My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 268 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 268 Part 1 – If You Want Revenge, Come At Me

“It’s not like they’re gold or silver. There’s nothing wrong with looking at it…Oh right, who did you say you guys are looking for?”

The half-bald man spoke while staring at Ye Lian with his eyes.

From his eyes, it wasn’t that difficult to figure out what kind of messed up things he was thinking about.

The half-bald man’s voice had just finished speaking when a black shadow appeared in front of him suddenly.

Ling Mo grabbed his collar immediately with one hand and used the other hand to punch him directly in the right eye.


After a muffled sound, the half-bald man immediately let out a pig-like scream.

“Keep staring at my woman with those fucking perverted eyes of yours and I will dig them out for you!”

Ling Mo ruthlessly threw him on the ground and said coldly.

Pei Feng Hong and Li Wei both stared with widened eyes and obviously they didn’t have any response to Ling Mo’s actions.

One unsatisfied remark and a beating was immediately given. Who would dare bother to try and stop this?

Pei Feng Hong covered her mouth and didn’t speak, while Li Wei stepped back two steps in horror. It seems that she was scared shitless.

Looking at the half-bald man on ground covering his eyes and howling in pain, the violent temper in Ling Mo’s body slowly calmed down.

The sudden anger that erupted from within Ling Mo made him think of violence.

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His mind had only just thought of beating the crap out of him before his body immediately followed his mind on its own.

“It seems that the virus still has an impact on me, but as long as I strengthen my control, this issue shouldn’t be too big. At least this has improved my physical strength even though it’s very little.”

Ling Mo looked down at the back of his hand that he had used to punch with. He didn’t even feel that much of a recoil from that punch.

The half-bald man howled in pain for a bit, covered his eye, and then struggled to stand up.

His right eye was completely red and so swollen that he couldn’t even open that eye. There was even a bit of blood coming out.

“YOU MOTHER FUCKER! You actually hit me….my eyes…”

He leaned against the side of the cupboard and yelled as he reached out and grabbed an ashtray.

The pain in his eyes made him lose his sense of reasoning. He grabbed the ashtray and rushed towards Ling Mo with it.


The violent look that flashed in his left eye, as well as the ashtray that came smashing directly on top of Ling Mo’s head, revealed his intentions to kill.


Li Wei immediately let out a scream.

Ling Mo couldn’t help but reveal a sneer.

Ling Mo didn’t even kill him, yet who knew that this half-bald man was even more ruthless than him.

However, this kind of sneak attack, from Ling Mo’s perspective was similar to a little dog trying to fight a big bad wolf.


The ashtray was still in the old man’s hand, but Ling Mo had already reached out and grabbed the old man’s throat.

Completely suppressed by Ling Mo’s strength, the half-bald man suddenly felt the difficulty of breathing, his eyes became wide, and the strength from his body began to slowly disappear.


The ashtray fell to the ground and immediately split into two halves.

“You can’t kill him! He is the uncle of our leader! You can’t kill him!”

Pei Feng Hong suddenly called out and rushed over to try and stop Ling Mo.

But Shana, who had a smile on her face, had already waved the scythe that was in her hands, a cold light passed by her face, and Pei Feng Hong immediately felt a chill in the air penetrating deep into her bones from under her feet.

She looked at the crescent-shaped blade in front of her eyes, and her body couldn’t help but shiver involuntarily.

If she was just a little bit more faster….she probably wouldn’t have a nose no more.

“So what?”

Ling Mo coldly responded with a sentence, then violently grabbed the half-bald man and ruthlessly slammed him onto the wall.


The half-bald man had a crooked neck, his eyes had widened and slowly began to soften.

That bulge in his pants that was swollen before had also shrunk back down.


Pei Feng Hong screamed while at the same time, she continued to move back several steps.

She looked at Ling Mo and the others in horror and said, “You…You guys actually killed someone…”

Li Wei also covered her mouth, her eyes had immediately become red and she had hidden herself far away from him, not daring to look at Ling Mo directly.

For a moment, Ling Mo really had the misconception that he was a murderer…

“Didn’t you guys see that he had wanted to kill me first?”

Ling Mo rolled his eyes, then stared at the corpse of the half-bald man, “Who did you say he was the uncle of again?”

“Our…our boss…”

To be continued…

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