My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 265 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 265 Part 1 – You Became A Water Gun!

“This also could be done this way? Can we do it again one more time?”

Seeing the “fantastic scene” in front of her, Li Ya Ling gave an exclamation and then asked with some excitement.

“Yes…it seems that it is easily stimulated, if that’s the case, you should shift your focus over here.” Shana said thoughtfully.

Ye Lian pointed to Ling Mo’s armpits and said, “Here…also…”

“But don’t you think this one over here is a little more fun?” Shana smiled and said.

“Yes…but there is only one….” Ye Lian revealed a dilemma.

Shana and Li Ya Ling both became silent at the same time. After a moment, Shana proposed, “Why don’t….we all play with it together?”

Li Ya Ling and Ye Lian both immediately agreed to this…

As for Ling Mo, in this half and hour, he fully experienced the curiosity, the girls had towards the human body structure.

Ye Lian and the other two girls mistakenly believed that Ling Mo was asleep, so they delightfully had a good time studying his body, especially towards some special reactions that occured in his body, they had shown great interest in this.

“It seems that his body shook again. Does this mean he’s waking up soon?” asked Shana.

Li Ya Ling nodded, “Probably, this proves that our methods are effective, right?

It turns out that their approach was indeed effective.

With such an intense stimulation one after another, Ling Mo’s body let loose completely.

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Every pore in his body seems to have been completely open, Ling Mo could even feel his heart pounding.

As his blood flowed throughout his body, the virus began to erode his body cells, affecting his body a little bit.

Even his spiritual strength received some benefits.


When Ling Mo suddenly opened his eyes, his control over his body also slowly came back.

He could feel that he was completely covered in sweat, and when he slowly squeezed his fist, a tyrannical force seemed to be coming from his hand.

It felt very intriguing, but also at the same time…very good too!

When he opened his eyes, there was a light layer of red in front of his eyes, as if nothing could be seen clearly.

“Brother Ling ….”

A long strand of hair fell on the tip of Ling Mo’s nose, he closed his eyes and then opened them fiercely.

Ye Lian was in front of his eyes with a slightly flushed face, her lips seemed to have been licked by her tongue, since it exuded a glossy look.

Ling Mo noticed that the blood color in the outer part of the pupils from Ye Lian’s eyes seemed to have faded a little. On the contrary, the blood color in the pupils became brighter.

“Based on the reactions, this should be the correct way towards the evolution of a zombie leader. Although the changes in this method is very weak, it is still effective. In the future we can use this method…No, if we ever use this method again, I must first keep Shana and Senior Sister outside and away from me! Or at least Senior Sister outside! That snake woman made me….”

Ling Mo thought, while slowly supporting his body to sit up.

At this time, he was so weak he could barely feel any strength coming from his body, if it wasn’t for Ye Lian helping him, he would have probably fallen back down.

“It’s like my whole body has muscle pain, it hurts….”

Ling Mo could not help but let out a groan, this pain that came from his body was like a headache after a hangover.

“The virus has eroded my cells, and an internal war is occurring inside my body…” Ling Mo thought.

At this point, Li Ya Ling and Shana who were still lying on his lap, saw Ling Mo sit up. Li Ya Ling looked up at him, smiled and said, “Ling Mo, you turned into a water gun.”

“The two of you keep playing and watch, I’ll….” Ling Mo was just about to say something when his eyes suddenly widened.

Li Ya Ling’s skin seemed a little bit different.

“Senior Sister, give me your hand.” Ling Mo said.

To be continued…

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