My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 268 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 268 Part 2 – If You Want Revenge, Come At Me

Pei Feng Hong nervously shrank on the edge of the sofa and said.

“Our…our boss…”

No wonder he was so arrogant…

Ling Mo originally wanted to say something, but looking at their frightened appearance, he decided to take out the piece of paper and hand it to Li Wei.

“Don’t…Don’t you come over here…”

Li Wei was so scared that she sat down on the ground. A living person had just died right in front of her and it was also someone she knew. Based on her level of courage, it was quite normal for her to be scared.

“Forget it.”

Ling Mo was too lazy to explain himself, he would rather wait for her to calm down and naturally let her figure out who was in the right and who was in the wrong.

He put the piece of paper on the ground and said, “Um when that…Zhang Er comes back, give this to him, this should count as me fulfilling my promise to his father.”

Before leaving the door, Ling Mo turned back and said, “Also, if your boss asks, just say I killed him. My name is Ling Mo, and I live near the front entrance. If he wants to take revenge, tell him I’ll be there waiting.”

If it wasn’t because he didn’t wish for Li Wei and Zhang Er to be implicated, Ling Mo could have just left.

However, after leaving such a badass comment that he learned from the movies, he felt extremely pleased with himself.

“Brother Ling, you were so cool just now…” Shana followed behind Ling Mo and whispered.

“Don’t need you to tell me that.” Ling Mo rolled his eyes and coughed. “I also thought I was pretty cool myself…”

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“But since when did we start living at the front entrance?” Li Ya Ling couldn’t help but ask curiously.

“Shushhh….” Ling Mo revealed a smile and said.

After Ling Mo and his girls left, Li Wei slowly stood up and picked up the piece of paper.

And Pei Feng Hong looked at the door with her eyes wide open. After a while, she rushed to the door and quickly closed it.

She leaned behind the door, gasping for deep breaths of air, and then looked down at the body of Old Zhu.

“Now….what do we do?” Li Wei asked in a voice that seemed like she was about to cry.

Pei Feng Hong was stunned, then stared at her with red eyes, “You still have the face to ask! Weren’t you the one that brought them all up here!? What else can we do?! We can only wait for boss to come back and then tell him the truth!”

“Then…Then will the boss go to….” Li Wei’s expression looked very nervous.

“They are going to die.” Pei Feng Hong took a deep breath.

Li Wei’s eyes immediately flashed an image of Ling Mo, and she started to squeeze one hand with the other.

After leaving the b17 building, Ling Mo took Ye Lian and the other two girls to a nearby building in order to continue hunting.

Ling Mo basically didn’t have to do anything since Hei Si could basically clear the whole building by herself.

During this time, Ling Mo began to experiment with Shana.

His experiments were mostly to test Shana’s reactions towards the use of his spiritual tentacles.

The spirit and mind were the most dangerous of areas to experiment, and since Ling Mo’s tentacles were all external, he had to be extremely careful.

Shana’s ball of light looks like a whole on the outside, however inside actually had a faint split that divided it into two halves.

Ling Mo and Shana’s spiritual connection were located at the center.

“I knew I was right when I said that I was the key in solving her issue. I wonder what would happen if I was able to split my spiritual tentacle into two, and then extend to both sides…”

With this idea in mind, Ling Mo began to try and split his spiritual tentacle.

Normally, he would directly his condense his spiritual power into a spiritual tentacle, however trying to split that tentacle into two would actually be his first time doing this.

“This feeling of not being able to do it without putting in any effort is really uncomfortable…”

In order to split the tentacles, he had to basically fantasize that his spiritual power was being split into two.

Obviously the stronger his spirit was, this fantasy of his would turn a little bit into reality.

And during this whole process, Ling Mo had been talking to Shana, trying to distract her attention.

“If you ever encounter bullets, the first reaction you should have is to try and avoid it. That stunt you pulled where you stepped on the barrel of the gun instead of avoiding it was really dangerous and you shouldn’t do it again.” Ling Mo said.

“Why not? The speed at which he shoots wouldn’t be as fast as I can lift my legs, but if he fires the bullets, it would definitely be faster than the speed at which I can dodge.” Shana said puzzledly. “In this case, should I be trying to avoid the bullets or should I be trying to step on the barrel?”

“Fine, you are right.” Ling Mo sighed helplessly. “But how do you know this?”

There was a sense of confusion in Shana’s eyes, then she shook her head and said, “Intuition!”

“It should actually be….a natural body reaction…” Ye Lian interrupted.

Ling Mo immediately threw out words of encouragement, “My silly girl has finally started to think about solving problems….not bad…”

“…Just like Brother Ling’s water gun.” After she finished speaking she smiled at Ling Mo, “Right?”

“That….although it’s very correct, but you should try and forget this metaphor.”

Ling Mo felt that his tentacles were almost splitting, and even his spirit was almost splitting as well.

Li Ya Ling came and gave Ling Mo the final blow, “Zombies never forget.”

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