My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 266 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 266 Part 1 – The Fire Spraying Girl

As soon as the sun came out, Ling Mo took the three women to go outside.

Hei Si was sent to find that stray dog. With her powerful sense of smell, she should be able to drag it back soon.

Sure enough, by the time Ling Mo gained control of a few zombies and had just sent them out to go look for the b17 building, Hei Si came out from the surrounding forests.

Following behind her, was the stray dog. Apparently it had decided to follow Hei Si after being intimidated since it was constantly trembling.

“And here I thought you would have brought it over by biting it. I honestly didn’t expect you to use such a great…Hey, don’t roll over, I’m trying give you praise right now.”

Ling Mo stared at the stray dog for a few seconds, then knelt down and withdrew a knife from his pocket.

“Don’t be afraid, I just need a favor from you.”

As he said this, he reached out with his other hand and swung his finger on the blade.

A bloody slit appeared immediately, and then a few drops of blood dripped down.

The stray dog’s eye immediately locked on to Ling Mo’s finger, and it’s mouth exuded a low growl.

But it wasn’t just the stray dog, Ye Lian and other two girls, as well as Hei Si, had their attentions all concentrated on Ling Mo’s finger.

“Can you guys not look at me like I’m breakfast? But why is it that I can’t smell anything unusual from my blood….Stop staring, hurry up and lick it….What the fuck! I meant lick the one on the floor!”

Ling Mo patched up his wound, and then stared at the stray dog that was licking his fresh blood on the ground.

“Brother Ling, was this all just in order to feed the dog?” Shana asked curiously.

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“I am just trying to do a test, to see how much of the virus I have in my body.” Ling Mo said.

Soon, the stray dog had finished cleaning up the blood from the ground, and then looked at Ling Mo.

Apparently it seems that the stray dog wanted to attack, but with the three female zombies around Ling Mo and also Hei Si who was sitting on the other side, it gave the stray dog a great sense of oppression.

Two or three minutes later, just when Ling Mo had begun to lose his patience, the stray dog’s condition had finally begun to change.

It’s eyes suddenly became redder, then suddenly turned white in an instant, and then finally the stray dog opened its mouth and spat out black blood.

“What kind of situation is this….” Ling Mo frowned and took two steps back.

Then he saw the stray dog start twitching and fell to the ground a short while later.

But it wasn’t dead yet, after twitching for quite some time, it shook its head and stood up. It actually looked even more energetic than before, and its eyes had returned to its previous state.

Shana came over and looked at it carefully before saying, “It seems that….its full….”

“Then that means….” Ling Mo’s face immediately became a bit strange. He looked down at his finger. “I don’t have the virus in my blood, instead it seems that I developed some sort of antibody? Ehh, but it also doesn’t seem like an antibody.”

Li Ya Ling grabbed Ling Mo’s shoulder from behind and said, “Does this mean that if I bite you, you won’t mutate into a zombie?”

“How could that even be possible, don’t you see that this dog hasn’t gotten any better? It was originally not fully infected to begin with, so its body only had a small amount of the virus. I’m guessing if this was the actual normal zombie virus, even I wouldn’t be able to fight it.”

Although Ling Mo spoke this with an indifferent tone, deep inside his heart, he was very excited.

After consuming zombie saliva for a long time, it unknowingly transformed Ling Mo’s body, and after last night, his body seems to be more cooperative with the virus….

If it really was an antibody, Ling Mo wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the benefits of having the virus within him.

Now it looks like he is more likely to be immune to some of the negative effects of the virus, such as mental confusion or the loss of consciousness…

But he is able to enjoy all the upgrades that the virus brings to his body.

“I’m in a good mood right now, so I won’t kill you, quickly get out of my sight.”

Ling Mo shooed with his hand, and the stray dog immediately tucked its tail and ran away. It probably ran as far as it could from this area, the further away, the better.

In the next 20 minutes, Ling Mo and the others began wondering around in the high-end residential area.

With the large areas of green belts, gardens, and pavilions that occasionally appeared, it made Ling Mo and his group waste a lot of time.

“B16…it should be in the back.”

Ling Mo looked up and said, “We are already close to the back entrance, and if we head out from the back entrance, we will arrive at a shopping street.

Although Zhang Teng’s son wasn’t necessarily still at home, Ling Mo still made Hei Si hide close by in advance.

To be continued…

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