical fitness can be considered at the same level as Tom, I have already reached the highest level among ordinary humans, okay? Don’t compare me with zombies!”

Ling Mo reluctantly glared at Li Ya Ling and quickly changed the topic, “We will stay in that building then, although it’s connected with three buildings, there are open spaces behind and in front of the building so we don’t need to worry too much about retreating. This location is also relatively hidden.

At this time, Hei Si has also come back from luring the zombies in front of them, and the zombies that Hei Si lured away had long been taken care of.

“Go in and take a look around.”

With a wave of Ling Mo’s hand, Hei Si immediately rushed into the high-end apartment building.

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