My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 266 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 266 Part 2 – The Fire Spraying Girl

When Ling Mo walked to the door of unit B17, his originally uncaring eyes changed suddenly.

“Ha…It seems that Zhang Teng wasn’t blind in where he placed his confidence…”

Ling Mo looked at the smooth and clean door handle, then smiled.

No matter whether Zhang Teng’s son was dead or alive, there were definitely survivors in this building.

Right when he opened the door, Ling Mo immediately took a step back, and a little blue light flashed across his head.

“An electric trap? Interesting….”

There was a simple trap placed by this door, which would be triggered the moment the door was opened. This trap was effective to both zombies and survivors.

However, the amount of power in this trap could at most paralyze the target, but wouldn’t be able to kill it.

If it wasn’t because of Ling Mo’s sharp observation and quick movements, he probably would have fallen for the trap.

“This really is very interesting.” Shana reached out and pulled the little thing attached to the door, then gave it a squeeze.

She was just too fast, Ling Mo didn’t even have time to stop her.

A little spark immediately burst out, but Shana didn’t seem to react at all to it.

She quietly threw this thing on the ground, and then turned back to Ling Mo, “It feels like being pinched by you…”

“Ah…then that must feel very exciting.” Ling Mo said with a bitter smile.

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The zombie’s curiosity of things is really terrifying….

“Don’t just touch those dangerous things without thinking!”

The only one that would answer this seriously while nodding really hard with a “YES!”, was of course, only Ye Lian.

As soon as he reached the stairs, Ling Mo became stunned.

There was also a trap for zombies here, a particularly simple trap…

A meat of unknown origin was hanging on the ceiling of a circular lamp. With the abilities of the zombies, they could probably easily reach this meat with their hands.

“If I had to take a guess, that ceiling lamp will fall and behind it has several hidden…..Senior Sister, stop pulling it….”

Looking as a pile of nails fell from behind the round ceiling lamp, Ling Mo helplessly rubbed his eyebrows.

However, with Li Ya Ling’s quick movements, she was able to twist her waist a little and completely escape the trap.

If this was a normal zombie, they probably would have taken a few steps back as well as stepping on a couple of nails. Even if they weren’t afraid of pain, their actions would inevitably become sluggish.

“Humans sure are interesting.” Li Ya Ling smiled and said.

“Yeah, the survivors in this area…really are interesting.”

After climbing a few floors, Ling Mo and his group found out that there were many other traps set.

However, it was probably due to their limited resources that they could only make relatively simple traps.

For example, one of the traps was having the steps of two floors completely covered with some kind of transparent oil. If you were not familiar with this place, you would definitely fall back down to the bottom.

Those normal ignorant zombies would probably be delayed there for a really long time…

But it was a completely different story for zombies like Ye Lian….Ling Mo’s head hurt as he watched the girls deliberately step on those steps, and just when they were about to slip, they would easily jump up and avoid slipping.

Just as Ling Mo turned his head, a flame directly sprayed towards the back of his head.

When this person had appeared, Ling Mo had already noticed his presence, so he was able to quickly avoid the sneak attack.

Li Ya Ling’s figure immediately appeared behind the attacker.


The attacker widened her eyes and looked at Ling Mo in horror.

Behind her was Li Ya Ling, the cold blade of her snake kiss was next to the attacker’s carotid artery.

Ling Mo touched the back of his head, and thought to himself, “Fortunately I wasn’t sprayed..”

The attacker came out from behind a door. From her point of view, she could only see the back of Ling Mo.

She was discovered by Ling Mo the moment she appeared from behind the door and his spiritual tentacle had already been wrapped around her spiritual ball.

However, Ling Mo didn’t expect her to use a long-range attack…

This girl was wearing glasses and had long braided hair. On one hand she was holding onto a homemade steel fork, while her back was carrying a toy like pesticide sprayer, and the other hand was holding only onto a modified nozzle.

“Sorr…Sorry about that…I thought…it was a zombie….”

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