My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 263 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 263 Part 2 – No Matter What It’s Your Fault I Don’t Have Children

He stared at Hei Si’s tail with both eyes. It was hard to suppress the sudden impulse to grab the tail and see if it would deflate…

“After being with Ye Lian and the other two for so long, how did my way of thinking also become the same as theirs…”

Ling Mo quickly shook his head.

After half an hour, Ling Mo and Hei Si finished searching the entire building.

Although it was a little tiring, but the harvest was good, the zombies they had encountered were all mutated, and the quality of the gels that came from the brain were all quite high.

After leaving Hei Si to stand guard at the stairway, Ling Mo went alone to the residence where Ye Lian and the other two girls were cleaning up.

Any room that was unoccupied for more than half a year, even if there was no decomposing body within, the smell would still be very unpleasant, so they directly opened the windows that were facing towards the garden.

The cold wind poured in and blew for about half an hour before the smell was a little bit better.

The dusty sheets and bedding had already been thrown away by the girls. The girls searched inside a cabinet but found out that most of the covers were moldy and discolored. Finally, Ling Mo went into the cabinet and found a quilt deep inside, that was barely able to pass his requirements for use.

After finishing changing the sheets for the bed, Ling Mo stared at the small bed, revealing a smiling face of anticipation, “It seems that tonight… we can only squeeze together and sleep.”

“I want to eat this first.” Li Ya Ling said.

As she said this, she touched a small pocket, which inside contained the virus hive from the mutated python.

Ling Mo immediately thought about the zombie leader whose virus hive was also on his body. The thing was placed deep within his clothes, and separated by a layer of cloth between his skin.

However, when he pulled out the virus hive, Ling Mo felt the feeling of a heartbeat coming from it.

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“This thing is exactly like a small heart, but it should still be called a type of power source right? Unfortunately, for the time being, Shana and Ye Lian can’t eat this thing.”

Ling Mo said regretfully.

“Brother Ling….” Shana stared at the virus hive and said, “Why don’t you eat it?”


“The leader-level zombie to which this virus hive belongs to is obviously known for its strength. Isn’t this what Brother Ling is lacking the most?” Shana looked at Ling Mo and said, “Previously, when we were at the biological research institution, we obtained a few drugs that were crafted from the virus. After diluting the virus, it could be directly absorbed by the body. As long as it is not excessive, there would be no mutation. It should be the same for this thing too, right?”

To this question, Ling Mo actually really never thought about it…

It should be said that most people wouldn’t think about this issue in the first place…

“This thing, no matter how diluted it is, I still won’t be able to eat it, okay? The amount of virus contained within can’t even be described by numbers….No, what I meant to say is that this thing is a power source that generates its own amount of virus, how could it be diluted?”

Before Ling Mo even had a chance to finish speaking, Ye Lian came over, took the gel, and put it in her mouth.

Her movements were very quick, and Ling Mo didn’t expect it, let alone even have a chance to stop her.


Just as Ling Mo’s eyes widened, Ye Lian suddenly put her face in front of his, and immediately covered his mouth with a pair of cold lips.

“Brother Ling…Open up…”

Ling Mo stared at Ye Lian’s eyes, which had suddenly turned red, and his heart was instantly intensified.

If I open my mouth, would that gel go directly from your mouth and into mine?

No…Ye Lian wouldn’t harm him…

Thinking of this, Ling Mo slowly loosened his lips.

A cool liquid immediately slid into Ling Mo’s mouth. After a few seconds, he suddenly felt as if his heart was being pinched by a hand.

The blood-red eyes of Ye Lian was so close to Ling Mo, but Ling Mo’s eyes were getting more and more blurred….

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