My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 267 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 267 Part 2 – You Look Like You’re Easily Bullied

But looking at the girl’s flustered expression, Ling Mo could probably guess why.

She looked like the type that was easily bullied, so honest and so timid.

Even Ling Mo couldn’t help but tease her, “So you’re just going to take me to your place so easily? Aren’t you afraid that I’m going to rob you?”

The girl looked at Ling Mo in surprise and said, “You didn’t kill me just right now. If you had wanted to rob me, you would have killed me already.”

Having such pure thinking is terrible…. Ling Mo somewhat blushes with shame.

“It’s right here.”

While they were talking, she had brought Ling Mo’s group to a home on the ninth floor.

She pointed to a small room full of various parts and tools and said with some excitement, “This is my room.”

“Where do you sleep?” Ling Mo looked at the room full of parts and couldn’t help but ask.

“Ah? I usually hug a quilt and sleep over there.” The girl pointed at a chair and said.

There were a lot of things piled up in the living room, mainly bottled water, and some food. There were also some other random stuff.

Other than the traps they say earlier, Ling Mo didn’t see any other precautions that were taken along the way. It seems that this girl was telling the truth from the very beginning.

Unless you deliberately came here, the average survivor would never notice this place.

But the two people that she talked about, Pei Feng Hong and old man Zhu, were nowhere to be seen.

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The girl with the glasses tried opening one of the doors to check. It was at this time that Ling Mo actually heard a very familiar sound that was being transmitted from behind the door of the bedroom.

“Where is Teacher Pei?”

The girl with the glasses had already reached the front of the door when Ling Mo shouted “Don’t open it.”. But by that time it was already too late, she had already turned the door handle and pushed open the door.

After two seconds of silence, a scream immediately followed and then a curse from a woman’s voice, “LI WEI! DIDN’T I TELL YOU THAT YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED UP HERE DURING THE DAY!”

Immediately after that a black shadow flew straight from inside the room towards Li Wei. She was so shocked by the scene inside the room, that she forgot how to dodge.

Luckily Ling Mo was able to pull her over in time and the black shadow flew past her ear and fell on the floor.


The stainless steel cup fell on floor tiles and made a crisp sound.

A woman immediately came out from inside the room filled with anger.

She wore a nightgown with half of her shoulders exposed. Her lower thighs were visible at the bottom split of the nightgown.

The messy hair in addition to the unsettled face of hers indicated that she had just been interrupted from doing a very strenuous exercise.

You could tell that she originally had planned to rush out and start cursing, but what she didn’t expect was that there would be four more strangers inside the home.

For a while, she had her mouth open and was completely stunned. It took her a few moments before she recovered.

“Who…Who are you guys?”

Li Wei explained, “They are here to look for someone…”

The woman who was surnamed Pei, glared at Li Wei, and then looked at Ling Mo with vigilance, especially paying attention to the various weapons in their hands. “Who are you guys looking for?”

“Zhang Teng’s son, we just wanted to ask, is he is still alive?”

Ling Mo glanced at her leg and said.

The woman quickly pulled down the nightgown to cover her legs and looked at Ling Mo with surprise, “You guys know Zhang Er?”

Zhang Er… This should be the name of Zhang Teng’s son.

Ling Mo nodded and just as he was about to talk, a half-bald man around 50 years old came out from the room.

The expression that he had displayed showed that he was in a very bad mood. Obviously anyone wouldn’t be in a good mood if they were interrupted at that time.

“Pei Feng Hong, who are they?”

The moment the man came out from the room, he frowned and asked.

His eyes only lingered onto Ling Mo for a moment before quickly changing to Ye Lian and the other two girls. The moment he saw their bodies, those muddy eyes of his immediately lit up.

This expression of his made Ling Mo suddenly feel a bit angry.

“Where the fuck are you looking at?” Ling Mo asked.

The man was staring at Ye Lian’s face and became stunned when he heard Ling Mo’s question.

He noticed the Tang sword in Ling Mo’s hands, and those lustful eyes became slightly restrained.

However after suppressing his anger, he still blurted out, “Weren’t woman raised to be looked at?”

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