My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 267 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 267 Part 1 – You Look Like You’re Easily Bullied

The girl didn’t seem to be very old. She was probably around fifteen or sixteen years of age. She was wearing black-rimmed glasses that was wrapped around with white tape several times.

Her look of shock, made Ling Mo feel as if he was looking at a rabbit. If only the circles of her eyes were a little bit more red, then it would definitely look even more like it…

“Do I look like a zombie?”

Ling Mo signaled her to lift both hands up and then walked over to pick the steel fork in her hand(TL: So apparently the steel fork is sort of like a pitch fork but in china its a bit different looks like this: ).

This steel fork was completely self-made, it’s lethality wasn’t very high, but it was still very effective if it were to be paired up with the makeshift flamethrower.

“Uhh…no, there usually aren’t any strangers here, so I….I’m sorry…”

The girl watched as her weapon was taken away, and even the sprayer she was carrying had been taken down.

“What did you put inside this thing?”

Ling Mo curiously took sprinkler head and pressed it. He felt a “Ka” sound for a moment, and a flame immediately spurted out, “This thing is quite interesting. Is there by any chance a smaller one?”

He glanced at the girl and asked.

Although this flamethrower was very good to use, it obviously had its shortcomings, which was that it wasn’t easy to carry.

If this stuff could actually be put into a small tube, it could be used as a simple incendiary bomb, and its effects would be much better than using a beer bottle.

The girl looked down nervously, glanced at the blade in front of her neck and said while trembling.

“I…I also wanted to make it smaller….but there wasn’t enough materials…”

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“Senior Sister, let her go.”

This girl was just an ordinary person. Without any weapons or equipment, she no longer posed a threat.

Li Ya Ling smiled slightly, then lightly blew in her ear and slowly removed the blade.

The girl’s body immediately became soft from head to toe and her cheeks became a little red. But being able to regain her freedom, she was very excited and raised her hand to feel her neck.

Li Ya Ling’s control over her strength was so precise that she could make the girl feel the presence of the blade on on her neck without really scratching her skin at all.

“This thing is something you made?” Ling Mo asked with a bit of surprise.

The girl looked at Ling Mo nervously and then nodded very hard, “Yes.”

“How about those traps….” Ling Mo asked.

The girl pulled her legs together and started rubbing her hands, “I also made those too….”

Ling Mo looked at the girl’s eyes and suddenly became full of curiosity and surprise.

This girl…is very smart!

However if she was to be compared with people that had a high IQ, she seemed to be overly nervous when she talks to people.

Even if she hadn’t communicated with strangers for a long time, she shouldn’t be this way. This meant that she was naturally born like this.

The girl curiously looked at the four people and whispered, “Why are you guys here?”

“We came here to look for someone. Are you familiar with the person called Zhang Teng?”

The girl shook her head and asked, “No, did you guys come here specifically to look for him?”

“Not really, we came here to look for his son.” Ling Mo said.

“But it’s very dangerous outside.” The girl looked at Ling Mo with surprise, and then showed an enlightened look. “I know, why don’t we ask…Teacher Pei! She used to live here before.”

Ling Mo really didn’t wish to have too much contact with other survivors, but unfortunately this girl with the glasses couldn’t speak smoothly without being nervous…

And after getting a bit more information, Ling Mo also learned that most of the survivors weren’t even in this building, only a few people were responsible for staying here and guarding the place.

The girl was one of them. There were two others, a woman who was called Teacher Pei, and an old man surnamed Zhu.

This girl didn’t even know most of the survivor’s names, let alone who their parents were.

“What are you thinking about inside that head of yours every day?” Ling Mo couldn’t help but ask.

The girl with the glasses thought for a moment and then said, “How to make more traps, and… study books, the ones I learned before in the past…

“…Little girl, you can’t be like this.”

Fortunately this group’s main camp wasn’t located on the 18th floor, saving a lot of time from climbing all those stairs.

The more you went up, the more traps you would have met. You could tell that a lot of time was spent on this.

It was already amazing that they could make so many traps with very limited materials.

Ling Mo spoke a few words of praise, but he didn’t expect that she would become very scared when he did that.

“I…Everyone always curses at me for only knowing how make these useless things.” The girl waved her hands and said, “Please don’t praise me anymore…”

“Who said that to you?”

Ling Mo was a little bit surprised. Being able to make these things could at least save a lot of survivors, yet how did she end up being cursed at for making them?

To be continued…

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