My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 264 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 264 Part 2 – Let’s Do Something Since He’s Sleeping!

Li Ya Ling also revealed a strange look on her face. She stood up and grabbed Ling Mo’s neck, and her eyes suddenly changed color.

She stared at Ling Mo with a wicked look, her soft and boneless body wrapped around Ling Mo. She put her mouth right next to his ear and said, “Did you really fall asleep…”


Ling Mo suddenly had a very bad feeling!

“Since he’s sleeping, let’s take this chance to do something! Usually it’s Brother Ling who is always studying our bodies…Why don’t we also try and study a human’s body!”

Shana clapped her hands, stood up, and wiped the corner of Ling Mo’s mouth and put her delicate finger into her mouth, “The way Brother Ling tastes…is still very good…although now there is familiar taste as if he is the same kind as us…”

After she finished speaking, she immediately grabbed one of Ling Mo’s arms and then with Li Ya Ling’s help, they easily lifted him up and put him on the bed.

Ye Lian just stood there in the same place unmoved and watched them do everything.


Ling Mo desperately wanted to be able to control his body, but no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t regain control.

He could feel all the changes inside his body, and could even feel the touch from the surface of his skin, but it was beyond his ability to control his body.

In short, his present spiritual force has become a one-way street, his body’s senses could be conveyed to him, but his spiritual instructions(TL: Meaning also mental instructions) couldn’t be conveyed to his body.

“Just Wait! Once I regain control of my body, just you guys wait! Ye Lian! Silly girl! SAVE ME!”

However, Ling Mo quickly fell deeper into despair when Shana turned around and grabbed Ye Lian, asking her, “Sister Ye Lian, are you sure you don’t want to take this opportunity to study it once?”

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“Study….what?” Ye Lian asked in confusion.

Shana’s eyes had also changed color. She licked the corners of her mouth and said, “Study humans! Also help him too at the same time! If we make his body more excited, he should probably wake up faster.”

“That last sentence isn’t completely wrong….When Senior Sister evolved, wasn’t it because she had done ‘Pa!Pa!Pa!’ with him in order for her to digest the virus gel as soon as possible?” Ling Mo thought.

“Brother Ling is…someone we can’t eat….” Ye Lian said hesitantly.

“Good girl, sure enough, my Ye Lian is the best…” Ling Mo thought in his heart.

“If we can’t eat, then can we at least take a peek?! Licking him also won’t hurt him.”

Shana grabbed Ye Lian’s hand, like a little sister who was always spoiled by her older sister…

Ye Lian finally gave in and whispered, “You’re right…It’s fine as long as we don’t eat it…”

As she said this, she quietly swallowed her saliva.

“SO YOU ALSO WANTED TO EAT TOO!” Ling Mo shouted in his mind.

However, at this time, he had noticed Li Ya Ling was putting a small piece of the virus hive into her mouth.

She apparently had broken off a small piece, the size of a fingernail.

After putting it in her mouth, her eyes became more bloody, and the amber color shined very bright, making it look very strange.

Afterwards, she showed a very excited look, and turned around to look at Ling Mo.

It seems that a small amount of the virus hive would not make her pass out due to not being able to withstand it…

From the outside, one wouldn’t be able to see what kind of changes were happening inside her body, but Ling Mo could see that there was a bit of change based on her fierce and violent movements.

“I’m so fucked today…..”

Shana threw Ye Lian on top of Ling Mo. Ling Mo could only change his point of view back to himself.

Otherwise, with Ye Lian’s point of view, watching them move their hands up and down his body…It would be very painful no matter what!

The sensation of being touched as well as the feeling of clothes being peeled off, in addition to the heat and violent rush generating from his body, Ling Mo was in an extremely delicate state.

Pain and pleasure alternated, but the feeling of pleasure slowly started to cover up the pain.

“Fuck..This feels so good…This must be Senior Sister’s tongue…No, that’s not right, how come it feels like there are two tongues. Senior Sister, you didn’t really turn into a snake did you?! This….This is definitely Ye Lian and Shana….”

At this time, Ye Lian was holding onto one of Ling Mo’s arms, staring seriously at the bulging blood vessels and slightly licking her lips.

On the other hand, Shana was staring curiously at Ling Mo’s chest, and her tongue quickly passed over her mouth.

The two of them glanced at each other and saw hunger coming from the other’s eyes.

“It’s only a little bit of licking, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that…”

“Yes, just don’t bite and it’s okay.”

“Plus, when Brother Ling wakes up, he won’t know what happened…”

“Senior Sister, why are you ripping his pants! Won’t that expose us?”

Ling Mo thought, “You guys were already exposed a long time ago…because I was awake the whole time!”

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