My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 265 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 265 Part 2 – You Became A Water Gun!

Li Ya Ling extended her hand in front of Ling Mo with some doubts and Ling Mo grabbed her hand.

So slippery….so soft…

Her skin color was still very white, but from Ling Mo’s perspective, it felt as if there was a little strange luster now.

It looked just like…..the scales from the giant python!

“Fortunately, only the luster was similar. It’s a good thing she didn’t start growing scales. Instead of her skin becoming harder though, it has become softer instead. It amazes me to the point that I’m actually wondering if her joints are able to rotate 360 degrees…”

Ling Mo said happily. The softer her body was, the better her abilities became.

The flexibility of her body meant that she could accomplish more difficult movements that ordinary people couldn’t possibly imagine doing at all, which was very beneficial in close combat.

At this time, Ling Mo moved his attention back on himself. He looked down at his palm, then opened his fingers and slowly grasped it together.

There was no change, at least his fingers hadn’t reached the same perverted strength as a zombies. It still belonged in the category of a human’s body.

“As for power….maybe it’s because I haven’t recovered fully now, so I am unable to feel it…”


Ling Mo suddenly slammed his fist towards the bed.

Although he didn’t put too much effort in this punch, it was still sufficient in making him feel pain with just the inertia alone.

When the back of his hand hit the edge of the bed, Ling Mo was stunned at first, but then became elated.

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“It’s actually not very painful…At least the defensive power has improved, but it’s still pretty far away from reaching the same level as a zombies. But that doesn’t really matter, at least we proved that this method is effective and that the virus hive from the leader-level zombie is useful to me…”

Ling Mo wasn’t a greedy person. Being able to gradually improve his physical strength, and even have the opportunity to reach the same level as the zombies, he was already pleasantly surprised.

The biggest shortcoming between humans and zombies was that the human body was very weak and fragile. Being able to overcome this shortcoming was of great importance to Ling Mo.

“In this way, I will be able to raise myself to a sufficient level in order for me to protect Ye Lian and the other girls from any harm…”

Ling Mo was excited for a while before his mood slowly calmed down.

“My lovely girl, this time it’s all thanks to you.” Ling Mo touched Ye Lian’s cheek and smiled.

Ye Lian’s eyes widened and then she moved her mouth slightly, revealing a smile.

Her big eyes blinked in an attractive way, making Ling Mo unable to resist raising his hand to feel her long eyelashes across his fingers.

“Brother Ling, aren’t you going to praise us?” Shana frowned and said, “If it wasn’t because of us helping you, you might have slept until tomorrow morning!”

Ling Mo stretched his finger to her head and flicked it on her forehead and said, “Hurry and find my underwear right now, otherwise I’ll punish you by improving your combat power a hundred times!”

“As for you Senior Sister!” Ling Mo screamed at Li Ya Ling, who was quietly getting up and sorting her clothes. “You better sew my pants back together!”

“Ehh? How did you know this was me?” Li Ya Ling asked in confusion.

“…. forget it, just never mind…”

Ling Mo had wanted to say something just then, but then he stopped himself and instead, raised his hand to rub his eyebrows.

If he let them all know that he was awake from the beginning to the end and couldn’t do anything to resist…..He believed that he wouldn’t have any right to speak in the future…

At this time, the sky had almost turned black, and the roaring sounds of zombies were heard from time to time. Based on the sounds, it was probably the mating calls for advanced zombies.

After recovering some of his physical strength, Ling Mo took out the bottle of the zombie drug and put a few drops in his mouth.

The weakness that comes after enhancing his body could be completely healed by using this zombie drug, but considering the amount that would be needed in the future, perhaps he didn’t have enough….

“But then…Where am I going to find another Spider Queen to get more of this medicine?” Ling Mo painfully thought.

When Ling Mo had opened that medicine bottle, on the roof of a building in the High Tech District, a delicate figure suddenly turned towards the direction Ling Mo was in.

At her feet, lay several corpses on the ground. Some zombies had crawled over and began tearing apart the corpses.

A strangely shaped phone had fallen next to her bare foot, and was constantly emitting a “Zzz Zzz” sound.

She stared in that direction for a while. She seemed as if she had no emotions, like a doll with blood red eyes.

After hesitating for a long time, a thin bloody tentacle slowly extended from her wrist.


The tentacles flew out and hooked onto the railings of another rooftop not far away.

She then slowly walked to edge of the roof and leaped gently.

Just like a swing, her body lightly slid between the two buildings and landed on the other roof.

While she was leaving, the crowd of zombies below started to move, a large number of zombies began climbing over obstacles, such as railings and headed towards the city…

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